Monotype Printing


Akua Kolor Liquid Pigment

Akua Kolor Liquid Pigment has a rich working consistency ideal for all monotype printing techniques. It stays wet on the plate for a very long time, allowing many hours to create an image. It can be used right out of the bottle for brushwork or for rolling up thin coats of ink onto monotype plates. Akua Kolor is made with the highest quality light-fast pigments in a gum-based binder with no chalks or fillers, allowing the brilliance of each colour to come through. The colours are exceptionally strong yet transparent and the thin viscosity makes it ideal for printing many layers of ink on top of each other. The high pigment load of Akua Kolor makes it ideal for tinting Akua Intaglio ink or Akua Intaglio Transparent base. It can also be used for Japanese woodblock printing and printing onto paper. Cleans up easily with water.

Akua Retarder Medium

The Retarder medium has two purposes. It retards the drying time of Akua Kolor on the monotype plate, thus extending the drying time. It also helps transfer ink onto dry paper when printing monotypes when a few drops of Extender is mixed into the Akua Kolor. Extender is ideal for hot and dry or very cold studio conditions. Cleans up with water. Not recommended for use with Akua Intaglio Inks.

Akua Tack Thickener

Tack Thickener thickens Akua Kolor for heavier roll-up applications. It can be used for creating denser Akua Kolor roll-ups onto monotype plates or woodblocks. It is not as thick as Transparent Base or Akua Intaglio Ink. It is amber in colour with a consistency similar to molasses. Tack Thickener cleans up in soapy water.

Akua Pin Press

The Akua PinPress has been designed specifically for monotype printmaking. It is ideal for the monotype printmaker who needs a portable and affordable press. The PinPress offers high performance at the fraction of the cost of an etching press. It allows you to create monotype prints at home, in the classroom or on the road. The roller on the PinPress is precisely machined to an incredibly smooth and even surface for uniform contact between the roller, paper and plate. Durable all metal construction ensures long-lasting, trouble-free printing.


Akua Gel Plate Printing Kit

Bringing Speedball’s gel printing plate together with the Akua line of professional printmaking inks, this set features everything that’s needed to add a new dimension to projects ranging from scrapbooking to fine art. The Akua Gel Printing Kit contains 1 x 5”x5” Speedball gel printing plate, 1 60ml tube each of Akua Intaglio Inks in Hansa Yellow, Ultramarine Blue and Quinacridone Magenta, 1 x 29ml Akua Liquid Pigment Ink in Jet Black, 1 x 29ml Akua Blending Medium Modifier, 1 x 4” soft rubber brayer and an instructional reference guide.

Needle Applicator Set

Needle applicators are ideal for drawing lines onto monotype plates. The small bellows bottle fits comfortably into the palm of your hand. Stainless steel flow-through needles will not clog and withstand repeated use. The lines produced by the tips are similar to those from technical pens. Angled tips are rigid and angled at 450 for ease of drawing precise lines. The Plastic flexible tip creates the finest lines while the Plastic Tapered Cone tip makes bold, wide lines. This set contains 5 bellows-bottles, 5 stems, 5 caps, 3 steel angled tips, 1 plastic straight tip and 1 plastic tapered tip.


Gelli Arts Monotype Gel Printing Plates

Gelli Arts plates are ideal for monoprinting onto either paper or fabric. This modern non-perishable version of the traditional gelatine printing plate, with the same sensitive surface, is now manufactured from non-toxic materials. Gelli Arts plates can be stored in their original packaging at room temperature and ready for use whereas traditional, handmade gelatine plates needed to be refrigerated when not in use plus the surface degrades over time despite careful cleaning. Gelli Arts printing plates can be used with any pigmented, acrylic-based printing medium and it is recommended that dye-based products should not be used as these may permanently stain the surface. Acrylic-based, pigmented printing mediums should be cleaned from the surface with soap and water prior to storage. Available in three popular sizes for all art/craft applications.


Gelli Art Student Printing Kit

Student kit is supplied complete with 5x5” (125x125mm) gel printing plate, one 4” (100mm) rubber brayer/roller and two 5” (125mm) square 0.7mm thick Mylar geometric stencils for printing onto fabric or paper.


Speedball Gel Printing Kit

Student kit is supplied complete with 5x5” (125x125mm) gel printing plate, one 4” (100mm) rubber brayer/roller and two 5” (125mm) square 0.7mm thick Mylar geometric stencils for printing onto fabric or paper.


Akua Carborundum Platemaking Gel

Akua Carborundum Gel is an innovative product that combines the worlds of screen printing and collagraph to create a new and exciting creative process. This ready-to-use platemaking gel delivers fine, sharp detail and a uniquely textured surface that yields rich, velvety areas of colour. Use this consistent, reliable medium to create collagraph printmaking plates. It’s great with Akua Intaglio Inks and works in a range of applications for many creative possibilities. 237ml tub

Block Printing Plates

Nuart "Easycut" Double-Sided PVC "Lino"

This innovative, double-sided material is easy for anyone to carve and unlike traditional linoleum, both sides can be used. It is the ideal alternative for those who find regular linoleum too tough or hard to work with. When worked with traditional lino tools it cuts like butter, leaving beautiful clean edges and also works well on curves and tight corners. In addition, it has a much longer shelf-life than traditional linoleum (up to 10 times) meaning it will stay workable for years. Nuart Easy2cut double-sided PVC lino is 3mm thick, grey in colour and ideal for block printing. Available in a range of popular sizes. Great get twice the carvable area for less than 50% extra cost!

Silk Cut Linoleum

Silk Cut Linoleum is a highly responsive medium that enables the artist to create beautiful prints. It has the ability to transmit all kinds of marks - angular and curved lines, textural detail and straight areas of pattern and colour. It is capable of expressing both very simple and sophisticated imagery. It is made from ecologically friendly renewable raw materials such as cork, linseed oil, resins and wood flour. Every aspect, from harvesting raw materials through to the return to nature of the finished product, meets stringent environmentally-conscious standards.

Scratch Foam Board

A soft-as-butter, 3.2mm (1/8”) thick, foam printing plate. Can be directly engraved with a pencil point, metal or wooden stylus (see below). Safe and easy with good results - especially for beginners or younger printers. Hard shapes can be pressed into the soft surface eliminating the need for sharp cutting tools.

"Viny Cut" Printing Plates

This superior block printing plate is manufactured from synthetic rubber resin to produce a soft, double sided printing plate of superb quality. Features two smooth printing surfaces laminated to a softer 3.2mm thick vinyl core and is easier to carve than the traditional lino plates.

Japanese Wood Block Plates

Solid timber woodblocks from Japan featuring a silky smooth, machined printing surface (both sides) which gives excellent definition when printed. This soft, uniform quality timber is easy to engrave and has the least expansion and contraction of the natural woodblocks. Plates are 10mm thick.

Timber Veneer Wood Block Plates

Specially manufactured in Japan for wood block (relief) printing applications. This 3 ply timber features two 0.5mm smooth timber surfaces of uniform grain and quality (for easy engraving), laminated to a 2.0mm core to produce a 3mm thick plate which does not warp, expand or contract. The unwanted surface of the plate can be peeled off easily in strips and both sides may be used for economy. Produces a beautiful print.


Gelli Arts Plates

Gelli Arts plates are ideal for monoprinting onto either paper or fabric. This modern non-perishable version of the traditional gelatine printing plate, with the same sensitive surface, is now manufactured from non-toxic materials. Gelli Arts plates can be stored in their original packaging at room temperature and ready for use whereas traditional, handmade gelatine plates needed to be refrigerated when not in use plus the surface degrades over time despite careful cleaning. Gelli Arts printing plates can be used with any pigmented, acrylic-based printing medium and it is recommended that dye-based products should not be used as these may permanently stain the surface. Acrylic-based, pigmented printing mediums should be cleaned from the surface with soap and water prior to storage. Available in three popular sizes for all art/craft applications.


EssDee Print Foam

Smooth surface, 10mm deep, print foam. Allows for deeper and more detailed impressions and is ideal for use as a fun and safe introduction to block printing. It can be cut into shapes with a craft knife or scissors and can also be used for model making. Packet of 10 sheet


EssDee Mastercut

Carve your own printing stamps or experiment with artisan printing techniques using this amazingly easy to care, eraser-like material. Essdee Mastercut is formulated for extremely carving, making it safer and easier to use than other materials. Mastercut holds fine detail without cracking or crumbling and yet resists pressure making it usable in a printing press. This double-sided material can be drawn upon with a pen or pencil due to its light colour and ink receptive surface. It can be used with ink pads or block printing inks for a multitude of creative possibilities. Pack of 2 


LinoSoft Printing Plates

LinoSoft has been developed to be the best substitute for Lino. LinoSoft has been formulated for very easy cutting. It holds fine detail without crumbling and yet stands hard against the pressures of printing presses. It can be drawn on in pencil due to its near white surface. Finely smooth on one side, textured on the other, Lino Soft is both double-sided and flexible. 


Traditional Grey Lino Printing Plates

Made especially soft for block printing, it is ideal for students and artist alike. It can be used with oil and water-based inks and prints on a wide range of paper, board and fabric. Manufactured using natural materials including linseed oil and wood flour, this Lino is also biodegradable.  Each plate is 3.2mm thick.

Block Printing Presses

Fome Rack Feed Block Printing Press

This press is specifically designed to satisfy the needs of the serious Block Printer and can also be used for etching. The lower roller has a toothed drive section built into each end of its length and these engage with the toothed metal racks built into both sides of the steel bedplate. This construction ensures the travel of the bedplate when turning the large comfortable 4-spoke drive wheel. The press is made to a very high standard with low manufacturing tolerances guaranteeing reliable and accurate performance. The press is designed for use at low pressures - ideal for all types of block printing - and high pressures - ideal for etching. When block printing, it is recommended that a 2-3mm blanket be placed on top of block plate/printing paper and a 5-6mm blanket be placed under the block plate - this will assist in the smooth introduction of the block plate under the top roller when pulling a print. As with all presses used for block printing, the setting of the pressure is critical, and it may be necessary to pull several “proof” prints until the desired pressure is established. N.B. High print pressure is not required for block printing. High pressure does not translate to high quality prints.

Nuart Block Printing Platen Press

Strong, robust and portable with the printing pressure being evenly distrbuted onto the melamine surfaced upper plate via a lever and rotating axle fitted with eccentric bushes to achieve the required printing pressure. The underside of the upper plate is surfaced with a cushioning material and the bedplate fitted with side rails to guide insertion of the paper/printing plate carrier. Will accommodate all linoleum, vinyl and timber printing plates up to 7mm thick and in 305 x 305mm (12x12”) in size.

Speedball "Printmaster" Press

The Printmaster Press is portable and sturdy, producing excellent, even prints from woodcuts, linoleum, flexible and soft printmaking materials. The top roller is spring-loaded and self-lifting for easy printing. The Printmaster Press can be mounted with ‘C’ clamps (supplied) or permanently attached to a surface with bolts. The print bed is 12” x 24”, allowing printing of 12 x 12” lino plates. It weighs 10kg and is manufactured with a high tensile alloy aluminium frame with a durable powder coated finish that is built to last. It is a versatile, heavy-duty, inexpensive press that is perfect for the professional or amateur artist or crafter.

Traditional Japanese Printing Baren

A hand held tool for rubbing the back of the printing paper which has been laid over the inked block plate. Manufactured in Japan from bamboo leaf in the traditional fashion. 100mm (4”) in diameter with handle on reverse side.

Richeson Professional Printmaking Presses

Richeson presses are state of the art designs engineered to fine tolerances using quality materials and craftsmanship for accuracy, efficiency and long life. Whatever your process - linoleum and wood block printing, metal plate and drypoint etching, engraving, collagraphy, paper plate lithography or monoprinting these professional presses will ensure successful printmaking results at all levels. All Richeson Professional quality presses include the following features -
• Solid steel upper and lower rollers - ensures uniform pressure on each print.
• Calibrated pressure adjusters - allows users to accurately regulate pressures.
• Heavy side castings - maintains press rigidity for even printing.
• Stable floor stands included for all heavier, geared presses.
• Heavy duty, attractive, beige enamel finish on presses and stands.

Richeson Basic Ungeared Press

The ideal printing press for beginners, schools, or the professional printmaker who requires a portable press. Maximum print size achievable is 240 x 455mm (9.5 x 18”).
Gearing: Direct drive lower roller with two-point, comfort grip handles.
Bed Plate: 3.2mm (1/8”) thick steel - 298 x 500mm (11.75 x 19.75”)
Cushion Blanket: 6.4mm (1/4”) grey felt - 267 x 483mm (10.5 x 19”)
Rollers: Upper – 76 x 273mm (3 x 10.75”), Lower – 38 x 273mm(1.5 x 10.75”)
Maximum Clearance – Bedplate/Upper Roller (no blanket): 24mm(15/16”)
Base Frame Dimensions: 298 x 337mm (10.75 x 13.25”)
Shipping Weight: 32kg. approx.

Richeson Small Geared Press

This press includes all the features found on the larger presses – geared drive wheel, phenolic resin bedplate and floor stand. Maximum print size 305 x 635mm (12 x 25”).
Gearing: Three-point lower roller drive with 2.62:1 reduction ratio.
Bed Plate: 12.7mm (½”) thick phenolic resin - 343 x 660mm (13.5 x 26”)
Cushion Blanket: 6.4mm (¼”) grey felt - 305 x 660mm (12 x 26”)
Rollers: Upper - 114 x 330mm (4.5 x 13”), Lower – 51 x 330mm (2 x 13”)
Maximum Clearance - Bedplate/Upper Roller (no blanket): 32mm (1.25”)
Base Frame Dimensions: 406 x 750mm (16 x 29.5”)
Shipping Weight: 73kg. approx. (excluding stand)
Support Stand: Colour matched, heavy-duty tubular steel - assembly required.

Cutters and Rollers

Artools Lino Cutter

A high quality, practical, effective and safe design. The easy-grip, high density, high impact, moulded plastic handle features a “flat” spot which prevents accidental rolling off the table - and possible injury - plus a built-in blade ejector for easy blade replacement


EssDee Lino Cutter Set

Kit contains 5 precision ground Lino cutters manufactured from high carbon steel, together with a sturdy polypropylene handle and aluminium ferrule which allows easy fitting and easy tightening of the cutters

EssDee Lino Cutting and Printing Kit

Kit includes 5 x lino cutting blades, safety lino cutter, lino cutter handle, aluminium ferrule, 2 x lino blocks (5 x 7”), 2 x Softcut blocks (4 x 6”), a practice piece, 4” ink roller, ink try (20 x 24cm), safety handguard, printing Baren (cap and base), 100ml tube water-based printing ink, 2 x 45mm Softcut printing stamps plus instructions.


EssDee Lino Cutting and Baren Kit

An innovative and versatile kit that can be used as a Lino cutter set and also as a Baren which is used as a burnishing tool to transfer the ink from the printing block to the paper without the need for a press. The base of the Baren also doubles as a storage unit for the cutters. Comes with 5 different cutters and with the addition of Lino Soft printing stamps, can be used as a stamp carving kit.

Daler-Rowney Lino Cutter

Robust, ergonomically designed, hard plastic lino cutters with a selection of interchangeable cutting blades. Replacement handle available.

Lino Carving Sets

High quality sets of wooden handled carving tools with steel blades that are suitable for carving wood, lino and other soft materials. These sets are presented in sturdy, rigid plastic storage boxes and include a sharpening stone and printing baren. The sets are available with 4 or 6 carving tools. The set of 4 contains a “U”, “V”, Flat and Angled blade and the set of 6 has an additional “U” and “V” shaped blade.

Richeson Lino Carving Sets

These quality Richeson student grade carving tools feature forged metal gouges mounted on 12.5cm (5’”) wooden handles. Both sets of 6 and 12 tools contain an assortment of “U” and “V”, flat and angled blade ideal for carving, plywood and wood blocks, lino, Viny Cut and soft cut plates.

Sakura Carving Tools

The finest quality, surgically sharp Japanese steel blades set into strong, moulded PVC handles which are colour coded to indicate blade type, with non-slip rubber finger rests. The sets are housed in a rigid clear PVC box for safety when not in use. The basic set of 4 comprises one each of ‘U’, ‘V’, angled and straight blades and the set of 5 an additional larger ‘U’ profile blade. The ‘U’ and ‘V’ blades are available as individual replacement tools.

Artools Hard Rubber Brayer

A very well designed and constructed, wooden handled, hard rubber brayer, made to withstand robust use. The frame is designed to support the roller above the work surface when not in use - keeping work surfaces cleaner. Accurately machined, pure red rubber roller with a centre made of timber with a metal core results in accurate lay up of ink onto the printing plate. The comfortable metal reinforced wooden handle provides control when working with tacky Block Inks. Roller diameter is 25mm. Three sizes available - 60mm, 80mm and 120mm.

Daler-Rowney Lino Roller

Well constructed hard rubber roller with moulded plastic handle designed to withstand robust use. Plastic handle has finger recesses to assist with even pressure distribution. Three sizes available - 64mm, 102mm and 152mm


EssDee Hard Rubber Rollers

Sturdy, hard rubber roller ideal for all types of printmaking. The rigid body and steel brackets give strength to the durable 70 shore EPDM rubber roller, enabling heavy use and out-performing natural rubber. Suitable for use with both water-based and oil-based inks and resistant to solvents. Features durable polypropylene handle, self-lubricating Nylon bearings, EPDM rubber surface, aluminium core and steel shaft. It has been designed so that wet rollers can be turned over with the handle doubling as a stand.  The 250mm and 300mm rollers also feature a double handle


EssDee Soft Rubber Rollers

Soft compound brayers (EPDM at 40 shore) designed to be more forgiving on uneven surfaces and provide more compliant coverage than hard rubber material. Especially designed for relief printing, they are resistant to printers' chemicals and are not affected by exposure to daylight. NB. Care must be taken to prevent indentation to the soft surface. Feature easy-to-clean polypropylene handles


EssDee Professional Printmakers Rollers

With a hand-ground surface of over 122mm, these perfectly smooth heavy-weight rollers hold a greater quantity of ink than standard rollers, allowing for greater coverage and providing perfect results every time. A hand-ground concentric EPDM rubber surface is a medium-hard 60 shore and gives excellent pic-up and deposit of all types of ink. This tool is the primary choice for the artisan printmaker with good recovery to indentation and resistance to common printing chemicals.  Perfect for printmaking, wood engraving and woodcut. Features an easy-to-clean polypropylene handle, built in rest, rigid frame and self-lubricating Nylon bearings


EssDee Aluminium Rollers

These aluminium rollers can be used to roll out many materials including silicon rubber, air hardening clays and modelling clays etc. Designed for high levels of applied pressure, these rollers are more universal than others and are more resistant to chemical attack than acrylic plastic rollers. They feature an easy-to-clean polypropylene handle, rigid frame, built-in rest and self-lubricating nylon bearings 

Richeson Lino Roller

Rigidly constructed and ergonomically designed with a moulded plastic handle and pure rubber roller designed to withstand robust use. True-turning roller for consistent inking. Plastic handle has 2 “finger recesses” built in to help with even pressure distribution. Three sizes available - 60mm, 100mm and 150mm

SNZ Soft Rubber Brayer

Professional quality, soft, large diameter red rubber inking roller from Japan with heavy duty
chromed metal frame and wooden handle. They represent the ultimate in brayers. Can be
dismantled for easy clean-up.
Small - 30mm (1½”) wide x 45mm diameter
Medium - 100mm (4”) wide x 45mm diameter
Large - 165mm (6½”) wide x 45mm diameter
Extra Large - 210mm (8”) wide x 48mm diameter

Block Printing Inks

Daler-Rowney Watersoluble Block Printing Colour

These 13 bright colours are intermixable and water based. An enhanced drying medium is
available to improve drying time making it ideal for student and classroom use. These colours are extremely easy to use and equipment is simply cleaned with soap and water. Available in 22ml tube or 250ml pots. * Drier not available in 22ml tube.

Daler-Rowney System 3 "Heavy Body" Block Printing Medium

Ideal for creating block printing colours with System 3 Heavy Body acrylics (see page M3). Simply mix 2 parts of the medium with 1 part of System 3D colour and roller the colour onto a lino block. This mixture gives water resistant block printing colours that dry within minutes. See System 3 Colour Chart for a complete list of colours.

Maimeri "Idea Fabric" Colours for Block Printing

Idea Fabric Colours come in 50 water-based colours. Transparent, opaque, pearly, lustrous and fluorescent, they can be freely mixed with one another and are easy to apply pure or diluted over large areas or in complex patterns. Idea Fabric Colours can be used to decorate any type of natural fibre fabric using many techniques including lino block printing.

Paragon "Hydraset" Professional Water Based Block Printing Ink

Superb, professional quality water based block printing ink in large 1kg size containers. The layup tack and print performance will satisfy the most demanding of printmakers. Only the highest quality pigments and vehicles are used to produce colours of noticeable clarity and purity. Reducing medium can be added up to 5% of the ink volume as required.
• Enviromentally friendly - solvents replaced with low volatile organic compounds
• Water/glycol based - water wash/clean up. Mix 50/50 water and methylated spirits for easy clean up.
• Formulated to allow long open time - water resistant after 24 hours.

Sakura Water Based Block Printing Colour

The ideal size for personal use! High quality, highly pigmented and offering smooth and consistent lay-up as well as easy mixing properties. Set of 7 x 12cc tubes - one each Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Brown and Gold.

Daler-Rowney Georgian Oil Block Printing Medium

This medium has been designed to mixed with the traditional Georgian Oil colours, offering the artist a vast array of colours with which they can print. Please refer to the GOC colour chart for a complete listing of available Georgian Oil sizes and colours.

Sakura Oil-Based Printing Colours

Superior quality professional oil-based ink for lino and wood blocks. Non-smearing and
non-discolouring. Prints can be stacked immediately after printing and will not smear. The bright colours can be mixed and extended (use ink medium) and dry overnight. Tubes are100cc. Non-toxic.

Etching Presses

Artools "Urbino" Etching Press

A well designed and engineered wheel-driven, geared press machined to very fine tolerances to provide years of trouble free, high volume use. The side frames and rollers are made of 10mm thick steel plate and the frames strengthened by the use of rigid steel cross bracing which eliminates any chance of press deformation allowing fine pressure adjustments and therefore fine definition, repeatable quality prints to be pulled. The bottom roller is driven by a traditional, large diameter, heavy drive wheel with handle which gives a smooth, controllable, consistent “pull speed” every time. The bedplate is made of an extremely rigid, stable, non-compressible 10mm synthetic resin which will not rust, warp or bow and is lighter, safer and cleaner than steel. This press can be used as a bench top model or can be mounted onto the very stable floor stand which is available separately.
Bed Size
: 55 x 100cm
Bed Thickness: Non-compressible synthetic 10mm
Upper Roller: Hollow 10mm thick steel 100mm diameter x 55cm long
Lower Roller: Hollow 10mm thick steel - 100mm diameter x 55cm long
Press Length: 80cm
Width: 60cm
Height: 50cm
Drive Wheel: Circular
Gearing: Reduction 3>1
Press Weight: 63kg without bedplate

FOME Etching Presses

Fome Etching Presses are suitable for home, studio and classroom use and represent excellent value-for-money. The 3mm thick steel bed-plate is driven by removable drive arms attached to the solid steel, small diameter, lower drive roller thus precluding the need for reduction gearing for ease of use. The upper roller is supported by bearing blocks attached to the pressure regulating screws and a system of “elastic” steel rings to ensure the correct amount of flexibility in the printing pressure. The solid steel side-plates of the press control both the vertical movement of the upper roller bearing blocks and the horizontal movement of the bedplate.

FOME "Scholastico" Etching Kit

Includes everything needed to get started including a model 3620 (19 x 32cm bedplate) press, a 3mm thick felt cushion blanket, 5 each 1mm thick aluminium etching plates 90 x 120mm and 130 x 180mm, 1 rubber ink brayer, 1 tube of black etching ink, 1 each etching point/scraper and burnisher/ scraper solid steel etching tools, 2 wooden handled dry point tools, 5 sheets of tarletan ink wiping cloth, 2 desk clamps and basic instruction book. Attractively packaged in a sturdy wooden storage box complete with carry handles.

FOME 3640 and 3650 Etching Presses

These larger studio/classroom size presses feature upper and lower roller supported by ball bearing races, rather than solid bronze bearings, guide rollers for the longer dimension steel bedplates and 4 removable arm drive wheels overall diameter is 85cm. Models 3640 and 3650 are designed specifically for etching whilst model 3646 features a geared bedplate rack/lower roller to accommodate block prints. Floor stand, pusher, cushion and size catcher blankets are available for all presses.
Model                                     3640                         3650
Bed Plate Size:
                     42 x 80cm             52 x 100cm
Upper Roller:                         60 x 420mm         80 x 520mm
Lower Roller:                        60 x 420mm         60 x 520mm
Maximum Pressure:           2,000kg                 2,000kg
Press Body - Length:          35cm                     35cm
- Width:                                   53cm                     63cm
- Height:                                  35cm                     35cm
Press Weight:                       36kg                       42kg

Floor Stands for FOME Etching Presses

Heavy duty, robust and attractive floor stands to which the models 3640, 3650 and 3646 can be mounted. Stability can be guaranteed with one leg adjustable to accommodate any unevenness in the floor.

FOME Etching/Block Printing Press

This press is specifically designed to satisfy all etching and block printing needs in one machine. The lower roller has a toothed drive gear at each end and these engage with the toothed metal drive racks on the underside of the steel bedplate. This construction ensures positive travel of the bedplate when turning the 4-arm drive wheel. The press is designed for use at both low pressures - ideal for all types of block printing and, high pressures - ideal for etching.
Specifications:             Model 3646
Bed Plate Size:             42 x 80cm
Upper Roller:                 60 x 420mm
Lower Roller:                60 x 420mm
Maximum Pressure:   2,000kg
Press Body - Length:   35cm
- Width:                            53cm
- Height:                          35cm
Press Weight:                36kg

Richeson Medium Geared Press

Shares all the small press features but engineered with a larger bedplate to produce A2+ size prints when required, Maximum print size 432 x 889.
Gearing: Three-point lower roller drive with 2.62:1 reduction ratio.
Bedplate: 12.7mm (½”) thick phenolic resin - 498 x 915mm (19.625 x 36”)
Cushion Blanket: 6.4mm (¼”) felt - 457 x 915mm (18 x 36”)
Rollers: Upper - 114 x 483mm (4.5 x 19”), Lower - 51 x 483mm (2 x 19”)
Maximum Clearance – Bedplate/Upper Roller (no blanket): 32mm (1.25”)
Base Frame Dimensions: 546 x 762mm (21.5 x 30”)
Shipping Weight: 91kg. approx. (excluding stand)
Support Stand: Colour matched, heavy-duty tubular steel - assembly required.

Richeson Large Geared Press

A durable, heavy-duty press engineered for long-term institutional or professional use. Full Imperial size sheets may be printed. Maximum print size - 560 x 890mm.
Gearing: Four-point lower roller drive with 3.35:1 reduction gearing.
Bedplate: 12.7mm (½”) thick phenolic resin - 600 x 915mm
Cushion Blanket: 6.7mm (¼”) grey felt - 572 x 915m
Rollers: Upper - 108 x 578mm (4.25 x 22.75”), Lower - 76 x 578mm (3 x 22.75”)
Maximum Clearance - Bedplate/Upper Roller (no blanket): 41mm (1.625”)
Base Frame Dimensions: 660 x 840mm (26 x 33”)
Shipping Weight: 165kg. approx. (excluding stand)
Support Stand: Colour matched, heavy-duty tubular steel - assembly required.

Etching Press Blankets

  How many Press Blankets do I need?
A minimum of 3 felt blankets is usually needed for successful metal plate etching. These should be arranged as shown in the illustration.
Pusher Blanket
The uppermost blanket is known as the “Pusher” and receives the most wear as it is subject to friction from the top roller. Manufactured from durable 2-3mm thick woven polyester felt.
Cushion Blanket
The centre “Cushion” blanket is of pressed woollen felt 5-6mm thick and is the heaviest and most important of the three blankets. A cushion blanket in poor condition will give unsatisfactory results.
Size Catcher
The final blanket immediately above the etching paper is known as the “Size Catcher” and made from inexpensive 1.5mm (1/16”) pressed felt. This absorbs the excess water and paper sizing materials squeezed out of the etching paper and helps to protect the more expensive cushion blanket.

Etching Plates

Japanese Paper Drypoint Plates

The ideal method of introducing printmaking into an art education programme. The ease of creating the printing plate and producing a print makes this process suitable for the youngest printmaker. No acid or ferric chloride required. Simply scratch into the paper drypoint plate using a drypoint needle - you can tear strips from the plate - ink, wipe and print.

Nuart Aluminium Etching Plates

Satin finish 1.0mm aluminium plate with the printing surface protected from accidental scratching by a self-adhesive plastic film. The unprotected reverse side and edges of the plate should be coated with shellac, to protect against the acidic action of the mordant, before removing the plastic film prior to applying the grounds to the printing surface. Ferric chloride solution is the recommended mordant.

Nuart Copper Etching Plates

Mirror finish 1.0mm copper plate with the printing surface protected from accidental scratching by a self-adhesive plastic film. The unprotected reverse side and edges of the plate should be coated with shellac, to protect against the acidic action of the mordant, before removing the plastic film prior to applying the grounds to the printing surface. Ferric chloride solution is the recommended mordant.

Nuart Solar Etching Plates

This etching process does not require the use of corrosive mordants and is suitable for those sensitive to such chemicals. These pre-sensitised plates are manufactured from a steel-backed, water-soluble, photosensitive polymer that hardens when exposed to a UV light source. The plate is developed in warm water and a brush used to quickly wash out the un-exposed areas of the plate thus creating an etching or relief printing plate. Having removed the excess water the plate is then hardened in sunlight and ready for use. Instruction and data sheet available upon request.

Nuart Zinc Etching Plates

Mirror finish 1.0mm zinc plate with the printing surface protected from accidental scratching by a self-adhesive plastic film. The unprotected reverse side and edges of the plate should be coated with shellac, to protect against the acidic action of the mordant, before removing the plastic film prior to applying the grounds to the printing surface. Ferric chloride solution is the recommended mordant.

Nuart "Grain Mark" Screen Positive Film

The perfect film for creating hand crafted artwork in the production of film positives for use
with screen-printing emulsions and solar etching plates. This unique polyester drafting film is a technological breakthrough that will hold tone in the creation of hand drawn positives. The unique textured surface and very high level of transparency allows the reproduction of subtle washes and marks without the intermediate process of photography or laser scanning. By drawing directly onto Nuart Grain Mark film, a wide range of drawing media may be faithfully reproduced with photosensitive emulsions and solar etching plates. Most other drafting films are non-textured and semi-opaque and only capable of reproducing flat, solid marks drawn with opaque materials. The extra-large 70x100cm sheets are 150 micron (0.15mm) thick and easily cut to the required size. Supplied rolled in a protective cardboard storage tube.

Warming Plate

Varnished steel and plated heavy aluminium warming surface which guarantees an even warming of all types of metal etching plates - no hot spots! Avoids heating deformation. Warming surface size is 35 x 50cm with a max. temperature of 120°F 220/240 Volts, 360 Watts. The Fome warming plate is the safest way of heating your etching plates.

Etching Inks and Grounds

Akua Intaglio Water Based Etching Inks

Akua Intaglio ink is made with high quality pigments in a soy-based binder with minimal water content. It contains no driers so the ink never skins or hardens in the jar resulting in virtually no waster due to unwanted drying. Akua Intaglio colours are brilliant, strong, lightfast and permanent. They are safe and easy to use and clean up quickly with detergent. Originally developed for safer intaglio-type plates, Akua Intaglio ink also works well for printing traditional etched copper and zinc plates and rolls up nicely for relief and monotype printing. 14 colours available

Akua Mediums

Akua Blending Medium - Blending medium thins Akua Intaglio inks making it more translucent allowing a variety of effects to be achieved.

Akua Release Agent - This modifier helps produce rich prints with minimal pressure and fantastic ghost impressions.

Akua ink Stiffener - When mixed with Akua Intaglio inks, Ink Stiffener adds depth to, and stiffens the ink. It is clear/white in colour with a very stiff consistency. Cleans up with liquid detergent. Not suitable for use with Akua Kolor.

Akua Transparent Base - Increases transparency when added to Akua Intaglio inks.

Sakura Oil Based Printing Colour

Quality oil based etching ink from Japan which is fast drying, non-smearing an non-discolouring. The colours may be intermixed and are also suitable for lithography and relief printing. Non-toxic.

Artools Black Wax Ground

Traditional and most commonly used ground in lump form for application to heated plates and spreading with a silk dabber or rub the grounds in swirls evenly. Follow up with a quick roll up with a soft roller to make the ground even.

Artools Instant (liquid) Hard Black Ground

The modern version of the traditional Satin Black background which has the same superior characteristics with the added advantage that it requires no smoking or blackening after the ground is applied, as a blackening pigment is incorporated.

Artools Rosin Powder

This is a finely grained powder, milled from pure colophony resin (rosin) of the highest quality and is the standard of the aqua tint process. It may be dusted onto the plate from bags made of stocking material, through fine sieves or with the aquatint box. After the dusted plate has been properly heated (to fix the rosin) and bitten to the desired aquatint tones the rosin is easily removed with methlylated spirits.

Artools Soft Wax Ground

Traditional soft-ground in lump form. It is applied to a moderately heated plate with a silk dabber or hand dabbed onto the plate and remains soft on the plate. Draw or make impressions into the ground with tools, open weave cloth, leaves etc. to get a soft stone litho effect. Solvent is mineral turps.

Artools Solvent Lift Ground

The solvent-absorptive action of the Solvent Lift Ground may be used to remove selected areas of hard ground. This exposes the metal and allows aqua-tinting (or other working) of those areas without removing the ground from the entire plate. It works equally well on a plate which has been grounded with traditional ball or liquid ground and is especially suited for use with Satin Black Ground and Instant Black Ground. Areas to be removed are painted with the Solvent Lift Ground and allowed to rest for a few minutes. They are then gently rubbed with a soft rag or cotton pellet. This exposes the metal as drawn. Solvent: mineral turps.

Artools Spain White (Magnesium Carbonate)

This pure, carefully milled powder serves three useful purposes for the intaglio artist: 1 - For polishing and de-greasing the plate (both before ground is applied and in the final cleaning before the plate is inked), 2 - In obtaining maximum whiteness in printing the plate (for hand wiping), 3 - As an additive to inks to render them more siccative or to otherwise alter their viscosity, making the inks stiffer without materially changing the ink colour.

Ferric Chloride Solution

Safe nitric acid substitute for the etching of aluminium, zinc and copper etching plates. Used in the following solutions - Aluminium Plates - 2 parts ferric chloride to 3 parts water. Zinc Plates - 4 parts ferric chloride to 1 part water. Copper Plates - full strength ferric chloride.