Coloured / Pastel Pencils



Cretacolor Karmina Lightfast Pencils

Cretacolor Karmina pencils are fine Art quality, permanent colouring pencils represent the next generation of colour pencils.

They are produced in accordance with latest ASTM-D4303 specifically devised for the measurement and labelling for light-fastness (LF) scale from 1-5 (1 being the highest) which tests the exposure of colours to the eqivalent of 100 years of museum lighting. All 36 Karmina colours were rated at LF1 or LF2 for maximum lightfastness. All colours can be inter-mixed to produce numerous intermediate tones.

Available in tinned sets of 12, 24 and 36 colours. See colour chart

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Derwent Academy Colouring Pencils

Derwent Academy is a range of colouring pencils designed for children and younger artists. These pencils have a large, round, 7mm barrel with a 3.3mm colour strip and are available in 24 vibrant colours. The matt black barrel has a bright silver imprint detailing range and colour name and the end dip colour is matched to the colour core.

Available in tins of 12 or 24 pencils. See colour chart

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Derwent Artist Pencils

Derwent Artist pencils were the first colour pencil Derwent ever developed, and still one of the most popular on the market. Artist has a traditional, round wooden barrel and a large diameter, break-resistant colour strip. Perfect for broad strokes and free, expressive drawing, Artists’ slightly waxy texture is ideal for multiple layering and blending to produce an infinite spectrum of subtly different hues and tints.

Available in a fantastic range of 120 colours, Derwent Artist pencils have stood the test of time.
See colour chart
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Derwent Burnishing and Blending Pencils

The Derwent Burnishing pencil is a hard colourless pencil which, when used over layers of colour provides a rich, polished finish. Burnishing pushes the pigment into the paper and leaves a photo like finish. It makes the colours look brighter and gives the image a reflective or polished look. The Burnishing pencil has a round, metallic, dusty pink barrel with black end dip and imprint.

The Derwent Blending pencil is used to blend colours, smooth out the coloured pencil layers and soften the hard edges of coloured pencil artwork. Blending pencils make the colours very bright and vivid. The Derwent Blending pencil has a round, natural barrel with white cap end dip and white imprint.

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Derwent Coloursoft

Derwent Coloursoft is a fantastic range of soft textured pencils from Derwent that have been developed for artists’ who prefer a softer textured strip.

Available in 72 colours these soft, velvety pencils can be mixed and blended easily to create an infinite spectrum of rich, vibrant colour. Coloursoft is ideal for a wide range of drawing styles, from finely detailed illustrations to bold, contemporary still life, sketches, fashion illustration and portraiture. The soft textured strip is perfect for quick, easy lay-down of large blocks of colour. The large, 4mm colour strip is housed in a strong and durable 8mm Cedar wood barrel allowing it to be sharpened to a fine point for detailed illustrations. Coloursoft pencils are acid-free, do not bloom easily and have superior lightfast ratings to similar brands of soft textured pencils. The Aubergine coloured, matt-coated barrel features a colour coded end and silver imprint detailing range, colour name and number.

Derwent Coloursoft is in tins of 12, 24, 36 and 72 assorted colours.See colour chart

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Derwent Drawing Pencils

Derwent Drawing pencils are a unique, creamy textured colouring drawing pencil that is ideal for creating rich, vibrant wildlife drawings, nature studies and portraiture.

The glorious palette of 24 subtle shades includes a selection of soft greens, blues, greys and creams as well as a wide selection of traditional sepia tones. The thick, waxy colour strip of a Derwent Drawing pencil is easy to apply and produces a rich, velvety finish on the paper. Features a round 8mm diameter, mahogany-stained, cedar-wood barrel with ends dipped to match the colour strip plus distinctive angled gold banding.

Available in sets of 12 or the full 24 colour range. See colour chart
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Derwent Metallic Pencils

Introduce a little sparkle to your sketches and drawings with these bright, highly reflective pencils. Derwent Metallic pencils work best on a dark background and can be used on their own or with other media to add brilliant definition and glowing highlights. Derwent Metallic is watersoluble, so you can also create shimmering colour washes and interesting line and wash effects. Great for all kinds of creative projects.

Derwent Metallic is available in 12 brilliant colours, from traditional golds and silvers to shimmering pinks and purples. See colour chart

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Derwent Studio Pencils

A stylish coloured pencil for designers, artist and illustrators. Derwent Studio pencils incorporate a thinner colour strip of the same composition as the Derwent Artists pencil. They are ideal where finer and/or more detailed work is required. The casing is hexagonal rather than round for easier grip.

Derwent Studio pencils are availble in 72 colours. See colour chart

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Lakeland Colour Pencils by Derwent

These economically priced full-length pencils, from the makers of Derwent pencils, have been a firm favourite with generations of children and are the leading pencil brand within the UK education market. All are made to the highest standards of quality and safety and represent excellent value for money.

Derwent Lakeland 12 and 24 colour pencil assortments come in sturdy, reusable vinyl wallets while the most popular styles are also available in economical priced and boxed classroom packs.

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Sakura Coupy Pencils

“Coupy” pencils by Sakura are woodless colour pencils manufactured using a combination of pure pigment and polythene wax. These pencils are strong and break resistant, making them ideal for use by younger children. Coupy pencils will produce fine and precise lines and are excellent for shading larger areas. They are usable on most drawing papers and the whole pencil is usable. Each pencil measures120mm in length with a diameter of 8mm .They can be erased using regular erasers and are clean and easy-to-use.

“Coupy” pencils are available in plastic lined, hinged-lidded tins of 12, 24 and 60 assorted colours. Every tin contains an eraser and sharpener and represents excellent value for money.

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Cretacolor Fine Art Pastel Pencils

Cretacolor Pastel pencils are a round Artists pencil containing a 3.8mm colour strip made from natural and synthetic pigments. They respond well when used in conjunction with soft drawing or pastel papers of average roughness. They offer soft, smooth laydown of light resistant colour which is well suited to landscape or portrait work. Easily blendable and water-soluble. Must be fixed with a fixative

Available in sets of 12, 24, 36 and 72 assorted colours. See colour chart

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Derwent Pastel Pencils

Derwent Pastel Pencils have a soft, powdery texture which produces a velvety smooth finish, ideal for mixing and blending. The vibrant and  intense colours blend easily to create an infinite number of  hues and tints. They sharpen easily so you can enjoy the best of both worlds; the beauty of pastels with the precision of a pencil. The barrel coating on the pencils uses Derwents environmentally friendly water-based paint technology.

Available in 72 colours. See colour chart

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Cretacolor Artist Studio Colouring Pencils

Finest Austrian quality, permanent colouring pencils with brilliant colours and rich pigmentation.
Available in sets of 12 and 24 these pencils are ideal for both art students and younger

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Derwent Academy Drawing Collection

A great selection of pencils and pastel block especially suited for drawing animals.

This collection is housed in a bright, silver, metal tin and contains 5 Academy Colouring pencils, 2 Academy Charcoal pencils (light and dark), 3 Academy Graphic pencils (2B, 4B, and 6B), 6 Pastel Blocks, paper stump, Academy eraser, Academy pencil sharpener plus a hints and tips booklet.

Further tips, techniques and projects can be downloaded from the Academy website. 

Derwent Academy Sketch and Colour Set

This selection of sketching and colour pencils is perfect for tackling all subjects.

It contains 6 Academy Graphite sketching pencils in 4B, 2B, B, HB, H and 2H plus 18 Academy Colour pencils providing additional shades so you can blend, layer, mix and colour block your way across the page and bring your sketch to life!

Visit the Derwent website for tips and techniques

Jovi Colouring Pencils

These quality pencils feature a hexagonal barrel to prevent them rolling off table and a durable
colour strip that is great for drawing with. The wood is extra-smooth and sharpening them is easy.
They are easy to handle, cover well, are odour-free, and do not stain or form lumps. When they
are well sharpened, they allow children to produce very precise drawings. 

The pencils measure 7.5 x 175mm and are available in sets of 12 and 24 assorted colours plus a classpack of 144 that contains 12 each of the 12 most popular colours.

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