Mixed Media Sets



Cretacolor "Artino" Sketching Set

Ideal starter or gift set. Contains one each woodless graphite pencil 6B, Nero drawing pencil #1, white chalk pencil #1, sanguine pencil oil, sepia light pencil, sepia dark pencil, sketching charcoal, sanguine chalk fired, paper stump and kneadable eraser, all packed in an attractive re-usable metal  tin.

Cretacolor "Artino" Graphite Set

A versatile and high value starter set suitable for amateur to professionals. The set includes one Monolith graphite aquarelle 4B, one each HB, 4B and 8B graphit aquarell, one Nero black chalk pencil, one Nero No.1 extra soft (2B) pencil, one 4B graphite stick, one 6B graphite block, one 7mm paper stump and an eraser.

Cretacolor "Artists Studio" Drawing Set

This excellent assortment caters for all drawing and sketching requirements. It contains a selection of the high quality ‘Artist Studio” range of materials manufactured in Austria and is great value. Set contains 12 Artist Studio graphite pencils (6B, 4B, 3B, 2B, B, 2 x HB, F, H, 2H, 3H, 4H), 7 Artist Studio sketching pencils (sepia, sanguine, white chalk, charcoal medium, soft, hard & extra soft), 24 Artist Studio watercolour pencils, 24 Artist Studio permanent colour pencils, 2 Cretacolor colouring pencils in gold and silver, 2 quatro (4 colour lead) pencils and 1 paper stump.

Cretacolor Black Box

A beautifully presented set featuring a really useful range of black drawing materials, ideal for artists and students alike. Fantastic value and unique! Contains one each Compressed Charcoal(01, 02, 03), one each Negro Drawing Pencils (02, 03, 05), one each Compressed Charcoal Stick (01, 02, 03, 04, 05), one each Monolith Graphite Pencil (6B, 9B), two each Natural Charcoal 4mm and 6mm, one each Paper Stump and one Kneadable Eraser.

Cretacolor "Creativo" Set

A versatile and high value starter set suitable for amateur to professionals. Contains twelve pastels in brown shades, one each Graphite Aquarelle pencils (HB, 4B, 6B), one each Negro Medium Pencil, one each Charcoal Pencil No. 2 (Medium), one each Soft and Medium White Chalk Pencil, one each Sepia Dark Pencil, one each Sepia Light Pencil, one each Sanguine DryPencil, one each Sanguine Oil Pencil, one each Black Chalk Pencil

Cretacolor Drawing Sets

Beginner Set – Contains the choice of basic sketching material required by every student and includes one each of - medium charcoal and “Nero” carbon pencils and paper stump, 2B and 4B “Cleos” fine art graphite pencils, 6B woodless pencil, soft compressed charcoal stick, black and sanguine sketching pastels plus both small kneadable and Monolith India rubber erasers.

Advanced Set – Includes 2H, HB, 2B and 4B “Cleos” pencils, one each sanguine, sepia light, sepia dark and white chalk pencils, soft and medium charcoal pencils, soft and hard carbon pencils, 4B and 8B watersoluble graphite pencils, soft and medium compressed charcoal sticks, 6B woodless pencil, one stick each sketching coal, thick 6B graphite, thin 2B graphite, sanguine burnt, deep black burnt plus one each of the artist’s accessories Monolith sharpener, medium paper stump, small kneadable eraser and small Monolith India rubber eraser.

Cretacolor "Professional Selection" Set

This complete assortment of professional artists drawing and sketching materials is presented in an exclusive mahogany-coloured wooden box for the demanding artist. This professional 53 piece assortment contains a selection of traditional sketching colours, graphite and water soluble graphite sticks, 24 sketching chalks in assorted grey and earth tones plus metal chalk holder, 10 x 5.6mm assorted sketching “leads” plus holder, kneadable eraser, paper stump and sharpening board.

Cretacolor "Perfectly Happy" Drawing and Sketching Set

This set contains an excellent selection of Cretacolor drawing and sketching materials packed into a two-part metal tin set. The top tier contains a selection of Marino watercolour pencils, graphite pencil, Monolith Graphite sticks, Aqua Monolith sticks, Artists pencils, Artists Leads (5.6mm), Graphite Sticks, Sketching Coal, Natural Charcoal, Carre’ Pastels plus accessories including sharpener, paper stumps, kneadable eraser, sandpaper and chalk holder. The second tier contains a complete assortment of materials for applying the Sanguine technique. It contains 24 brown and grey Chalks, Artists pencils (white pastel, sanguine dry, nero), 5.6mm leads (charcoal, sepia light and dark, sanguine) plus accessories. 76 pieces in total.

Cretacolor Panonia Set

Featuring a range of brown and grey shades similar to those shades commonly found in Carré-style pastels, but now offered in pastel pencil style. Perfect for subtle monochromatic shading and working of small, fine and delicate details. Set contains 11 pastel pencils, kneaded eraser, sharpener and a paper stump - all in a strong cardboard box with an inset moulded tray and transparent cover to display contents.

Cretacolor Silver Box

An excellent set of Graphite drawing materials ideal for all sketching requirements. The Silver Box complements the Cretacolor Black Box and is beautifully presented in a silver wooden box. The Silver Box contains 3 square graphite blocks (2B, 4B, 6B), 3 Monolith woodless graphite pencils (2B, 6B, 9B), 2 water-soluble graphite pencils (HB, 8B), 4 ‘Cleos’ Fine Art graphite pencils (2H, 2B, HB, 4B), 2 rectangular graphite sticks (4B, 6B), Monolith kneadable eraser and metal pencil sharpener.

Cretacolor "Terra Classica" Set

This set contains a complete assortment of materials for all sanguine drawing techniques. It contains 24 pastels in brown and grey shades, Artist‘s pencils (white pastel, sanguine dry, nero), 5.6mm leads (charcoal, sepia light & dark, sanguine oil), pencil sharpener, kneadable eraser, paper blending stick, chalk holder, lead holder and sandpaper.

Cretacolor "Ultimo" Art Materials Set

A specially selected art materials set featuring an up-to-date assortment of sketching pencils, the full 5.6mm colour strip system, artists’ pastels, woodless pencils and essential artist’s accessories including a Classic 5.6mm leadholder, Monolith and kneadable erasers, paper stump and sandpaper sheets - 36 pieces in total available in a lidded metal box or Mahogany coloured timber box.

Cretacolor Watercolour Collection Set

This set contains an assortment of Cretacolor watersoluble drawing and painting materials. It includes a selection of 6 Aqua Brique colours and clip, 7 Aqua Stics, Aqua Monolith (black, white, 4B graphite), 7 Marino watercolour pencils, watersoluble Graphite HB, Nero extra soft, Sanguine oil pencil, 2 brushes, Monolith sharpener, sponge and Aquarelle DVD

Derwent Art Academy Box Set

A great collection of art materials housed in a briefcase style wooden box. This set contains 6 Academy sketching pencils, 12 Academy colour pencils, 12 Academy watercolour pencils, A5 pad, eraser, ruler, sharpener, paintbrush and a technique/project sheet explaining how to work with mixed media.

Derwent "Best of British" Wooden Box

This beautiful, multi-tiered wooden box is a limited edition set (500 worldwide) designed to commemorate the “Best of British”. It is filled with range of Derwent pencils and accessories including 43 Coloursoft pencils, 43 Inktense pencils, 24 Inktense blocks, a Union Jack tin with 12 Graphic Pencils, various accessories, models of Cumberland Pencil Company van, London Bus, London Taxi, a vintage metal sign commemorating 180 years of pencil making in Britain, four coasters with botanical drawings and a “Best of Britain” map in the style of an illustrated tourist map showing the best of Britain (including the Cumberland pencil Company).

Derwent Colour Collection Sets

A wonderful collection of bright, colourful Derwent drawing media. Sets contain a selection of Derwent Coloursoft, Studio and Metallic pencils, a blender and burnisher pencil. A metal sharper and plastic eraser are also included in the sets of 24 and 36.

Derwent Drawing Collection

A versatile collection of drawing materials and accessories perfect for creating distinctive and expressive drawings. Each set contains an assortment of Drawing pencils and blocks and a 4B sketching pencil.

Derwent Majestic Box

Limited edition manufactured to commemorate the Royal Wedding – only 50 available in Australia. A beautiful wooden box with 4 layers filled with Derwent media and accessories. Contains Metallic. Aquatone, Graphitint, Inktense and Watercolour pencils, Inktense blocks, eraser, sharpener, kneadable eraser, pencil extenders, sandpaper block, waterbrush, 3 Inktense block grippers, ceramic palette, 3 natural sponges, masking fluid, Royal portrait in gold frame and a certificate of authenticity signed by the Managing Director of the Cumberland Pencil Company.

Derwent Pastel Collection Sets

For the pastel enthusiast! Each set contains an assortment of pastel pencils, pastel blocks and other supplies. The pastel pencils blend easily and the pastel blocks are ideal for strong, expressive  strokes and broad sweeps of colour.

Derwent Sketching Collection Sets

Ideal for all types of drawing projects - the Sketching Collection sets contain an assortment of sketching, charcoal, graphite and pastel pencils plus graphite and compressed charcoal blocks. The set of 24 also contains drawing pencils, a kneadable eraser and metal pencil sharpener and the 38 set drawing  pencils, an additional paper stump, sandpaper block and plastic eraser.

Derwent Watercolour Collection Sets

These versatile setscontain an assortment of Derwent Watercolour pencils, Aquatone pencils, water-soluble sketching pencil  and a paint brush. The tin of 24 also includes an eraser plus metal sharpener and the tin of 36 an additional natural sea sponge

Derwent Mixed Media Blister Packs

A range of blister carded mixed media packs in a range of styles. Each blister carded set contains an assortment of 6 pencils, blocks or sticks plus accessories including sharpener, eraser, paintbrush or tortillion. Derwent Mixed Media blister packs are available in Watercolour, Studio, Graphic, Graphitone, Sketching, Charcoal, Watersoluble Sketching, Pastel and Drawing styles.