Canvas, Boards and Panels


Fredrix Red Label Canvas

Fredrix Red Label Canvas features a superior quality medium textured, duck canvas. It is double-primed with acid-free acrylic gesso for use with oil or acrylic painting. The canvas is stapled onto the back of standard stretcher bars so all 4 edges can be painted and it can be hung with or without a frame. All sizes larger than 24 x 36” include single or double bracing for added support. 

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Fredrix Heavy Duty Professional Stretched Canvas

This canvas features a 12oz, heavyweight, 100% cotton duck canvas which is turned over the edges and stapled at the back for staple-free edges. Each canvas is double acrylic titanium primed with a proprietry acid-free formula making it suitable for use with oils or acrylics. These canvases feature heavy duty stretchers made from precision moulded, kiln-dried lumber featuring tongue-in-groove design for perfect corners and to prevent twisting and warping. 

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Fredrix Pro-Series 12oz Stretched Canvas

The Fredrix Pro-Series is the perfect professional surface for work in oils, acrylics and alkyds.
They are manufactured using Fredrixs’ best pre-stretched cotton duck canvas. The 12oz, 100%
cotton, primed Dixie canvas is stretched onto professional quality, kiln-dried stretcher bars and
back-stapled so they can be hung without a frame. Each canvas is primed in the USA with acid-free
titanium white acrylic gesso and comes with a pack of stretcher keys for tightening. The Fredrix Pro-Series are available in standard (7/8” bar) and Gallerywrap (13/8” bar) styles.

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Fredrix Blue Label Stretched Canvas

Fredrix Blue Label Ultra Smooth Stretched Canvas is made of superior quality medium weight
blended Polyflax/cotton duck with fine texture for use with oils and acrylic paints. Ideal for portraits
and other fine detail work. It is triple primed with acid free gesso. Primed weight is 11.5oz/390g. The canvas is back stapled onto standard stretcher bars.

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Fredrix Oil Primed Linen Boards

You can now paint in the tradition of the Old Masters with Oil Primed Linen boards from Tara Fredrix. These boards have been produced using the same formula and craftsmanship as the Old Masters employed. Select, pure Belgian linen is hand primed with lead whiting over an oil-based ground of hide glue mounted on an acid-free hardboard core. Perfect for oil painters who want a guaranteed archival surface for their artwork. For oil paint only.

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Fredrix Gallery Wrap Stretched Canvas

Fredrix Gallery Wrap Canvas features superior quality, medium textured, 100% cotton duck canvas.
It is double primed with acid free acrylic gesso for use with oil and acrylic colours. The canvas
is stapled onto the back of 1 3/8 inch heavy duty stretcher bars. All sizes larger than 24x36 inch
include single or double bracing for added support.

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Fredrix Watercolour Canvas

A revolutionary new watercolour surface made from 100% cotton. The unique texture of an all-natural, woven material in combination with a patanted, specially formulated acid-free coating, delivers a unique new watercolour painting experience and distinctive look that can only be captured on real canvas.Watercolour canvas is more durable than watercolour paper. It will not tear and has great lifting quality. You can scratch it, scrape it, staple it, wet it and re-wet it and still not damage the canvas. It is available in a full range of canvas products including boards, stretched, pads and rolls. 

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Fredrix Float Canvas

Fredrix Float canvas is an innovative new stretched canvas product. It features a unique design with steeply angled, self-centring stretcher bars that allow the canvas to be hung in corners, providing a unique design element. They have an even greater effect when hung on a wall. Fredrix Float Canvas is manufactured using professional quality 7oz, acid-free, 100% cotton duck canvas that is double-primed with titanium white acrylic gesso, making it ideal for all works in oils and acrylics.


Fredrix Convexo Gallery Stretched Canvas

Convexo adds a whole new dimension to fine art and craft painting. These unique, three-dimensional canvases feature a 40mm (1 ½”) deep, rounded bevel-edge, stretched with back-stapled, medium weight and texture, 7oz.100% cotton duck, primed canvas, and can be hung without the additional cost of framing. Oval and rectangular styles available.

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Fredrix "Naturecore" Painting Boards

Fredrix painting boards are a new, eco-friendly painting surface. They are manufactured using Naturecore - a combination of vegetable based bio plastic and recycled chipboard and stretched over with either 100% Belgian Linen or 100% Fredrix Artist Cotton Canvas. These lightweight boards are durable, easy to transport and ideal for plein air painting. They are pre-primed with acid-free titanium gesso so you can begin painting immediately. 

The Belgian Linen boards are ideal for use with acrylics, oils, alkylds and tempera paints. The 100% Canvas boards are a true mixed-media painting board. They work well with watercolours, oils, acrylic, tempera, goauche and ink. The rigid surface and and solid 20mm core will accept pins, nails, screws and anything else the artist can affix to create a 3D mixed media collage.

Fredrix Wyland Mural Canvas

A large, 1.5m x 3m canvas that has been designed for mural painting. This high-grade, medium textured, 100% cotton canvas is primed and ready to paint with oils, acrylics or tempera. The canvas support features meatl grommets on the edge allowing for easy hanging and display. It rolls up and transports easily making it ideal for classrooms and community groups or events.

To make working on the mural easier, there is a mural canvas easel availble. This white enamelled, tubular steel easel has been specifically designed to accomodate the 1.5 x 3m mural canvas and is upplied with instructions for quick and easy assembly.

Daler-Rowney "Premium Stretched" Canvas

Daler-Rowney canvases are made with a superior quality cotton canvas with a medium grain. They are treated with 3 coats of acrylic primer which creates a perfect, ready-to-use painting surface for both oils and acrylics ensuring the colour on the surface holds and there is no seepage to the back of the canvas. All Daler-Rowney canvases are tacked and come complete with wooden wedges to adjust tension in the traditional manner and are also individually wrapped to protect the surface. 

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Daler-Rowney 'Simply' Stretched Canvas

“Simply” stretched canvas is a medium grained, double-primed canvas made from 100% acid-free
cotton. It is ideal for both oils and acrylics but is versatile enough to use with mixed media, collage,
impasto etc. It is back stapled providing a clean edge for painting on the sides and are individually
shrink wrapped to protect the surface. 18mm deep x 38mm wide stretchers. Great value.

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Daler-Rowney 'Simply' 3D Stretched Canvas 

These have all the properties of “Simply” standard stretched canvas but with the addition of 37mm
deep x 25mm wide stretchers to create a 3-dimensional look.

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Daler-Rowney "Premium" 3D Gallery Stretched Canvas

High quality, medium grain, triple primed canvas supported on a thick wooden frame. Ideal for artists who require a deeper canvas without visual tacking or stapling on the sides. Allows further painting space and gives a three dimensional effect. Ready-to-use with oils or acrylics. Individually wrapped for protection and comes with wooden wedges to adjust tension in the traditional manner. 

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Daler Boards

Daler boards are the original oil primed boards for oil painting. They are double primed with the unqiue Daler canvas textured surface on a subsantial backing board.

Richeson Fine Artist Stretched Cotton Canvas

This 3D stretched canvas features a 7oz unbleached, medium texture, acid-free, cotton duck canvas making it the perfect choice for a wide range of painting mediums and styles. The canvas is sized and triple primed with a universal acrylic titanium primer befrore being wrapped and back-stapled to quality, bevelled-edge wooden stretcher bars that have been designed to prevent painting 'halo's". This allows painting to continue from the surface

Richeson Tempered and Gessoed Artists Hardboard Panels

To produce tempered hardboard, untempered hardboard is treated with a thin coating of linseed oil and then heat-treated in a circulating hot-air oven for curing. This produces a hardboard surface with maximum adherence and scratch resistance of subsequent painted finishes. The 3.2mm board is then coated with 2 coats of artists quality acrlyic gesso to produce the ultimate, lightly-toothed, ready to use, formaldehyde free painting substrate for all media. All panel surface edges are bevelled and panels are individually shrink-wrapped to protect the painting surface

The properties of the Richeson Tempered Hardboard panels ensures that the gesso bonds perfectly to the board, ready to accept all media, making it the perfect panel for all painters - professional and studnet alike.

Richeson Untempered Artists Hardboard Panels

Richeson Untempered Artist Hardboard panels are 3.2mm thick medium-density panels that are perfect as a painting surface, mixing palette or for taping down watercolor paper. These value-priced panels make this product especially attractive for use by school, university and art


Fredrix Archival Cotton Canvas Boards

A rigid professional painting support manufactured from archival quality materials. Features the
same 7oz medium weight texture 100% cotton duck canvas as used in the traditional “Red Label”
stretched canvases. 

The canvas is primed with two coats of professional quality acrylic titanium gesso and adhered to the tempered acid-free hardboard core with acid-free archival glue with edges also folded and glued. These professional archival quality boards will not warp, twist or rot and finished work can be displayed without a frame.

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Fredrix Premium Cotton Canvas Panels

Fredrix artist quality canvas panels are covered with closely woven, fine artist’s canvas and acid free sizing and priming. The canvas is attached to the backing using acid-free adhesive providing a barrier between the cardboard and the canvas.

The surface texture has a very definite paint gripping “tooth” with minimum absorption, providing a perfect painting support for oil, acrylic, gouache and tempera colours. All sides are completely turned-in to prevent fraying and separation. The entire area of the canvas is firmly glued to the supporting board and the reverse side is protected by a heavy paper liner.

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Fredrix Cut Edge Panels

An artist-quality alternative to traditional canvas panels at a great price! 

Super lightweight and slender, Fredrix Cut Edge Canvas Panels are made with medium texture canvas mounted to an innovative backing board. Very rigid and stable, with clean, precision-cut edges they come preprimed with acid-free acrylic gesso. The canvas used in Fredrix Cut Edge Panels is identical to the Artist Series canvas panels. A very economical introduction to using canvas on board.

Available in Black and White.

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Daler-Rowney 'Simply' Canvas Panels

“Simply” canvas panels are a medium grained, double-primed canvas board made from 100%
cotton. They are ideal for both oils and acrylics. Great value.

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Daler-Rowney Premium Canvas Rolls

A selection of textured surface canvas rolls that have been primed with three coats of acrylic primer.

Triple priming creates a perfect ready-to-use painting surface for both oils and acrylics that holds the colour on the surface and prevents seepage through the back of the canvas. Rolls are 5 metres long and 1m wide with the popular medium grain also available in an economical 2 metre wide roll.

1m wide rolls - 3 surface textures available
Coarse Texture 5m roll
Medium Texture 5m roll
Smooth Texture 5m roll
2m wide rolls 
Medium Texture 5m roll


Fredrix Antwerp 11.5oz (390gsm) Primed Linen Canvas Roll - style 190DP

Pure 100% 7.5oz.(254gsm) medium weight pure linen primed with acid-free acrylic grounds for a
finished weight of11.5oz.(390gsm) of high archival quality. 

Features a smooth textured surface in
54” (137cm) wide x 6yd (5.5m) long rolls suitable both for oils and acrylics.

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Fredrix Gallica 13oz (441gsm) Primed Linen Canvas Roll - style 588

Pure 100% Galicia heavy weight Linen. 

Pronounced, irregular texture. Acrylic sized and Universal media primed. 54” (137cm) wide x 6yd (5.5m).

Outstanding value for money

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Fredrix Primed Cotton Canvas Rolls

Fredrix Canvas rolls are primed in the USA using primed state-of-the-art industrial equipment.
In fact Fredrix pioneered machine priming of artist canvas in 1964.

Priming a canvas is an exact science and Fredrix takes pride in the way they have perfected their unique coating process. The Fredrix coating process is designed to impregnate the fibers of the canvas on the first coating pass. Many competitors apply the coating in a manner that merely “lays” the gesso on top of the canvas fibres which allows for future deterioration. The Fredrix machine priming process is the most sophisticated of its kind in the world.

Alabama 9oz (305gsm) Primed Cotton Canvas - style 583

A very popular, economic, 100% cotton chafer duck with a pronounced weave. Universal media
primed. Double acrylic primed to accept oil, acrylic or alkyd paints. Acid-free.

Roll measures 52" (132cm) wide x 6yd (5.5m) long

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Dallas 12oz (390gsm) Primed Cotton Canvas - style 569

Dallas 12oz (390gsm) Primed Cotton Canvas - style 569
An extra wide 100% cotton duck with a uniformly even weave, medium texture, acrylic primed for all
media. Excellent value.

Roll measures 63" (160cm) wide x 6yd (5.5m) long

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Fredrix Tara 10.5oz (339gsm) Primed Cotton Canvas - style 70

Australia’s most popular canvas style!

Acrylic primed 100% cotton canvas. Good quality pure cotton duck, primed for all media. Medium texture and good strength. Most popular canvas in all areas.

Roll measures 53" (135cm) wide x 6yd (5.5m) long


Yankee 11.5oz (390gsm) Primed Cotton Canvas - style 122

A medium weight cotton duck with excellent tooth. For lightweight murals and larger paintings.
Universal media primed. Medium surface. 

Roll measures 72” (183cm) wide x 6yd (5.5m)

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Fredrix Tryon 15.5oz (526gsm) Primed Cotton Canvas - style 139 

A heavyweight 100% cotton duck of excellent quality and strength. Universal media priming for
extra flexibility. Medium surface. Even Texture.

Roll measures 60" (152cm) wide x 6yd (5.5m) long

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Fredrix Dixie 17.5oz (593gsm) Primed Cotton Canvas - style 123

A heavyweight cotton duck with substantial texture and tooth. As a mural canvas it is equal in
strength to many lighter weight linens. Universal media primed. 

Roll measures 72” (183cm) wide x 6yd (5.5m) long

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Scholastic 9oz (305gsm) Primed Polyflax Cotton Canvas - style 575

A lightweight blend of polyfax/cotton sheeting with a uniform texture. Preferred for detailed work.
Universal media primed. This canvas is also used in the canvas pads.

Available in both black and white. The black canvas is ideal for Urban Art, metallic markers, deeper colour palettes, night scenes and abstracts.

Rolls are 57"(145cm) wide x 6yd (5.5m) long.

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Fredrix Ultrasmooth 11.5oz (390gsm) Primed Polyflax Cotton Canvas

A superior quality, blended Polyflax cotton portrait canvas of fine texture buffed to a very smooth
finish. Universal media primed.

Roll measures 58” (147cm) wide x 6yd (5.5m) long

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Fredrix Red Lion 10oz (339gsm) Polyflax Primed Canvas  - style 520

A Polyflax developed specifically as an artist canvas. Substantially greater strength comparison to natural fibres. Characteristic even texture with perfect uniformity. Universal media primed.

Roll measures 59"(147cm) wide x 6yd (5,5m) long.

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Fredrix Washington Square 9oz (305gsm) Polyflax Primed Canvas

Characteristic even texture with perfect uniformity and primed with acid-free, acrylic titanium for
priming for either oils or acrylics.

Rolls measure 60” (152cm) wide x 6yd (5.5m) long.

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