Decoupage and Gilding


Maimeri Idea Decoupage

Decoupage is the technique of decorating surfaces of all kinds with application of paper and printed cut-outs followed by an elegant varnish. The technique may appear simple and naïve, but it is actually an ancient art with a philosophy of its own: decoupage means “picking out the best of the world”, a world so vast and various it cannot be redrawn or reduced for comprehension. Idea Decoupage offers everything needed for this ancient technique. Fine papers decorated with quality prints and rich compositions which are everything but banal. Original products, glue, varnishes, liquid pitch, all produced specifically for the purpose, become one with the work of art to protect and preserve it over time.

Idea Water Based Decoupage Glue

A water-based vinyl glue with a slightly matte finish. Perfect for gluing paper and card onto any kind of surface. Apply with a flat, wide brush, anf dilute with a little water. The outstanding elasticity of this glue suits it to use on flexible surfaces. Dries completely in one hour.

Idea Solvent Based Decoupage Varnish

Ready-to-use final varnish containing white spirit. With its amber appearance and gelatinous consistency, this varnish forms a highly resistant, perfectly transparent film to protect decoration from the environment. Apply several coats with a flat brush. Dries completely in about one week, leaving a matte or glossy finish. Not reversible.

Idea Solvent Based Patina Varnish

A particularly resistant protective picture varnish containing white spirit. Amber colour gives the decoration an antique appearance. May be applied to any surface. Use as a base for picture cracking varnish in the craquele technique. Glossy and brilliant finish. Dries slowly. Yellows slightly

Idea Water Based Picture Cracking Varnish

A ready-to-use water-based varnish. Apply with a brush over the patina varnish basecoat, about six to eight hours later. After cracking, protect with an additional layer of patina conditions: temperature and humidity. You may darken cracks by patting them with a cotton rag soaked in liquid bitumen.

Idea Liquid Bitumen

Judea pitch. Contains white spirit. Gives decorated surfaces an antique appearance. Excellent for darkening cracks and bas-reliefs. Apply with a brush and then wipe with a cotton cloth. Always protect with final varnish.

Idea Water Based Craquele Varnish

This ready-to-use water-based varnish is applied over the entire surface with a flat brush. It is perfectly transparent and covers the background uniformly. As it dries, crackles form in the surface colour, revealing the tones in the background.

Idea Decoupage Water Based Glassy Varnish

This water-based final protective varnish is ideal for decoupage. It creates a thick film, highly resistant to all weather conditions or mechanical agents. Once dried, it becomes transparent making the object shiny and brilliant.

Idea Water Based Primer

Primes all types of support and makes any surface requiring painting with water or solvent-based colours suitable for decoupage. This elastic, water-based preparation gives perfect coverage and is ready to use. A single coat is usually sufficient but several coats can be used if porous material is to be worked on. It dries quickly and requires no sanding. It can be used on both rigid and flexible supports.

Idea Water Based Matt Picture Varnish

A highly resistant and perfectly clear matt water based picture varnish that protects and illuminates your work, giving it a matt finish and protecting it from scratches and wear. Suitable for any base.

Idea Water Based Gloss Picture Varnish

Highly resistant, clear, glossy, water-based picture varnish that will protect and illuminate your work, giving it a glossy, bright finish that will protect it from scratches and wear. Suitable for any base.

Idea Water Based Colourless Patina Varnish

This varnish, used in combination with cracking varnish, quickly and easily creates a cracked look on the surface of your decoupage creation. This special varnish never dries completely, staying slightly sticky allowing you to add cracking varnish days later.

Idea Water Based Colourless Cracking Varnish

If you have coated your work with patina varnish, you can create a cracked effect quickly and easily using this water based cracking varnish. When the cracking process has been completed the cracking varnish can be fixed with a coat of acrylic picture varnish.

Idea Water Based Decoupage Fabric Glue

This ready to use, water based, breathable fabric medium is perfect for gluing fabric to fabric and paper to fabric. When dry and fixed with a hot iron, the glue becomes water-resistant allowing gentle washing of your work. 

Maimeri Idea Gilding

Before the Gold Leaf is applied there are several stages of preparation that the surface to be gilded must go through. The gilded surface will show any imperfection in the underlying layers so careful preparation is essential to achieve best results. The object to be gilded must be clean, smooth and non porous. Apply the water-based glue for gold leaf uniformly using a soft brush. Wait until the glue is sticky (approx. 20 minutes) and then apply the gold leaf with slight pressure. It is best to use cotton gloves. Clean off excess material and tap down with a soft ball of cotton. Inlaid corners and details can be finished with an additional application of gold leaf. To prevent staining, coat with Shellac varnish.

Idea Gildiing Red Bole

Bole is a thick, dense mixture composed of very fine clay and rabbit glue dissolved in water. Red bole is the most commonly used tint in iconography. Red bole is used on the highlights of the moulding. It gives a rich lustre to the highlights, which are often burnished. The colour of the bole has an influence on gilding tone because it seeps through the leaf creating different glints. If the base has been prepared with Sizing, one coat of bole is sufficient where coverage is complete.

Idea Gilding Yellow Bole

Yellow Bole has the same characteristics as red bole but gives warm, yellowish glints that light up the leaf. Generally Yellow Bole is used all over the frame. The yellow colouring helps conceal any areas that are missed when they are gilded.

Idea Sizing for Gilding

This is a specific compound for gilding based on chalk and rabbit glue. The chalk is an ultra-fine, impalpable powder that makes the impasto soft. Sizing is a fundamental step in gilding because it prepares a base suitable for applying leaf. The surface must be perfectly smooth so the leaf does not take on any imperfections. Optimal base preparation requires at least three coats of sizing.

Idea Bitumen for Gold Leaf

A thick, dark, white spirit-based solution used on gilding to give an antiquated look to the leaf, slightly dulling its shine. The aged effect is enhanced if the leaf in the inlay of the decoration is darker and more opaque. When dry, protect with shellac varnish or scratch-proof protective finish.

Idea Water-Based Gold Leaf Glue

This water based glue is used for adhering the gold leaf to the surface. It’s ready to use and can be diluted to increase its fluidity. Apply with a soft brush, ensuring all areas are covered. This glue remains adhesive for quite a while, allowing the gilder to work at their own pace, as gilding generally is lengthy work. After applying the leaf press down with a ball of cotton to make it stick better.

Idea Shellac Varnish

Shellac varnish is a premium finish commonly used in gilding. It is a solution composed of shellac dissolved in alcohol to give it optimal fluidity and consistency. Shellac varnish gives objects a thin, natural finish. Two coats are generally applied. It is ready to use and dries quickly.

Idea Scratchproof Varnish

Exceptional for its transparency and resistance, this finish is water based and ready to use. After applying the shellac varnish, at least two coats of scratch-proof protective varnish are recommended. This guarantees total protection of the leaf, blocking weathering and increasing the shine and colour of the object without any oxidation

Idea Variegated Imitation Leaf

The variegated imitation leaf has the same purity and quality as the classic because it is made from the same raw materials and laminated in the same way. It is burnished by hand to randomly vary its tones and create natural patterns and nuances on the surface. The patterns derive from oxidation of the metal or from natural external agents. Apply in the traditional manner. Protect with shellac varnish or scratch-proof protective varnish. Available in booklets of four sheets (14 x 14cm) in three colours.

Idea Transfer Imitation Leaf

This leaf is backed with a thin transfer film for simpler and quicker use. The leaf is not self-adhesive. It requires the same preparatory work as classic gold leaf. The underlying transfer film makes application easier, keeping the leaf from flaking. Remove the film when the leaf has stuck firmly to the surface. Available in a 10 sheet booklet (14 x 14cm sheets) in three shades.

Idea Variegated Tamise' Leaf

Ultra-thin flakes of pure metal in assorted tones, ideal for work similar to gilding with metal dust. Tamise is tinted and needs no background colours. It requires similar preparatory work as leaf application. Protect with Shellac varnish or scratch-proof varnish. Variegated Tamise is available in Sunshine, Spring, Red and ‘Mix’ (a combination of all three styles) in 2.5g packs.

Idea Schabin Leaf

Schaibin is the classic way of applying gold leaf. It enables a simpler, more natural application. The leaf is applied by, gluing it to the support without concern for the flaws, pleats or puckers that are a specific characteristic of the technique. Letting the background colour show through cracks in the schabin make the results of this technique similar to ancient gilding or metal plating. Apply using sizing and protect with shellac varnish or scratchproof protective finish. Available in Gold, Silver and copper in a 2.5g pad (7.5 x 12 x 4cm).