Painting Accessories



Artists Seat Backpack by Richeson

The only wearable art organiser that converts into a seat! Organize your art supplies in this durable, soft-sided 30 x 27cm bag. Made from 100% canvas and fully backed with a vinyl waterproof lining, this bag has 2 full-width pockets for additional storage and is secured with heavy-duty nylon zippers. Made from black enamelled steel tubing, the lightweight frame folds flat to 46 x 40cm. Two adjustable straps snap on and off for use over the shoulder or as a backpack.

Bamboo Brush Holder

A great way to protect your brushes. One side of the holder has pockets for brushes while the other side has a plastic cover to protect your brush tips. Once unrolled it folds flat for easy access to brushes. Two canvas ties allow the brush holder to be tied onto a support if desired.

Brush Basin

This durable, attractive beige-coloured plastic brush cleaning and storage basin features an airtight lid and anti-stick surfaces to accept any type of common brush cleaning solvent. It suspends brushes in the solvent so valuable brush filaments are not damaged during cleaning and grooves at the bottom of the basin are designed to assist in the cleaning process. Dimensions 6.5 x 6.5 x 3.5” high (165 x 165 x 89mm).

Brush Cleaner - Jacks Linseed Studio Soap 

A very effective product. Helps unclog and restore dirty brushes. The Jack Richeson Studio Soap will dislodge and dissolve acrylic paint and varnishes (in their wet or dry state) and help restore your brush to its former condition. Pour a puddle of brush cleaner onto a palette, work cleaner through the bristles then rinse under running water. To dislodge dry paint, leave the brush head in the solution overnight. Waterbased for easy clean-up. Low odour and non-toxic

Brush Washer

Water . . . at the push of a button! With the Rinse Well, you no longer need to be trapped by a work surface covered with rinse containers for every paint you use. Just fill the Rinse Well bottle with clean water and you’re ready to paint. Press the button to flush the dirty water - and the well automatically refills with fresh water. Ideal for decorative painting, ceramics, fabric painting, calligraphy, photo retouching, watercolours and watercolour pencils, acrylics and more. Great in studios, classrooms and small work areas.

Canvas Straining Pliers - Professional

Large, professional canvas pliers with 120mm wide jaws with rubberized grip to hold canvas firmly without marring the canvas surface. Produces even, uniform stretching over stretcher strips.

Colour Wheel

The “original” standard colour wheel for every classroom and art studio which graphically illustrates the basic, primary and secondary colour harmonies and provides a visual method of demonstrating the relationships of one colour to another as well as the results of colour mixing. Overall diameter is 235mm (9.25”).

Colour Wheel  - Watercolour

This product designed for watercolour artists, provides visual example of graduated washes from pure colour to undertones created from the actual watercolours. Also includes information describing the most commonly used watercolours, their specific characteristics, important terms (including reference to transparent techniques) and the qualities of some of the most important pigments. Large 254mm (10”) diameter.

Daler-Rowney Artist Stool

A beautifully crafted wooden stool with leather seat and belt for legs, and larger metal pieces to allow a more important weight and to prevent the seat from ripping away.
Height: 610mm
Feet Length: 650mm
Weight: 0.9kg

Daler-Rowney Artists' Backpack

Made from woven nylon fabric, the Artists Backpack is strong and durable. It features 2 Velcro-tabbed pockets on the front cover plus zippered pockets and pencil storage on the inside. It also has 2 large zippered pockets for the storage of pads, paints and even a small canvas. Each Artists Backpack comes with adjustable shoulder straps. Available in green.

Daler-Rowney Brush Roll

Store and protect brushes in this handy brush roll. The absorbent interior soaks up excess moisture. Holds up to 20 brushes (not included) in 10 separate packets with protective flap.

Daler-Rowney Canvas Stretching Pliers

Manufactured from chromium plated, drop-forged steel with spring return handles for added comfort and effectiveness. Specially designed jaws with sturdy prongs enabling canvas to be stretched all the way round to the back of the stretchers with no slip. Jaws are 31/2” (90mm) and the pliers are 9” long (230mm) overall.

Daler-Rowney Disposable Paper Palette

Available in A3 and A4 sizes this clear acrylic coated paper is resistant to all types of acrylic and oil paint and won’t allow any bleed through. Each palette has a convenient thumb hole for comfort and support and contains 40 sheets of 90gsm paper.

Daler-Rowney Painting and Palette Knives

Daler-Rowney Palette and Painting Knives are a perfect blend of quality and elegance. The polished blade is complemented with a brass ferrule and polished hardwood handle. These knives have a special electrolyte coating that is unique to Daler- Rowney knives. This additional coating results in them being more resistant to rust than the more common carbon steel knives. This range offers a large variety of head shapes and sizes to suit a variety of painting techniques. Daler-Rowney guarantees these against faulty workmanship or manufacture for the lifetime of the artist.

Daler-Rowney "Stay Wet" Palettes

These clear lidded plastic trays keep acrylic paints moist and workable for weeks. They contain 3 sheets of “reservoir’ paper and 12 sheets of “membrane” paper. Available in large (508 x 297 x 25mm) and small (254 x 279 x 25mm) sizes with refill sheets available for both sizes.

Daler-Rowney "Simply" Plastic Painting Knife Set

5 Assorted painting and palette knives. 3 cranked handles and 2 flat.
Made from a strong and flexible, stain resistant plastic.

Fluid Writer Pen

A beautifully crafted, gold anodised aluminium, thinline writing tool, featuring a cupped reservoir at its tip, that can be loaded with most writing or painting mediums - paint, ink etc - and can then be used for signing artwork, drawing on wood and french matting. Its fine, hollow needle point will write or sketch in a fine, easily controlled line. The pen is supplied with a cup/tip cap and a pen stem cleaner to clean out dried paint or ink.

Fredrix Canvas Straining Pliers

Manufactured from chromium plated, drop-forged steel with spring return handle. Perfectly mating deep teeth provide positive non-slip grip on all canvasses.

Fredrix Disposable Palettes

Pure vegetable parchment. Suitable for water, oil, acrylic and gouache colours. The palette contains 50 sheets of good quality, bleedproof, treated parchment paper, glued at the top. The palettes features a hand recess and adjacent thumb hole to allow easy and comfortable support while painting. As each sheet is used tear off and dispose of - no messy clean up.

Graining Tool

For simulated woodgraining - a useful, rubber handled, rubber bladed tool which incorporates a range of moulded patterns in the blade which, when pulled, pushed, rocked or sawed across the painted or stained piece (in its wet state) will produce a vein grain, knot holes, heart grain, a comb grain and more. Useful when tole painting, reviving or decorating furniture, wood, metal - 75mm (3”) wide.


Maimeri Aerosol Spray Finishes

Manufactured by the Italian Maimeri colours company to complement their pastels, gouache, watercolour, oil and acrylic paints. All Maimeri finishes are acid-free and contain a UV light-filtering agent for permanent protection. As with all aerosol spray mediums remember to shake the can well before use and hold the can vertical while spraying in short quick movements at a distance of about 30cm from the work.

Maimeri Damar Varnish

The properties of the natural gum resin used in Damar varnish make it the least prone to yellow or bloom (i.e. develop a chalky appearance) and produces a perfectly transparent finish with a unique shine to heighten the tone of the painting.

Maimeri Fixative Varnish

A universal, colourless protective varnish that is invisible when sprayed in a thin coat. It is used to fix and protect drawings, watercolour, gouache and oil paintings plus prints and documents. Hold can vertical when using - dries fast.

Maimeri Retouch Varnish

A colourless light glossy varnish for temporary protection of oil paintings. Can also be used whilst painting to eliminate opaque spots that may appear on unfinished areas, to isolate underpainting and to promote adhesion when over painting. Dries quickly.

Maimeri Siccative Varnish

Used on still-wet oil paintings to reduce oxidation time. Siccative varnish will dry the top layer of paint quickly, allowing it to be painted over while leaving the underneath paint to dry at the normal rate for oils.

Maimeri Painting and Palette Knives

Made in Italy from the very best polished, hand forged steel, with a stylish acacia wood handle and brass ferrule. The blades are exceptionally resilient and sensitive, guaranteeing accurate control.


A superbly well-crafted, anodised burgundy aluminium, traditional Mahlstick for the serious painter. Offers the necessary support to the painting hand when doing those tricky, hard-to-get-at sections of the painting. The Mahlstick can be screwed apart to form two shorter sections for convenient storage. It features a quality, leather-covered, cork head and is 90cm in maximum length. It weighs only 140g.

Masonite Boards

These unprimed, 3.2m (1/8”) thick, standard (untempered) masonite boards are ideal, economically priced painting supports. Should be primed with one at least of the acrylic based “calcite” or “gesso” grounds before use. Available in four popular sizes

Nuart Matt Picture Varnish

Carefully formulated Matt Picture Varnish to protect your valued works of art from UV light, dust and pollution. Suitable for use on oil and acrylic paintings. When used as a final varnish, three coats should be applied, allowing each to dry before re-spraying. May be removed using Distilled Turpentine.

Nuart Gloss Picture Varnish

A fine colourless varnish, carefully formulated to protect your valued works of art from UV light, dust and pollution. Suitable for use on oil and acrylic paintings. When used as a final varnish, three coats should be applied, allowing each to dry before re-spraying. May be removed using Distilled Turpentine. Nuart Picture Gloss Varnish may also be used as a retouching varnish by applying one light coat to drying oil surface.

Nuart Satin Picture Varnish

The ideal choice when a gloss or matt picture varnish is not required. This varnish has been formulated to protect your valued works of art from UV light, dust and pollution. It is suitable for use on oil and acrylic paintings and is widely used by Folk Art painters. When used as a final varnish, three coats should be applied, allowing each to dry before re-spraying. May be removed using Distilled Turpentine.

Paint Pipettes

A versatile tool for adding details to artwork. Use them for marbling, mixing colours, applying dyes, inks and liquid watercolours. Each pipette measures approximately 15mm in length.

Paint Saver Keys

Eliminates cracked and leaky paint tubes - just wind the key as the paint is consumed.
Manufactured from durable injection moulded plastic in three sizes to suit all tubes.

Picture Hanging Kit

A complete set of supplies to hang pictures. Contains 30 brass hanging hooks, 15 heavy duty brass hanging hooks, 70 nails, a level and hanging wire.

Painters Gummed Tape

This 48mm white, water-activated, gummed paper tape is ideal for watercolour painting as it allows the artist to stretch watercolour paper with a watercolour receptive white tape, rather than a coloured tape, thus providing a white surface suited to colour testing/mixing on areas adjacent to where the proposed mix/colour is to be used thus avoiding the need for corrections or reworking.

Plastic Painting Knives

A tub of 60 plastic painting knives. These knives are safer to use than metal knives and are manufactured from tough, moulded plastic. They are economical, durable and easy to clean.

Professional Wooden Palettes

Crafted in Italy from the best quality polished and oiled wood. More robust and easier to clean than cheaper versions.

Richeson Brush Basin and Screen Cleaner Set

This set contains a heavy-duty basin featuring a cover, 1 bucket, 2 water reservoirs, a 16 well paint tray and 5 holes for brushes in the handle. The brush screen cleaner is a great way to clean your brushes. Simply place the brush screen in the bottom of the bucket with turpentine, mineral spirit or lacquer solvent and stroke the brush across the screen and the sediment will fall to the bottom.

Richeson Disposable Paper Palette

Available in two convenient sizes, Jack Richeson’s Disposable Paper Palettes are constructed from a specially coated, heavy weight 35lb (75gsm) low-density white paper that is resistant to all types of paint and won’t allow any bleed through. Simply tear off one sheet at a time and …throw away the mess! Pads contain 50 sheets of paper, glued and taped on the shorter top edge, with a cardboard rear cover and an attractive 4 colour printed gloss paper cover.

Richeson Grey Paper Disposable Palette

This 75gsm, acid free palette paper is toned in a neutral grey and provides a smooth mixing surface. Grey paper provides a neutral backdrop on which to view colours and when usinga toned painting support, mixed colours appear on the palette as they will in the painting. Each pad contains 50 sheets of 9 x 12” (229 x 305mm) grey paper and includes a colour mixing guide.

Richeson "Lock Box" Palette

The Lock Box is a lockable palette that makes storing and transporting paints simple. It is ideal for artists on the move or for teachers when distributing paint in the classroom. The lid locks into place with a secure slide fastener and the paint can be stored on the circular plastic palette or mixing paper. The Lock Box also feature wet sponge strips to ensure the paint doesn’t dry out, keeping it useable for weeks and eliminating any wastage. The circular box measures 11.5” in diameter and is 1’thick and is ideal for storing acrylics, oils, watercolours and gouache. Comes with storage tray, 10 mixing sheets and sponges.

Richeson Melamine Palettes

These palettes feature a smooth melamine surface on both sides of the palette to accommodate both left and right-handed painters. They also feature a neoprene thumb insert for comfort and ease of use. Available in 2 sizes in rectangular and oval styles.

Richeson Spatter Sieve

A rectangular sieve with handle which will cause paint to “spatter” when brushed through the fine mesh openings. Use your imagination to create interesting patterns with this tool.
Measures 8.5cm x 12.5cm

Richeson Speckling Brush

By dipping the rotary brush head into paint/glaze and allowing the bristles to strike the pin (which is held firmly in its support block) while being rotated, it will cause the medium to be “flicked” onto the surface to be decorated. This produces a random, speckled appearance.

Richeson Tube Squeezer

This sturdy paint tube squeezer dispenses paint evenly to prevent waste and to keep the tube contents concentrated to maintain the softness of the remaining paint. Will keep tubes neater and reduces the possibility of tubes splitting or being damaged. Can be used on any type of tube, including plastic-laminated tubes, up to 75mm wide.

Richeson Wet Canvas Carrier

This unique pair of clamps allows either two canvases of any size to be transported
whilst still wet. The top unit comes complete with a hand carry handle and attaches via
an adjustable clamp and the lower unit is then attached to the lower edge. Then clamp
a similar size, wet or dry, canvas to the other side with the wet surfaces facing each
other and so keep the canvases 15mm apart. When not in use, the clamps fit easily
into the bottom of the sketch box.

Sea Sponges

These excellent quality, natural sea sponges are harvested in the Aegean Sea, near the Island of Kalymnos in Greece. They are ideal for sponge painting, staining, stippling and faux finishes. Can be used with acrylic, oil, watercolour and fabric paints. To maintain their “good health”, it is necessary to rinse them in cold, clean water after use and squeeze out gently any excess water and leave to air dry.

Spray Diffuser/Atomiser

A spray diffuser or ‘atomiser’ is used to spray sealants (fixative, varnish etc.) and other thin liquids such as dyes and thinned paints etc. Folding type, plated metal, complete with mouth piece.

Studio "Soft Light" System

The V-Tec LHPAT softlight is ideal for illuminating canvasses, models or still-life subjects while painting, sketching or photographing with artificial lighting. This sturdy lamp unit features a 40cm (16”) diameter reflector complete with a ceramic ES (Edison screw) type globe holder designed for continuous lighting. The heavy-duty power cord features a sturdy inline on/off switch for user convenience.

Sta-Wet "Painter's Pal" Artists Palette

Airtight storage box keeps paint fresh for weeks. Five durable airtight paint storage cups, plus has one airtight cup for turpentine and brush storage space to protect your brushes. Lightweight box makes a perfect palette. Only 1 ½” (38mm) deep with the lid on. Corner hold-down tabs prevent palette paper from curling. Includes sponge and 5 sheets of acrylic film to store acrylic paint on palette. Sponge is removable to store oil paint on palette. Overall Area 12 x 13” (30 x 33cm). Palette Area 9 x 12” (23 x 30cm).