Scratch Art Papers

Scratch Art "Scratch Lite" Film

Instant “Stained Glass” - Beautiful stained glass effects just by scratching with a stick! Dramatic luminous colours are revealed when the scratched lines and areas of the magic Scratch-Lite sheets are held up to a window or other light source. Scratch-Lite is a patented new technique of “drawing with light’ to acheive instant stained glass results...without the traditional use of cut glass, leading and the mess and exspense. Sheets are 8 x 9” (203 x 247mm). Available in packets of 10 or 30 sheets plus tracing transfer sheet, wooden scratch tool, handing strip and instructions.

Scratch Art "Scratch Clear" Film

Discover a hundred-and-one creative uses for this unique product! Scratch Clear is a black-coated clear film sheet ready for scratching. Scratch with a wood drawing stylus and expose the totally clear surface beneath. Select any background opaque coloured paper, foil, etc to place behind the scratched sheet to create fascinating pictorial results. For a rear-lit stained effect, use coloured cellophane or draw with crayons or markers on translucent vellum or tracing paper. Can also be used as a positive film mask with photographic paper or with light-sensitive blueprint paper. Instructions included.

Scratch Art "Multicolour" Scratch Paper

This is heavy paper, firstly coated with 6 different colours in a random pattern, then coated again with a top layer of black ink which can be scratched back by use of the Scratch-Art Scratch-Sticks to reveal the colours beneath. The image drawn (scratched) with the stick will be instantly coloured.

Scratch Art Gold Silver Foil Paper

Shimmering gold or striking silver foil will appear by just scratching through the top black coating. The special black scratch-off ink scratches away easily with the Scratch Stick (see below). All sheets are ready for original work. It is safe, fast, clean and easy to use.

Scratch Art Fluorescent Paper

Bright, dazzling colour appears by just scratching through the top black coating. The special black scratch-off ink scratches away easily with the Scratch Stick. All sheets are ready for original work. It is safe, clean, fast and fun.

Scratch Art Pattern Paper

Brand new from Scratch Art! This fascinating paper allows you to create the illusion of movement and dimension with high contrast, black and white optical patterns. Simply scratch away the black coating to reveal distinctive, intriguing patterns. Scratch Art Pattern Paper will inspire many creative ideas. It is ideal for all ages, abilities and artistic styles. Pack of 12 contains 2 sheets each of different patterns. Sheets measure 8 ¼” x 11” with a ¼” border. Clean, safe and fun!

Scratch Art Rainbow White Multicolour Paper

This is heavy paper, firstly coated with 6 different colours in a random pattern, then coated with a top layer of white ink which can be scratched back by use of the Scratch-Art Sticks to reveal the colours beneath. The image drawn (scratched) with the stick will be instantly coloured.

Scratch Art Boards

Scratch Art Black Scratchboard

The black Scratchboard is a flexible 10pt or 12pt (i.e. heavier weight) cardboard which has been coated with a unique, flexible, thin white clay film over which a special black ink coating has been applied. By using Scratch Knives the black ink top coating is scratched to reveal the bold white contrast of the white clay coating below. The flexibility of the sheet and the clay coating help to prevent accidental cracking or chipping when handling or cutting. Easy to cut - maximum contrast!

Scratch Art Mutlicolour Scratchboard

Scratch with Scratch Knives to reveal spectacular colour! Using the same principle as the Black Scratchboard, but this time a thin multi-coloured clay film is coated to a flexible board base and then a special black ink is applied to the multi-coloured surface. By using the Scratch-art Scratch Knives or Scratch Stick, the black ink top coating is scratched to reveal the spectacular colours underneath. The sheet is flexible and easy to cut and size is 8½ x 11” (216 x 279mm), approx 170gsm. The packet of 10 also includes a Scratch Stick.

Scratch Art "Scratch-Brite Silver" Scratchboard

A shiny aluminium foil laminated to a heavy board base to provide unusual and dramatic effects. The foil is thick and will take deep scratching details that will add lustre to the art. The gleaming metallic silver contrasts beautifully against the velvety black coating. Sheets measure 8½ x 11” (216 x 279mm) in packets of 10 sheets.

Scratch Art "Scratch-Brite Gold" Scratchboard

A shiny gold foil laminated to a heavy board base to provide a gleaming gold contrast to the velvety black coating - adds lustre and scintillation to art! Sheets measure 8½ x 11” (216 x 279mm), approx 170gsm in packets of 10 sheets.

Scratch Art "Scratch and Sparkle" Glitter Scratchboard

Dazzling holographic effects! Simply scratch off the black coating with a stick to reveal glittering, reflective, holographic colour beneath! Pictures and designs reflect light and produce sparkling prismatic effects. Make pictures, jewellery, greeting cards, notes and more. Sheet size is 8½ x 11” (216 x 279mm) in packets of Scratch Stick

Scratch Art Variety Pack

This pack features 8 of the most popular Scratch Art papers and boards including Multicolour board, Scratch Art paper, Fluorescent Scratch Art paper, Gold & Silver foil, Rainbow White Scratch Art paper, Scratch Lite Stained Glass sheets, Scratch & Sparkle board and Multicolour Scratch & Sparkle board. Also included are 25 sheets of transfer paper and 100 heavy-duty drawing styluses. Instructions included

Scratch Art Printmaking

Scratch-Etch Board

The perfect introduction to the drypoint engraving technique! Very simple and effective. The special coated Scratch-Etch board permits a scratching technique with the special stylus designed for use with Scratch-Etch board that simulates scrimshaw, the art of the early American whalingmen. Fine line art can be produced with coloured crayons. A delightful easy and effective technique - scratch, rub and wipe! Produce prints with foam roller or foam brush!

Scratch Foam Board

A soft-as-butter, 3.2mm (1/8”) thick, foam printing plate. Can be directly engraved with a pencil point, metal or wooden stylus (see below). Safe and easy with good results - especially for beginners or younger printers. Hard shapes can be pressed into the soft surface eliminating the need for sharp cutting tools.

Scratch Foam Printmaking Kit

This kit provides the most economical way to introduce printmaking to the classroom. Beautiful block prints are easy to achieve by simply drawing designs with a pencil, ballpoint pen or stick directly onto the foam surface. Very little pressure is needed to create dozens of sharp prints. Scratch Foam Board accepts all printing inks, tempera and acrylic paints. The kit contains: 30 6” x 9” Scratch Foam sheets, 40 9” x 12” sheets of coloured SUBI block printing paper, 100 9” x 12” sheets of white SUBI block printing paper, 2 rubbing sticks, 6 x 2½” rubber brayers and 3 mixing trays. Everything in this kit is safe, clean and non-toxic. Instructions included.

Scratch Magic Kits

Scratch Magic Photo Frames Kit

Frame your favourite people, places and pets with these beautifully coloured photo frames. Scratch each frame to reveal magical rainbow colours and create a unique, one of a kind masterpiece. The pack includes 24 frames each of 3 popular sizes - 1½” x 2¼ ”, 2¼ ” x 3¼ ” and the standard 4” x 6” - 72 frames in all! Acid and lignin free. Instructions and drawing stylus included.

Scratch Magic Stationery Kit

For creating the most colourful letters, notes and invitations ever! Kids will love creating and receiving exciting “Scratch Mail”. Clean safe and unlimited fun. Kit includes 10 x Multicolor Scratch- Art sheets, 10 coloured envelopes stencil with 25 amazing shapes, fun curve, fine and medium point drawing styluses complete with instructions.

Scratch Magic Draw and Learn Kits

Draw and learn at the same time! Kids will delight in creating their own dazzling animal adventures, shimmering underwater universes, spectacular outer space scenes and colourful prehistoric pictures with this new range of Scratch art products. Each kit includes 2 Rainbow Black sheets, 2 Scratch’n’Sparkle sheets. stencil. wood drawing stylus, instructions and fun fact guide.

Available in 4 styles - Outer Space, Animal Safari, Dinosaur and Sea Life.

Scratch Magic Light Catcher Fun Kits

Scratch and create colourful ‘stained glass’ window art with these new light catcher fun kits from Scratch Art. Each light catcher can be personalised with individual decorations and drawings. Great for kids who want to add a creative touch to their rooms. Choose from 6 fun kits including Butterfly, Hummingbird, Sailboat, Flower, Dolphin and Fish. Each kit contains a light catcher design frame, Scratch lite ‘stained glass’ sheet, suction cup window hanger, wood drawing stylus and instructions.

Available in 6 styles - Butterfly, Sailboat, Hummingbird, Flower, Fish and Dolphin

Scratch Magic "Scratchin Fashion" Fun Kits

Kits contain Scratchin’ Fashion Stickers, dress-up models in fun picture scenes, picture scene stands, wood drawing stylus and instructions. Simply scratch clothing stickers with the wood stylus and reveal dazzling holographic colours. Silver jewellery stickers are included to complete the look. A bright and creative project, great for kids to show their style.

Available in 4 different styles - City, Shopping, Dance and Fashion Show

Scratch Magic "Wacky Scratch" Kits

Draw the wackiest, craziest pictures you can with Wacky Scratch! Scratch the coating to reveal designs that pop off the page. Use the stencil to get started or create your own characters, scenes and doodles. These kits encourage creativity, sharpen thinking skills and are lots of fun. Kit includes 4 assorted Wacky Scratch Drawing Boards (5.5 x 8.5”), wooden drawing stylus, stencil with over 30 shapes and instructions.

Available in 4 styles - Dizzy Dots, Silly Swirls, Looney Lines and Poppin’ Patterns

Scratch Magic Stickers

Scratch Magic "Scratchin' Fashion" Sticker Scenes

These kits contain various scenes that can be decorated. Mix and
match clothing and accessory stickers for the latest looks and then scratch, peel and stick dazzling scenery stickers on the large 215 x 235mm backdrops to complete the scene. Each kit contains over 50 Scratch Magic Scratchin’ Fashion dress-up stickers, 2 dress-up models in large picture scenes, 2 picture stand sets, wooden drawing stylus and instructions. Available in 3 styled themes - Beach Fun, Singing Star and Island Wedding.

Scratch Magic Travelling "Scratchin' Fashion" Stickers

Scratch and create sparkling outfits in all parts of the world with Scratchin’ Fashion Travelling kits. Each kit contains over 35 clothing stickers, wooden drawing stylus, postcards and scenes from the fashion centres of the world – the USA, France, Italy and England.

Scratchin' Fashion Nail Art Book

A fun new addition to the Scratchin’ Fashion range. Scratch your designs onto nail stickers and stick them onto the fashion sticker pages to create amazing hand and foot fashion pictures. This book contains 15 Scratchin’ Fashion Nail Art Sticker pages, 5 Bonus Hair-Do Doodle pages, over 90 Scratchin’ Fashion Stickers plus wooden drawing stylus.

Scratchin' Fashion Tattoo Body Art Book

Become a tattooist by scratching designs onto tattoo stickers and sticking them on fashion pictures in the Scratchin’ fashion Tattoo Body Art book. The tattoo Body Art book contains 15 Scratchin’ Fashion Tattoo & Body Art Sticker pages, 5 Bonus Henna Design Doodle pages, 100 Scratchin’ Fashion stickers plus a wooden drawing stylus.

Scratchin' Hot Super Neon Colours

Create sizzling neon art masterpieces and watch fluorescent colours come to life on Scratchin’ Hot Drawing boards and mini-notes. Bold, bright colours appear when lines and pictures are scratched onto the velvety black surface. Colours include Glow Green, Oh! Orange, Punchy Pink and Yow! Yellow. Available in a deluxe set, combo 4-pack and mini-notes.

Scratch Magic "Scratchin' Signs"

A fun and creative project for kids to decorate doors, walls windows and more by scratching their names, nicknames, favourite expression or anything they want to say in bright rainbow colours and brilliant holographic sparkles. Available in three styles Arrow, Pennant and Burst with two signs per pack.

Scratch Magic Super Stickers Set

Children will love to decorate these jumbo butterflies, stars, moons, flowers, hearts, circles, ovals and lots more with the enclosed wooden stylus. Simply scratch to reveal sparkling holographic and rainbow coloured effects. The included Super stencil with more than 25 fun shapes will add extra fun in creating dazzling designs. Contains 24 each of Scratch ‘n Sparkle and Rainbow Black stickers in assorted shapes and sizes. Set of 48 contains stickers, stylus and stencil

Scratch Magic Happy Birthday Stickers

Add creative fun to birthday celebrations with spectacular Scratch Magic Birthday Stickers in fun party shapes. Designs include cakes, ice cream, candle shapes, balloons and more on Rainbow Black and Scratch & Sparkle sheets. Perfect for invitations, decorations, party favours or activities. 36 stickers per pack with drawing stylus and instructions.

Scratch Magic Draw and Learn Stickers

Scratch and create sparkling and colourful stickers of Arctic animals, sea creatures, rainforest animals and outer space while learning about them at the same time. Each sticker pack contains twenty black-coated multicolour and sparkling holographic sticker shapes, wood drawing stylus, instructions and fun facts sheet. Available in 4 styles -Arctic Animals, Sea Life, Outer Space and Rainforest Animals.

Scratch Magic Writing

Scratch Magic Doodle Book

Double spiral bound with a sparkling cover the 133 x 140mm Doodle book contains 8 sheets each of Scratch & Sparkle and Rainbow Black plus a wooden stylus.

Scratch Magic Note Cube

Scratch magic note cubes are a colourful and convenient way to communicate quickly and easily. Simply scratch your message on Scratch Magic note-sized sheets. Scratch Magic notes are ideal for the home, school or office.

Scratch Magic Sketch Pad

Draw your masterpieces in glowing rainbow colours. The single wire top spiral bound pad contains 6 sheets each of Scratch & Sparkle and Rainbow Black plus a sheet of 25 fun shape stencils and wooden stylus. Pad dimensions 248 x 190mm.

Scratch Magic Mini Notes

Mini Note packs contain 10 sheets of Rainbow Black paper 3.5 x 3.5” (89 x 89mm) plus wooden drawing stylus in a shrink wrapped pack. Simply scratch your message on these colourful mini notes.

Scratch Magic Princess

Princess Drawing Kit

Create a treasure trove of magical masterpieces using the Magical Drawing kit! This wonderful kit contains a one size fits all Princess crown with gemstones, 12 drawing boards to create beautiful, colourful pictures, instructions and 12 picture frames. A pretty Princess stencil with 25 enchanting shapes makes the drawing boards and crown fun and easy to decorate. Suitable for age’s 5yrs and above.

Princess Mini Notes

These mini notebooks contain 5 Princess Pink Scratch and Sparkle mini-note sized sheets with a wooden drawing stylus. Ideal for travel, party favours or gifts.

Princess Pink Glitter Board

Scratch four enchanting masterpieces on Scratch Magic Princess Pink Scratch and Sparkle. Children will be able to create sparkling pictures fit for any royal picture gallery. The kit contains 4 sheets of Princess Scratch and Sparkle, a stencil with 25 shapes, a wood drawing stylus and instructions. Suitable for ages 5yrs and above.