Drawing Accessories




Cretacolor Artists Accessories Set

Contains everything needed for the shading and blending of pastels, charcoal and graphite. Includes small and large paper stumps, 3 assorted paper tortillions, sandpaper sharpening block, kneadable eraser, polishing leather and a metal erasing shield all displayed on a blister carded, hang-sell card.

Cretacolor Paper Stumps

Fine grade paper stumps for use as a blending or spreading/extending tool. Used to assist in the gradation of pastels and charcoal. Available in 3 sizes: Fine 7mm diameter x 122mm, Medium 9mm diameter x 135mm and Large 12mm diameter x 150mm.

Cretacolor Pencil Extender

A smooth, marble grained hollow pencil extender with a nickel-plated metal clamping collar designed to accept shorter lengths of Cretacolor Monolith pencils - you can use such pencils down to the “last drop”! Everyone should have one.


Cretacolor Sketching Powders

Finest quality Sanguine or Sepia powdered pigments that can be applied straight from the jar with a brush or mixed 
with water or binding agent. Can be used on paper, canvas, plaster or any absorbent surface. Especially suitable for application over large areas, three-dimensional shading, or to produce luminous light and dark shades.

The finely ground Charcoal Powder is especially suitable for large area drawing, 3 dimensional shaping and the creation of light and shade on paper. Charcoal powder can be applied with finger or brush either dry, with water or other media.

Fine, high quality Artists’ Graphite Sketching Powder can be spread by fingers or brush, dry or mixed with water as a thin film or a thick coating over large areas. Useful for creating light and shadow effects on paper. Can even be used to cover clay or other sculptures to give a metallic effect.

Sakura Nouvel Pastel Brush Set

Pastel brush with soft, sponge tip ideal for blending pastels. Comes with 2 replacement tips.

Sakura Drawing Board

Economical and lightweight drawing board from Japan. Comes with 2 clips, carry handle, 2 elastic strips to hold down your A3+ sized paper. Also included is a cotton shoulder strap which can be attached to the metal grommets set in each corner for ease of transport. Interior dimensions are 42 x 56cm.

Derwent Pencil Wraps

Derwent Canvas Pencil Holder Wraps are made of tan-coloured heavy cotton canvas. They will hold up to 12 or 30 pencils and there is also a small pouch for accessory items such as erasers and sharpeners. The new, updated design also includes a flap to protect the pencil tips. The pencil wrap is small enough to be carried in a bag, portfolio or backpack. Ideal for artists’ on the move.

Richeson Charcoal Holder

This useful tool from Jack Richeson & Co. will help keep you clean while you create. It will hold a variety of different sized and shaped charcoal sticks. It may need some adjusting to hold very small pieces of charcoal.

Richeson Hand Manikin

Manikins are excellent reference tools for learning the basics of drawing. Capturing and rendering the articulation of the human hand is one of the most challenging exercises that students and artists can master. These durable right-hand manikins feature adjustable ball joints and are elegantly finished from smooth hardwood.

Richeson Skeleton Manikin

Ideal for figure drawing and sketching. These life like, plastic skeleton models have removable arms and legs and feature joints that are designed to duplicate natural movements.Their mouths open and shut and one half of the skull is removable. Anatomically correct, these manikins are great for teaching, learning or display and are supplied complete with a sturdy display stand. Overall height is 33.5” (850mm)

Terry Pocket Pen Holder Clip

The Terry Pocket Pen Holder Clip is precision manufactured in Europe from nickel plated, spring steel, that operates as an “elastic grip” pen clip than can be placed on the outside of any pocket to hold pens and pencils firmly in place. The expandable metal holder prevents valuable pens and pencils being lost by falling from pockets or by being misplaced. The “grip” will accommodate pens and pencils of all sizes between 7 – 15mm in diameter and is available as a single, double or triple combinations mounted on 11mm, 25mm and 40mm wide clip bases respectively.