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Cretacolor Calligraphy Ink

A traditional, deep black China ink specifically designed for calligraphy using dip pens or brush. It is lightfast and waterproof, drying to a slightly shiny, permanently brilliant finish. Features a traditional style glass bottle with wide screw top opening.

Available in a 30ml bottle.

Daler-Rowney "Calli" Calligraphy Ink

A range of acrylic-based, pigmented, water resistant inks. Calli inks have been designed specifically for use in calligraphy where optimum flow characteristics  from the pen or brush are essential.

Available in 6 colours in 29.5ml bottles. See Colour Chart

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FW Artists Acrylic Inks

FW Artist’s Ink is an acrylic based pigmented water resistant ink in a range of 38 colours, all of which have 3 or 4 star rating for lightfastness and permanence, making them the ideal choice for artist’s who want to produce pictures etc for permanent display.

All colours are fully intermixable making and can be substantially diluted to achieve the most subtle of tones, very similar in character to watercolour. FW inks will dry to a water resistant film and successive layers of colour can be laid over the original colour.

FW Artist’s Inks are especially suited for use airbrushes and technical pens. See Colour Chart

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 FW Pearlescent Inks

FW Pearlescent inks are a unique range of 22 water based acrylic colours producing a shimmering pearl effect.

This ink is water-soluble when wet, but dries to a water resistant film. All colours are intermixable and rate good to extremely lightfast. They are permanent and translucent but work best when put down freely rather than applying successive layers of colour. The shimmering pearl effect created by these colours is startling and offers almost unlimited creative potential in areas not normally associated with inks and will work on wood, leather, glass and ceramics, as well as paper and board. Please note that pigments are large in particle size so are not suitable for fine line nozzles for airbrushes or technical or fountain pens. FW Pearlescent inks are best applied using a dip pen, ruling pen or brush.

Available in a 29.5ml bottle and an 180ml bottle in selected colours. See Colour Chart

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Cretacolor Artisitk Permanent and Water Based Fineliners

These fineline pens contain a dense black India ink that is either permanent or water based. The permanent pens have a metal encased tip and the water-based pens a nylon tip. They are ideal for sketching, technical drawing or fine writing.

Available in 3 line widths - o.3mm, 0.5mm and 0.7mm 

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Khandahar Drawing Ink

Khandahar ink by Daler-Rowney is a brilliant lightfast colour that flows easily from pen, brush and airbrush. Khandahar Black drawing ink is ideal for illustration, line drawing, calligraphy and design work. It also works extremely well with all mixed media techniques. Perfect for use on paper, card and board.

Available in a 29.5ml, 175ml or 1 litre bottle.

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Sakura Gelly Roll 'Glaze" 3D Roller Pens

Embossed leterring used to require powders and heat or professional printing. With Gelly Roll Glaze 3D pens embossing is now available at your fingertips.

Most inks will slide and run off smooth surfaces but the unique patented Glaze ink clings to most non-porous surfaces such as plastic, metal and glass.The 3-dimensional ink dries water-resistant and is glossy, bright and iridescent. It is perfect for accents on jewellery, glass, ceramics or any papercraft activity including cardmaking, stamping and scrapbooking.

Available in 16 colours.

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Sakura Pigma Brush Markers

 Sakura Pigma Brush Markers write like a pen and paint like a brush.

The ink is delivered to the sides and tip of the brush point equally, allowing swirls, fine lines and brush strokes to be laid down simultaneously. It is comfortable to hold and responds instantly to any change in pressure or direction. Ideal for illustrations, manga, calligraphy, design and detailed drawings.

Available in 6 bright, vivid colours.

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Sakura Pigma Graphic Marker

Pigma Graphic markers have been designed to meet the specific needs of graohi Artists, Designers and Illustrators etc. These pens will write on virtually any porous surface and are especially suited to tracing paper and vellum.

Available in 3 line widths - 1mm, 2mm and 3mm. The 1mm width point is a bullet point for obtaining fine detail and the 2mm and 3mm are chisel points for wider coverage. Available in black only.

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Sakura Pigma Micron Pens

For technical drawing and fine line illustration. The Pigma Micron Pen is the first fine-point writing instrument offering a water-proof, quick drying, black pigment ink. Unlike dye-based ink found in most pens and markers, Pigma pigment ink offers the following advantages:
• Archival quality inks
• Ideal for graphics, drafting - no
• Waterproof, fadeproof, & smudgeroof
• No ink clogging - 5 widths available
• No feathering, will not bleed through
• Ideal for art illustration - fine lines paper
• Colour washes can be overlayed
• Excellent copy machine reproduction

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US President Barrack Obama used a Pigma Micron pen to cast his vote in the 2008 elections.

Sakura Pigma Sensei Manga Markers

The Pigma Sensei set includes all the tools needed to illustrate in the Manga style. This versatile set contains a 0.7mm mechanical pencil with eraser,  a 1mm bold fibre tip, 0.6mm bullet fibre tip, a 0.4mm plastic tip and a 0.3mm ultra-fine durable plastic nib.

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 Sakura Identi Pen

Non-xylene - Odourless! Two pens for the price of one! A double-ended, one end fine, the other extra fine, permanent, waterproof, fade resistant, craft, designing and marking pen. Marks on most surfaces - plastic metal, glass, wood, rubber, leather, cloth - and is non-xylene and low odour. AP non-toxic.

Available in black or in an assorted set of 8 colours containing black, blue, red, green, brown, purple, orange and yellow

Identi-Pen receives PGA Tour Partners Seal of Approval

Sakura Microperm Pen

A superior quality micro line pen which uses a low odour, non-xylene ink which is permanent on porous and non-porous surfaces including plastic, glass, film, acetate, mylar, perspex, acrylic, metal and of course paper and cardboard. Ideal for graphic work, technical work with rulers and templates as well as many craft projects. Strong, dense ink which dries quickly and waterproof. The robust nylon tip is encased in metal. Pen features a safety ventilated cap and a metal pocket clip. Light and comfortable to use, even over extended times. Ink conforms to ASTM D-4236 and is non-toxic.

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Sakura Pen-Touch Calligraphy Markers

Metallic and white ink calligraphy pens - low odour and xylene free! The opaque ink dries waterproof and permanent on paper, plastic, wood, glass and metal. Fine point tip is 1.8mm wide and offers a write out length of 430m. It is ideal for writing letters, addressing invitations and other finer works. The plastic nib will not split or fray. Medium point tip is 5.0mm wide and offers a write out length of 290m - ideal for name cards and signs. The nib shape is a fibre nib cut into a rectangular block, so the real calligrapher’s stylised strokes can be obtained.

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Sakura Permapaque Opaque Pigment Markers

Shake-free, mess-free, archival and fade resistant! Permapaque fine point markers gives the user a full array of colours that embody all the qualities sought after in an all-purpose craftmarker. Marks opaque on almost any surface without bleeding through. Perfect for detailed designs and lettering on greeting cards, craft projects and scrapbook captions or anywhere a permanent opaque marker is needed. The 1mm ink line dries quickly (within 10 seconds) and being both water and faderesistant is suitable for use in acid-free environments. Non-toxic and odourless it is safe for kids receiving the U.S.A “Creative Classroom” stamp of approval.

Available in 7 colours. Dual point available in black only.

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Sakura Solid Markers

The Sakura Solid Marker is the world’s first marker with paint in a solid form. It works everytime and everywhere, even under water!

Essentially an industrial marker, this solidified paint stick has many artistic applications. They are ideal for drawing and sketching where a bold, permanent, opaque result is required. The  Solid marker that has no trouble writing on surfaces with oil, paint, rust, mud and snow on them, both indoors and outdoors, and even in extremely high or low temperatures.

Available in 6 colours

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Sakura Stardust Gel Markers

Writing, drawing and decorating is now even more fun with Stardust Gel markers. These markers contain a glittery dust which produces a reflective brilliance. Gel ink is a water-based pigment ink that is lightfast, water and chemical resistant. The unique Gel ink technology ensures smooth writing and decorating results every time. The best results are acieved on black or light coloured paper. Stardust markers will not smear, feather or bleed through most papers.

Set or 10 brilliant, sparkling colours.

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Sakura Koi Watercolour Brush Markers

Koi brush markers are range of water-based dye-stuff brush markers that are ideal for illustrations, designs and sketches. They are suitable for use by students, Graphic Artists, Designers, Illustrators, Architects and Cartoonists. The Koi range contains 48 brilliant colours plus a separate blender (transparent ink) that blend easily to create a multitude of colour hues. The blender allows you to create seamless washes and colour gradations. The Koi brush markers feature a flexible plastic nib and a ventilated cap for safety.

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ShinHan Touch Twin Markers

ShinHan “Touch” markers are considered the world’s best high-end marker for Artists and Designers. The problems or flaws that are associated with markers have been all but eliminated with the ShinHan Touch. Every aspect of the ShinHan “Touch” marker has been designed to out-perform every other marker available on the market today. They are made with an odourless and non-toxic, purified Ethyl alcohol based ink with a negligible amount of additives, giving you a purer, cleaner colour. The ink is extremely fade-resistant and the nylon tips will not wear down, consistently delivering crisp, clean lines. The delivery of ink flow can be perfectly controlled to allow for precision drawing. ShinHan markers are housed in round-cornered, rectangular shaped barrels which provide easy, comfortable grip and prevent the markers from rolling off tables. The caps are designed to prevent any damage to the tips and are replaceable. The ShinHan “Touch” Twin Marker range consists of 168 colours and is ideal for designers and illustrators across a wide range of industries, including illustration, fashion design, animation, cartooning, industrial and interior design. See Colour Chart

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ShinHan Brush Twin Markers

The ShinHan Brush Twin markers are the ideal complement to the ShinHan Twin Touch markers.
These markers give you feel real brush strokes. The new design of ShinHan Brush Twin markers
features a distinct fine brush nib on one end and a medium-wide chisel nib on the other, allowing
for a wide range of strokes. The brush nib allows you to re-create the techniques more commonly
associated with a paint brush. The durable design of the nib ensures they will not lose their
firmness or spring over time. Optimum ink flow and drying rates allow for seamless execution of
even the most detailed artwork.  The range consists of 168 colours; perfectly matched to
complement the ShinHan Touch Twin markers. See Colour Chart

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SAI Watercolour Brush Markers

SAI brush pens are range of water-based dye-stuff brush pens that are ideal for watercolour paintings, illustrations, designs and sketches, card-making, scrapbooking and Manga drawing. Each SAI pen is carefully hand-made by a craftsperson and features a top quality taklon brush tip and ventilated cap. The brush heads used in the SAI pens are responsive to the touch allowing you to produce fine delicate lines as well as shade larger areas with the added advantage of real brush strokes. When used with water SAI brush pens provide you with seamless washes and smooth gradations. They are suitable for use with other markers and combine particularly well with Sakura Pigma Micron pens. SAI markers are available individually in 20 colours. There is also a SAI outline Brush Pen available. This marker contains a black, water-based pigment ink and is used for creating outlines when creating artworks or drawings using the SAI watercolour brush pens.

  Derwent Graphik Line Painter Pens

These unique paint pens contain a waterbased pigment paint that is lightfast, opaque and permanent. They feature a 0.5mm Japanese made steel nib and clear frosted barrel allowing the colour to be easily seen. The fluid, opaque paint contained within provides a great depth of colour and can be diluted with water to create layers, dribbles and washes as well as fine lines. Once dry, the colour is permanent. Graphik line painter is available in a range of 20 unique colours.

  Derwent Graphik Line Maker Pens

Derwent Graphik Line Makers are a range of fine line pens designed to meet the needs of
illustrators, artists, Graphic designers and drawers etc. These pens feature a water-based,
pigmented, solvent-free, quick drying and lightfast ink delivered through a top quality, Japanese
made steel nib. Derwent Graphik line makers provide free flowing lines and rich strong and opaque colour. They are available in 3 colours – black, sepia and graphite grey in a variety of nib sizes.

  Chameleon Color Tones Pens

These double-ended markers feature Japanese-made super soft Brush nib on one end and a Bullet
point nib on the other and contain professional quality, alcohol-based ink. They are permanent on
most surfaces, compatible with all other alcohol-based inks, have a low odour and are non-toxic.
Ideal for paper crafts, manga, graphic and fine art work.These double-ended markers feature Japanese-made super soft Brush nib on one end and a Bullet point nib on the other and contain professional quality, alcohol-based ink. The unique and innovative mixing chamber allows the user to create seamless colour blends by changing the strength of the colour at the source. They are permanent on most surfaces, compatible with all other alcohol-based inks, have a low odour and are non-toxic. Ideal for paper crafts, manga, graphic and fine art work.