Drawing Paper




Stonehenge Fine Art Paper

A traditional fine art and drawing paper with a flawless vellum surface. Originally created for printmaking Stonehenge paper has become known as one of the finest papers available for pencil, watercolour, gouache, acrylic, pastel and charcoal work. This paper is made from 100% cotton and is acid-free and is buffered with calcium carbonate to help protect artwork from contaminated environments. 

Available in standard and large sheet sizes, rolls and pads.

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Lenox Drawing Paper

This machine made paper was created to have its own unique characteristics which has made it so suitable for a variety of media. It does not have a deckled edge nor is it watermarked, however its off-white shade, medium textured surface and supple feel make it an excellent substitute for traditional vellum paper. Vellum surfaces are great for graphite, coloured pencil, charcoal, pastel, and crayon. The vellum surface has peaks and valleys which grab dry media such as graphite. More even shading and deeper tones can be achieved on a vellum surface. Supplied in pads and sheets.

Made in the USA, 100% Cotton, Neutral pH, Acid Free, Subtle texture

Applications: Pastel & Charcoal, Hand Lithography, Intaglio, Silkscreen, Letterpress & Offset

   Stillman & Birn Multi-Media Papers

Stillman & Birn multi-media papers is a unique range of sketching, drawing and light wash watercolour painting papers available in two weights, two colours and three surface finishes for all applications. These archival quality papers feature both internal and external surface sizing with exceptional wet strength that withstands multiple erasures making it suitable for all dry media and light watercolour washes. When used with light washes, pigments remains on the sheet surface resulting in brilliant, vibrant and glowing colours. Traditional sheet size of 22 x 30” (56 x 76cm). 

The Vellum (or soft press) surface has a distinctive surface tooth that is suitable for all dry media and will also accept multiple light washes without buckling and curling. Cold Press finish features exceptional strength for all multi-media applications and the Hot Press (or plate) finish is a particularly smooth surface suitable for pen & ink, graphite and colouring pencils plus water-based markers. Papers are available in packets of 5 sheets in natural white or ivory both in 150gsm and 270gsm weights dependant on the finish.

  Magnani Corona Fine Art Multi-Media Paper 

Magnani L’Antica Cartiera (the old mill) is a 300gsm, 100% high alpha cellulose, fine drawing paper of superior quality, consistency and versatility. This natural white paper is manufactured on a cylinder mould machine using a particular recipe that makes this a truly “Techniche miste” (multipurpose) paper suitable for all the art techniques including pencil, charcoal pastel, pen and ink plus light watercolour work. The acid and chlorine-free composition gives this paper resistance against yellowing from UV rays thus guaranteeing maximum yield of the applied colours with maximum durability over the years. Also suitable for most offset printing applications. Available in 50x70cm sheets and 70x100cm sheets.
Magnani L'Antica Cartiera Multi-Media Paper 

Magnani Corona paper is a fine art paper of suitable for most artistic pursuits. It is manufactured on a cylinder mould machine using 50% cotton and 50% high alpha cellulose using an exclusive felt design.

Each sheet bears a watermark of the mills ancient trademark. Its neutral pH and the absence of chlorine derivatives endows this paper with resistance against yellowing from UV rays, guaranteeing durability over the years and maximum yield during use. Corona is internally sized with four deckled edges (2 natural, 2 torn) - 310gsm in a cold press (medium texture) finish and white in colour. Suitable for all printing techniques such as etching, lithography, seriagraphy, xylography and is perfectly suited for use with watercolours, charcoal and pastel.

   Magnani Diesgno Drawing Pads

Magnani Disegno is a 120gsm, 100% high alpha cellulose, fine drawing paper of superior quality,
consistency and versatility. This natural finish white paper is manufactured on a cylinder mould
machine using procedures that have been handed down over the centuries. The acid and chlorinefree
composition of the 100% alpha cellulose paper gives this paper resistance against yellowing
from UV rays thus guaranteeing maximum yield of the applied colours with maximum durability
over the years. Disegno paper is suitable for all sketching and drawing techniques including charcoal,
pencil and pastel and available in pads of 50 sheets in three popular sizes.


Fabriano "Ecological" Drawing Paper

A white, acid-free, “ecological” drawing paper from Fabriano, produced with 100%, post consumer, recycled pulp. Ecological drawing paper is available in two weights – 120gsm and 200gsm. It’s Cold Pressed surface is a bright white and its’ internal and external sizing makes it ideal for sketches and drawing with pencil, charcoal, pastel, graphite and ink. 

The paper is labelled “FSC 100% recycled”, guaranteeing that the product is made from post consumer reclaimed material. For further information on Fabriano Ecological paper click here

Available in sheets, pads and rolls.


Fabriano Elle Erre

Elle Erre is an acid free, 220gsm coloured card (i.e. a heavy paper or a light board) that is ideal for all art and craft activities. 

This double-sided card - textured on one side and rough on the other - features 27 bright, vibrant and pastel colours that have dyed in the liquid pulp stage of production to ensure colour consistency through each sheet. Ideal for charcoal, collage and craft work, picture framing, backing for paintings and photographs, pencil, pastel, pen and wash, ink and airbrush. For further information on Fabriano Elle Erre click here


Fabriano Disegno 3

Ell Deep black in colour. Disegno 3 Nero paper is ideal for use with pastels, coloured pencil and white drawing ink. 125gsm. 50 x 70cm


Fabriano Disegno 4

Natural white, Fourdrinier made acid-free, neutral pH, quality 100% cellulose paper. For pencil, technical pen, pen and ink. Can also be used for mixed media, gouache, watercolour as well as art prints and lithography and screen printing.
Cold Press - 200gsm 50 x 70cm
Hot Press - 220gsm - 50x70cm


Fabriano Ingres

Unique grain, highly lightfast colours, 160gsm, acid-free. Ideal for pastel and charcoal drawing, collage, bookbinding and deluxe editions of posters, calendars, brochures and catalogues etc.

Fabriano Carrara Drawing & Sketching Paper

An ultra-smooth, 175gsm heavyweight paper with a unique marbled effect. Ideal drawing, calligraphy, light washes and decoration. Manufactured using ECF pulp and FSC certified materials Acid-free and archival. Available in 50x70cm sheets in the colours Pastel Blue, Pastel Pink, White, Cream, Sand and Grey


Fabriano Mixed Media

A versatile, multi-purpose paper that combines the characteristics of watercolour and acrylic papers with those of drawing papers. 250gsm 50 x 65cm

Arto Drawing Sketching Paper

High quality, 100% cellulose, acid free, pH neutral, European-made drawing paper. Available in A2, A3 and A4 sizes in 150gsm, 180gsm and 225gsm in White and A3 and A2 size - 145gsm in Black.

Cartridge Paper

Genuine cartridge! Acid-free and neutral pH. Guaranteed top quality. Suitable for pen and ink, painting, pencil and crayon work.