Printmaking Paper




Fabriano Tiepolo Printmaking Paper

Mould made with 4 deckle edges and watermarked, Tiepolo's composition guarantees permanence and a high degree of light resistance. Its substantial weight (290gsm)and regular surface produce a robust and inviting white paper which offers superior performance, whatever your printmaking style - Etching, Lithography, Block Printing, Collagraphy or Screen Printing. 100% cotton. 

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Magnani Revere Fine Art Paper

Revere is a deluxe fine art paper of superior quality, consistency and versatility. Mould-made in Italy by the Magnani paper mill, Revere is 100% cotton, chlorine free, neutral pH, internally sized with 4 deckled edges (2 natural, 2 torn). Revere is manufactured utilizing energy generated by the mills own water turbines and is composed of fibres from tree-free 100% cotton linters. It is ideal for use with charcoal, pastels, coloured and graphite pencils. 

Available as a 250gsm, 22 x 30” sheet in 3 colours and 3 surfaces – Felt (textured), Suede (medium textured) and Silk (smooth).


Arnhem 1618 (Dutch Etching) Printmaking Paper

100% rag, 245gsm, premium printmaking paper. Semi-smooth surface, subtle grain, strong and highly absorbent. Available in White and Warm White. 22x30" sheets.

Awagami Bamboo Printmaking Paper

Awagami Bamboo Paper is a fine organic choice for artist and designer alike exhibiting notable benefits and advantages over cotton based papers. Awagami Bamboo papers’ luxurious texture is similar to silk while softer than cotton making it an excellent choice for both letterpress and relief printmaking. Awagami Bamboo Paper Printmaking is 100% acid free, unsized and made in Japan with no fluorescent bleaching. Available in 250gsm, 170gsm and 110gsm. Sheet size: 56 x 76cm with 2 Deckle edges. Pack of 25 sheets.

Stonehenge Fine Art Paper

A traditional fine art and drawing paper with a flawless vellum surface. Originally created for printmaking Stonehenge paper has become known as one of the finest papers available for pencil, watercolour, gouache, acrylic, pastel and charcoal work. This paper is made from 100% cotton and is acid-free and is buffered with calcium carbonate to help protect artwork from contaminated environments. 

Available in standard and large sheet sizes, rolls and pads.

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Magnani Incisioni

50% cotton, 50% high alpha cellulose. Neutral pH, chlorine-free. UV resistant. Internally sized, four deckled edges. The absence of any surface sizing enables it to take impressions accurately - ideal for the printmaker. Highly recommended for all copper plate printing techniques such as etching, lithography, silk screen, wood cut and offset printing.


Magnani Pescia

Cream, 300gsm, 100% cotton grade specifically created for printmaking. Acid-free and chlorine-free. Internal sizing and external sizing, 4 deckled edges (2 natural, 2 torn) watermarked. Pescia is a favourite among those doing intaglio, messotint, aquatint, etching, woodblock, stone lithography, etching and silkscreen. Its supple surface is also ideal for graphite, coloured pencil, and pastel or charcoal.56 x 76cm.  

Fabriano Rosaspina

Mould made with 2 deckle edges and watermarked. High rag composition. General purpose, printmaking suitable for etching, lithography, block printing, collagraphy. Available in White and Ivory in 220gsm and 285gsm.