Decorative Painting


Maimeri Idea Patina Colours

The patina on metals has been appreciated ever since the Middle Ages and the Renaissance techniques were devised to imitate its effects. Creating a patina and giving metal or metal-coated objects an antique appearance is common practice in the decorative arts, continuing the tradition of surface imitation which was, until recently, possible only with paints and colours.

Maimeri Idea Patina is a revolutionary range of products for amateur and professional use which reproduce a perfect imitation of the patina of age and oxidation of metal surfaces through natural chemical processes. With the exception of Bitumen, which is soluble in white spirit, all Patina products are water-soluble, thus permitting adjustment of the desired effect. Bitumen patina can be used over any of the metal colours, instead of the appropriate oxidising patina, as it does not cause a chemical reaction with the metal colours but produces a darkish matt finish to the object as if it had been a forgotten item in the attic. Bitumen patina can also be used over other patinas to increase the ageing effect by laying a smoky transparent film to enhance the contour and texture of the surface.

Maimeri Idea Metallic Colours

When decorators need to gild certain surfaces, such as ceramic, paper on card stock, wooden or permeable surfaces, they need special metallic colours with extra resistance to oxidation and wear. Idea metallic colours are made of powdered metal suspended in resin. The best metallic colours are made this way. Solvent-based colours, authentic, strong and practical; long-lasting and easy to use. Colours may be mixed to reproduce many metallic colours. All colours have good covering power if used pure and they absorb brushstrokes well. No special measures are necessary to apply the product with a brush: just make sure the surface is free of grease, sanded if too smooth, and, possibly, prepared with a base coat. May also be applied with a pad or sponge. When painting items that will be outdoors, it is a good idea to protect this type of gilding with a thin coat of varnish to waterproof it. In this way you can obtain the smooth finish of metals without complicated procedures, using an easily applied, perfectly even colour

Maimeri idea Oven Bake Enamels

Bright and glossy colours for professional and semi-professional use. Suitable for ceramic, glass, china and metal. All colours bake to a glossy finish unless painted on to absorbent material which results in a matt look. To counteract this, re-coat the baked piece with colourless Varnish and re-bake. The enamels are dishwasher safe - but limit this - or hand wash. Wait two weeks before the first wash. Although non-toxic, it is best to avoid decorating dishes etc which contain food. All colours are certified non-toxic and conform to the standard ASTM D-4236.

Mameri Idea Gloss Water-Based Enamels

Water based enamels are particularly useful for classic application techniques: the methods which the best master craftspeople have used over the centuries. Gloss water based enamels are ideal for anyone who wants to learn to decorate and colour objects for fun and to add a touch of life and colour to the home. These are acrylic colours are strong and brilliant with excellent coverage plus a colourless varnish. The colour dries perfectly even, and are excellent for large backgrounds and small details alike, they dry quickly and are perfectly odourless with no fumes so that they can be used in enclosed areas.

Maimeri Idea Water-Based Cold Ceramic Colours

A range of practical, water-based, non-toxic, bright and luminous shades for cold ceramic painting. They are ideal for all overglaze painting and can also be used to good effect on clay and unglazed ceramics, although the colours will appear slightly more opaque due the absorbency of these materials. Idea water-based Cold Ceramic colours are ready-to-use and do not require any baking. Once applied, the surface will dry in 1 hour and complete drying takes up to 15 days. It is recommended to protect the decorated surface with protective varnish. The range consists of 18 colours plus a colourless medium and protective varnish in 60ml bottles.

Maimeri Idea Mediums

Mediums are modelling pastes which add to the potential of traditional classic techniques to open up new horizons for graffito decoration and bas-relief. This age-old decorative technique can be re-created by using various fresh pastes, similar to plaster, varying in appearance and surface consistency. Acrylic pastes are without a doubt one of the biggest innovations in crafts and painting. Idea mediums represent a comprehensive range of eighteen acrylic products with limitless possibilities for all kinds of work.

Idea Wax Finish

A rich varnish made with beeswax, to be applied on the dry decoration to protect and intensify colours. It has a slightly soft, matt, almost silky patina. Ideal for wood, soapstone and plaster. The more you rub, the softer and glossier it gets - warm it with a hair-dryer to make it smoother. It can be thinned with white spirit (available from hardware stores).

Idea Heavy Matt Gel

Acrylic gel with high viscosity used in thick painting techniques. May be mixed with all watersoluble colours. Dulls the gloss of colours, for a smooth surface appearance when dry. Suitable for application to all surfaces. May be applied with a palette knife or brush. Drying time depends on the thickness applied.

Idea Heavy Gloss Gel

Acrylic gel with high viscosity used in thick painting techniques. May be mixed with all water-soluble colours. Increases gloss, so that colour has a high gloss finish when dry. Suitable for use on all surfaces. May be applied with a palette knife or brush. Drying time depends on thickness.

Idea Artists Masking Rubber

Latex used in the reserve technique. Dip brush in gum and paint along lines drawn on the surface. Allow to dry. Paint the entire object, including the gum lines. When colour is dry, remove gum by rubbing it off with your fingers. Clean the brush immediately after use in pure ammonia.

Idea Papier-Mache Paste

A dense paste reproducing the surface of papier-mache. Ready-to-use, adheres well to all surfaces. May be coloured when dry or mixed with any water-soluble colour. May be modelled with a palette knife. Drying time depends on the thickness of the layer applied.

Idea Crystal Paste

An opalescent paste with a high viscosity, containing tiny spheres of glass. Adheres perfectly to all surfaces, including glass and mirrors, to provide a bright, glossy surface. May be painted lightly with glass colours or mixed with Idea Wood Colours, but also gives beautiful results alone. May be modelled with a palette knife or applied with a brush. Ready-to-use.

Idea Black Iron Paste

A thick medium, to be applied with a painting knife on any kind of material. It is ideal for creating relief motifs. It adds an interesting surface to canvas over which oils and acrylics can be painted - avoid transparent colours, like watercolours or it can be left unpainted. It is elastic and can be applied to rigid or flexible surfaces. When coated, objects take on a wrought-iron look.

Idea Granite Paste

Flexible, light granite-coloured, full bodied, textured paste which can be used as a textured background or to coat almost anything. Acrylic-based, it can be applied straight, thickened or mixed with water based colours. Granite Paste can be applied to rigid or flexible surfaces and through a stencil using a painting knife. With care, it can also be modelled into a full-bodied relief. A 2mm layer dries in about half a day - wait for 24 hours before painting or protecting its natural appearance with a varnish

Idea Coarse Paste

A very porous and gritty paste which looks like sand, with a dark and even colour. Its acrylic base contains a large quantity of silica. Although full-bodied, its specific gravity is very low so large amounts can be used without adding much weight to the work. Can be used as a base on which to apply any type of colour. Can also be mixed with water based colours. Its grittiness wears out brushes quickly, so it is recommended that a painting knife be used - or cheap bristle brushes.

Idea Light Paste

Build thick layers of material without adding weight. Can be applied to any surface - rigid or flexible. Dries quickly and is waterproof. Using a painting knife to apply it, stucco-like motifs can be created. With high adhesive power, it is perfect as a base for mosaic tiles. It will also hold pebbles, fabric, cork, plastic and glass bits. Use it to mould, model and colour any material.

Idea Cracking Paste

Create an antique effect. It is applied on rigid surfaces with a spatula and it dries quickly. The thicker the layer, the stronger the cracked effect. When drying, the Cracking Paste upper surface breaks, creating the look of cracked plaster. Used for creating fresco-like and mosaic-like effects. It can be painted with any type of colour. Create antique frames using Cracking Paste and Idea Patina Colours.

Idea Terracotta Paste

Has the appearance of terracotta. Particularly suited to decorating pots and vases. In painting, it can be used to create layouts and bas-reliefs. It can be applied to flexible surfaces - paper, board and acetate with a painting knife. While wet, it can be modelled and its texture changed with combs, or decorated with stones, glass, sea shells etc. Practice first.

Idea Mould Paste

Used for casting. Mix 90g water with 30g powder. Immerse the object to be cast in a full container of paste. Ten minutes later the paste will begin to solidify, and you can remove it all from the container. Cut the solidified paste in half to remove the object and free the two halves of the cast. Fill the cast with plaster, wax or other materials.

Idea Craquele Varnish

Ready-to-use water-based varnish. May be applied to any surface with a flat brush. Perfectly clear. Apply an even layer over the surface. After about 30 minutes apply an acrylic colour in a hue contrasting with the base colour over the surface of the craquele varnish. Cracks will form quickly as it dries, in which the base colour will be visible.

Idea White Coarse Paste

Contains a high percentage of Lipari pumice whitened with titanium white. Has a doughy
consistency which allows you to obtain grainy material effects. Apply to any surface with a knife. Provides an excellent base for all painting and decorative techniques. Drying time depends on the thickness of the layer applied. An extremely flexible paste which moves with the surface below it.

Idea Glassy Varnish

A water based protective picture varnish which is ideal for mosaic, decoupage and other craft work. Forms a thick film which is highly resistant to atmospheric and mechanical stress. Apply with a brush over a decorated surface. It is self-levelling and when fully dry it is perfectly even and clear, giving the work shine and gloss.