Pastels and Fixatives



Cray-Pas Specialist Artists Oil Pastels

A well balanced range of  84 colours containing high quality pigments with excellent lighfast ratings. They are extremely smooth and soft in application and are ideal for techniques such as rubbings, blending, gradations, scratch back, watercolour resist, overlaying or as an introduction to oil painting techniques. Use Zest-it pastel blend to create a wash effect. Pastels measure 10 x 71mm.

Cray-Pas are available individually or in sets of 12, 25, 36, 50 and 88 assorted colours.

Cray-Pas "Expressionist" Extra Fine Oil Pastels

Very good lightfastness, extremely smooth and easy to apply range of colours plus a clear extender. The extra fine quality pigments, oil and wax have been specially formulated for very smooth drawing. Suitable for many surfaces like canvas, wood, cardboard, etc. Ideal for techniques such as rubbings, blending, gradations, scratch back, watercolour resists, overlaying, general sketching or as an introduction to oil painting techniques - Zest-It can be applied for wash effects. Cray-Pas conform to USA and European non-toxic standards guaranteeing high performance and CP Non toxic. Paper wrapped 10mm diameter round x 71mm long sticks.

Cretacolor Carre Artists Square Pastels

Made from high quality natural and synthetic pigments and similiar in composition to unfired chalk sticks. They offer a high degree of light resistance and stability and are suitable for both amateur and professional artists. They are semi-hard and yet blend easily with minimum dusting. Their square shape allows broad and fine work and perform best on a soft drawing paper of average roughness. They are blendable, extendable, soluble in water and require fixing. The convenient 7 x 7 x 75mm size is designed to fit in the Cretacolor chalk holder.

There are 72 colours in the range, available individually or in assorted sets of 12, 24, 36, 48 and 72 colours. See colour chart

Cretacolor Brown Chalk Pastels

Made from natural and synthetic pigments they offer a wide choice for use in combination or individually. There is scarcely any subject that cannot be handled in brown chalks of various shades - portraiture, the nude, still life or landscape. The softness of these chalks ensures optimum results. Use paper with a soft surface to take advantage of their “oil” free performance. They are blendable, extendable and soluble and must be fixed with a fixative. Available in Bistre, Sepia, Sepia Dark, Vandyke Brown and Burnt Umber.

Cretacolor Grey Chalk Pastels

Made from natural and synthetic pigments plus chalk, they offer a wide choice for use in
combination or individually. They are ideal for lay-outs in connection with commercial or graphic work, or for rendering the more fluid forms of sculpture shapes or even the more formal, finer shapes, shadings and lines connected with architectural sketches. They are un-fired “oil” free, and therefore blendable, extendable and soluble in water and must be fixed with a fixative.

Cretacolor "Nero" Carbon Chalk Pastels

Made from a blend of soot, clay and binding agent, plus “oil”. Their stroke is extremely soft and smooth, appealing in its very rich coverage. It is not soluble, although partial wiping is possible in this extra soft (2B) grade. They leave a strong, dense mark. Coarse strokes can be achieved by using a rougher, grainy paper.

Cretacolor Black Chalk Pastels

Made from soot and finely ground charcoal plus a binding agent. The stroke is soft and pliable, and the resulting colour can be dissolved with water since it is “oil” free. Can also be used with chalks of other colours which can be blended together or extended to give subtle shadings.

Cretacolor White Chalk Pastels

Made from natural pigments and chalk, they can be used for fine detail and highlight work. Best used on tinted paper. Can be used to lighten - through mixing/blending - work in sanguine, sepia, brown or black chalk. They are unfired and “oil” free and therefore blendable, extendable and soluble in water and must be fixed with a fixative.

Cretacolor Sanguine Chalk Pastels

Made from natural pigment and iron oxide. This is a classic drawing material and is especially suited to portraiture and figure studies. The sticks are “oil” free and are therefore, blendable, extendable, soluble and must be fixed with a fixative.

Cretacolor Metallic Chalk Pastels

Made from synthetic pigments and unfired, “oil” free chalk to give your work a natural brilliance suited to highlighting or ornamentation of documents, certificates, diplomas and similar drawing techniques especially on black or coloured paper. They are blendable, extendable and soluble in water and must be “fixed”. Available in Gold or Silver.

Cretacolor Artist Studio Oil Pastels

These oil pastels provide a soft, rich, waxy stroke, brilliant colours and excellent coverage. Suitable for numerous techniques such as layering, scratching, encaustic work and creating different textures. They are manufactured from quality materials and are suitable for use on paper, canvas, wood etc.

Derwent Academy Oil Pastels

Derwent Academy round oil pastels are ideal for bold colourful drawings and are fast and easy to use. They are available in 36 bright colours that transfer quickly to paper and have a creamy texture that blends well. They are dust free and soluble in Zest-It which thins the pastels to give a beautiful translucent effect. Available in sets of 12, 24 and 36 - 9mm in diameter and 70mm length.

Derwent Pastel Blocks

Derwent Pastels are the perfect complement ot the Derwent Pastel range. The square 8 x 8 x 75mm blocks are silky and smooth, offering effortless colour transfer and infinite blending capabilities. The 36 colours are bright and vibrant and their square shape plus smooth, semi-hard texture allows you to use the ends, sides or edges to produce broad strokes or fine detailed lines. Each tin contains the colourless blending white which allows you to blend the colours easily, without affecting their density or shade. See colour chart
Available individually or in sets of 12, 24 or 36. For further information click here

Daler-Rowney Artist Square Pastels

These pastels are characterised by a smooth velvet mark, which stems from a carefully prepared blend of pigment and binder. Firm in consistency, they can be used to produce broad, flat areas of colour and detailed line work with equal success. They are an ideal complement to the Daler-Rowney Soft pastels. Sticks measure 8 x 8 x 61mm. 

Daler-Rowney Soft Pastels  

Over many decades Daler-Rowney have perfected the art of soft pastel making.
The finest available pigments are available are combined with other ingredients to give the most and most consistent painting experience through a carefully balanced range of 186 tints. The softness of each pastel allows the production of rich, graduated velvet tones of beautiful richness and hue. All colours come in tints of 1 – 4 (4 being the deepest) with each vibrant colour derived from precise blending of pigment with superior quality chalk and china clay.

All colours are non-hazardous with minimal tendency to crumble and dust. See colour chart

Daler-Rowney Oil Pastels

A serious painting medium providing both an oil and pastel effect. Daler-Rowney round oil pastels are smooth, easy to use and have been carefully selected to colour match the Artists’ Soft pastel range. The 24 colours are available in sets of 12, 16 and 24 - 9mm in diameter and 70mm length.

Maimeri Classico Fine Oil Pastels

A professional quality oil pastel from Italy, offering the very best quality composition of materials. A high content of superior grade pigments guarantee intense colour. Fine grinding and blending with the purest oils and waxes ensures smooth and free laydown. Colours are easily blended and nontoxic.  A joy to use! Large round 11 x 75mm, sticks are individually paper wrapped.

Richeson Signature Handmade Soft Pastels

These professional quality, hand-rolled soft pastels have a velvety soft texture and come in a range 120 bright, vibrant colours. They are manufactured with only the highest quality pigments and minimal binder making them superior in texture, colour and response. Their large size (660 x 160mm) makes them up to 33% larger than most other pastels.
Available in wooden boxed sets of 18, 36, 72 and 120 colours.

Richeson Signature Medium-Soft Pastels

These professional quality, soft round pastels offer superior lightfastness, consistent application without crumbling, bright intense colours and smooth laydown. Manufactured with only the highest quality pigments and binder, Richeson Signature Soft Round Pastels are perfect for types of pastel work, from sketching to final touches. Sticks measure 70mm in length with a 13mm diameter.

Available in attractive cardboard boxes of 15, 30, 45, 60 and 120 assorted colours or in wooden boxes of 18, 36, 72 and 120 assorted colours.

Richeson Semi-Hard Soft Square Pastels

High quality semi-hard square pastels in 120 bright, vivid colours. These pastels are highly
pigmented lightfast professional quality pastels. Firmer than traditional pastels they offer smooth control with a crisp hard edge that resists crumbling, making them ideal for underpainting and shading. They can also be sharpened to a point if desired.

Available in wooden boxed sets of 18, 36, 72 and 120 assorted colours.

Richeson Oil Pastels

Suitable for all levels of students and artists these soft oil pastels resist crumbling yet are soft and easy to blend. For use on paper and board, earthen ware and most dried modelling materials. The individually paper wrapped, standard size sticks measure 60 x 8.5mm are supplied in plastic tray assortments of 16, 25 or 60 colours.

Sakura Nouvel Carré Artist Pastels

 Sakura Nouvel Carré Artist Pastels are designed for the student and professional.

The square shape is versatile for all work. Corners provide a sharp point; great for quick sketches. The side of the stick gives you broad coverage which is ideal for quick colour fill-ins and blending with a pastel brush. They are semi hard for minimal “finger-powdering” and the elimination of paper wrapping. Carré Pastels are water soluble. Artwork may be brushed with water or the pastel may be powdered to mix with water, thus providing the gentle characteristics of watercolour painting. Carré Pastels are lightfast rated and capable of an infinite range of hues, shades and tints. The pure pigments produce vivid, brilliant colours.

The 96 colours provide an excellent range with the fluorescent and pearlescent colours. Carré Pastel pigments are safe - they are certified non-toxic by the Art and Craft Material Institute and meet ASTM D4236 and EN-71 CE standards. Dimensions are 8 x 8 x 60mm.


Spectrafix Pastel Fixative

A work Pastel fixatives on the market today may contain resin varnishes, propellants and other harmful chemicals such as solvents to fix pastel, charcoal, pencil and other works that require some degree of ‘fixing’. Not only can these fixatives pose health concerns, they can also darken the colour values and hue thus altering the final appearance of you artwork.
SpectraFix Workable Spray Fixative is the ultimate fixative for charcoal, pastels, pencils, watercolours, casein colours and gouache as it contains no resin varnishes, chemicals or chemical propellants. SpectraFix is natural fixative, formulated from a blend of art-grade natural milk casein, water and pure grain alcohol to produce a colourless, rapid drying, water-resistant and non-yellowing film. The alcohol evaporates rapidly taking the water with it leaving only a thin layer of Casein which dries quickly to a protective and archival matte film. Even though it is a milk protein, Casein is not subject to invasion by opportunistic
organisms, as over 9,000 years of use as an art medium has proven.

SpectraFix is based on an original formulation used by Degas himself and has been endorsed by professional artists all across America. It is non-toxic, non-yellowing, odourless and 100% archival. While it is impossible not to affect the delicate powdery colours of pastels with anykind of spray, even water, SpectraFix minimally alters a pastel’s value and does not change the hue. The workable matt finish allows for deep layering with only minimal colour shift.

SpectraFix is not packaged in a pressurized aerosol. Instead, SpectraFix uses a finger-operated, fine mist sprayer to produce a vaporous mist ensuring the colours will remain fresh and vibrant even after several layers of SpectraFix.


Unison Soft Hand Rolled Pastels

A work of Art before you even use them! Over a decade ago, in the hills of Northumberland, England, artist John Hersey began hand-making his own pastels. Specifically developed to be superior in colour, texture and response, Unison Soft Pastels are unlike anything on the market today.

The unique colour formulations of Unison Soft Pastels are the result of over a decade of experimentation, culminating in intense, vibrant colours blended almost exclusively from pigment and water. The colour formulations contain only pure pigments in a cycle of related hues instead of merely adding white or black to base colours. The result is intense, vibrant colour application not muddied by the blending of colours. The fact that these pastels are individually hand-rolled, rather than extruded from a machine, means they contain very little binder thus giving Unison pastels their distinctive smooth texture, delivering a consistency of response across the colour spectrum that is unmatched by other pastels. There are 404 colours in the Unison range, available individually or in assorted sets. See colour chart