Watercolours / Gouache



Brusho Crystal Colour

Brusho Crystal Colour is a versatile, unique, transparent and highly pigmented watercolour ink powder available in an extensive range of 30 colours.

There is no other product like Brusho available. It's completely unique qualities make it unpredictable, fun and ideal for anyone wishing to create loose, impressionistic and vibrant artwork. Totally intermixable, Brusho Crystal Colour can be used for watercolour painting and design work to ink and wash, fabric decoration, dyeing, stencilling and printing.

The intense colour present in Brusho Crystal colour allows you to create visually stunning and expressive artwork quickly and easily. It is especially suited to beginning artists as it is very loose and expressive, making it easier and quicker to learn than traditional watercolour painting.

When applied to a damp surface Brusho will explode into a burst of colour adding a unique effect to any art or design project. It can also be mixed with acrylic mediums to create even more different effects. Even after many years of use by artists, new possibilities are being found for this amazing product.

Brusho is ideal for use in educational establishments at all levels and by all age groups, from primary school children to teachers, lecturers and professional artists. 

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 Cretacolor Aquarelle Block

A unique painting/drawing tool from Cretacolor.

It is a watercolour block, which can be used for standard watercolour painting but is versatile enough to use for drawing by hand. The block measures 45 x 22 x 12mm and is equivalent to 12.5ml of paint. The large block form allows for easy pick-up and use by hand. The Aquarelle Block is suitable for a variety of techniques including watercolour painting and drawing, sketching and drawing, sgraffito, blending and frottage. It can be used on a variety of surfaces including paper, canvas and wood and will also stick to smooth surfaces like glass and plastic. Aqua Bric is exceptionally lightfast even when used as a watercolour and conforms to the three top lightfastness categories.

Available in 20 colours. See Colour Chart

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Daler-Rowney Artists Watercolours

Daler-Rowney Artists’ Watercolour are professional quality watercolours that have been used by such renowned artists as Turner and Constable.

Based on the finest modern and traditional pigments, it is precisely formulated to offer unparalleled performance and permanence. Only the very best pigments, regardless of cost are used in the manufacture of Daler-Rowney Artists’ Watercolour. Suspended in an aqueous solution of the finest Gum Arabic the colours and pigments in these watercolours offer an extended range of brilliant colours, designed to create perfect washes of pure transparent colour.

There are 80 colours in the range available in 5ml & 15ml tubes. See Colour Chart

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Daler-Rowney Aquafine Watercolours

Daler-Rowney Aquafine watercolours offers artist high performance colours at an economical and uniform price across all 37 colours in the range.

Aquafine watercolours are produced to the same exacting standards as Daler-Rowney Artist’s watercolours. The full range gives rich, free flowing transparent colour with excellent tinting strength and working properties. All colours can be used to produce beautiful and delicate washes.

Available in 8ml tubes. See Colour Chart

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Simply Watercolours by Daler-Rowney

Simply watercolours are affordable, basic colours that are an ideal introduction to watercolours. They can be used to paint on all conventional watercolour surfaces. Colours included in this 12 x 12ml tube set are white, lemon yellow, yellow ochre, crimson red, vermilion, coeruleum, viridian, ultramarine, sap green, burnt sienna, burnt umber and black. See Colour Chart

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Derwent Academy Watercolours

The Derwent Academy Watercolour set contains 12 full size watercolour pans and paintbrush. The colours are bright, vivid and non-toxic. Presented in a handy tin, it has a useful 3-section palette in the lid for easy mixing. The individual colours can be mixed to produce a wide range of additional shades.

Jovi Watercolour Paintboxes 

These boxes contain excellent quality, small round (22mm) or large round (30mm) watercolour
discs that are ideal for use by students and children. Once wet the colour flows freely, provides excellent coverage, does not form bubbles on the paper and dries rapidly. Available in sets of 12 or 24 assorted colours that can be intermixed to create a wider range of brilliant and vibrant colours.

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 Maimeri Blu Superior Watercolours

Maimeri Blu Superior Watercolours set the same quality, performance and prestige standards as Maimeri Puro Superior Oils. They are being claimed by many artists as the best watercolours in the World.

They offer purity and clarity like no other brand. The binder is Gum Arabic from Kordofan in Sudan and the unique pigments are selected with care to guarantee the highest possible lightfastness. There is a the maximum concentration of pigment in each colour and precise scientific methods are employed to control the viscosity, optimum pigment size and consistent colour shading. All colours are intermixable without ever losing their clarity and brilliance, and are guaranteed to offer the highest degree of lightfastness possible for that pigment.

The 72 Maimeri Blu colours are available in 15ml tubes in 4 series. See Colour Chart

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Maimeri Venezia Watercolours

The Venezia range of watercolours offers high quality and high performance colours at an economical and uniform price across all colours in the range. All shades have been developed with state-of-the-art pigments guaranteeing the highest possible lightfastness at the lowest possible price. Maimeri have removed all inorganic cadmium and cobalt  pigments from this range and reduced chrome content to a minimum in order to eliminate toxins and heavy metals from the range in an effort to reduce the problem of environmental impact - both in production and usage of the product.

There are 36 colours in the Venezia range available in 15ml tubes. See Colour Chart

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Richeson Pearl Watercolours

A unique set of 12x30mm diameter, student quality, semi-moist, pearlescent watercolour discs in assorted colours for creating irridescent, metallic-like effects and highlights. Colours include blue, green, gold each in 2 shades plus black, silver, copper. carmine red, violet and yellow supplied complete with a short-handled, white taklon paint brush in a clear-lidded, hang-sell palette.


Richeson Powder Paint Colours

Richeson Powder Paints are the most economical and convenient medium for producing brilliant opaque, water-based colours. 

Just mix equal parts by volume of powder paint to water to obtain the intended hue. For more transparent watercolour effects add more water and for more opaque "gouache-like" colours, reduce the amount of water used. To create a heavy bodied paint suitable for finger painting, add "Mix-a-Paste" powder at the rate 10g per litre of water. 

As with all colours, pigments may stain clothing so the wearing of protective aprons is recommended. Richeson Powder Paint Colours conform to ASTM D-2436 standards and carry ACMI AP (non-toxic) seal of approval. 

Available in 9 popular shades - red, yellow, blue, orange, green, purple, white, black, brown.

St Petersburg Artists Watercolours

A professional quality watercolour manufactured in a country rich with art history.

These liquidpoured, semi-moist, full pan (3cc) and tube (18ml) watercolours are manufactured in a St. Petersburg factory that has been producing colour for over 100 years. The liquid-poured process is thought by professionals to produce the highest quality grade watercolour pans. The finest raw materials and pigments are used to guarantee the highest possible light and colourfastness. The watercolour pans are soft, rubbery and sticky and never totally dry in the pan, since they are not pressed into a mould but poured. They are useable at the first touch and avoid unnecessary wear of your brushes.

There are 55 colours in the full pan range and 34 colours in the 18ml tubes. See Colour Chart

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 Sakura "Koi" Watercolours

These matte Japanese watercolours provide total flexibility for watercolour painting, from transparent washes to opaque effects. Professionals and students alike can enjoy the smooth, creamy, subtle colour graduations of Koi watercolours plus the versatility of instant correction and layering with spontaneous washes and soft edges. The colours dry quickly making it possible to make corrections almost immediately and to over paint without spoiling the colour underneath.

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ShinHan Artists Watercolours

ShinHan Artists Watercolours have been specially formulated with precise formulas to fulfil the requirements of discerning artists. Each colour consists of pure pigment combined with high-grade Gum Arabic that ensures ShinHan Artists Watercolours exhibit strong transparency and brilliant, bright, lively colour. ShinHan Artist Watercolours possess a high degree of lighfastness and adhesiveness and the uniform spread of the colours leaves no hard lines at the edges of washes. ShinHan Artists Watercolours have excellent intermixing and overlapping properties that allow artists to work with a wide range of techniques.

There are 30 colours in the range, available in sets of 13, 18, 24 and 30 7.5ml tubes. ShinHan Artists Watercolours are a great choice for artists of all levels.

 Daler-Rowney Designers Gouache

Daler-Rowney Designers Gouache is a brilliant opaque artist’s quality body colour, developed for professional designers working on illustrations for graphic reproduction. It is also widely used in fine art painting, both on its own and with transparent watercolours. The high quality pigments and superior reflective qualities of the fine white calcium carbonate specified by Daler-Rowney ensures that Designers Gouache retains its pure bright colour across all the 87 glowing colours and 3 metallics in the range. Designers Gouache is characterised by its fine flowing texture, tinting strength and excellent covering power.

Best applied with brush, ruling pen or airbrush. Available in 15ml tubes. See Colour Chart

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Maimeri Extrafine Designers Gouache

These professional, extra fine artist quality, opaque designers colours are manufactured in Italy from the highest grade, finely ground pigments to produce uniform, brilliant matte colours. All colours are easily blendable and have maximum pigment concentration and tinting strength and the finely ground pigments allow water diluted colours to also be used in airbrushes. The three primary (process) colours included in the range are ideal for producing true secondary colours in art education.

There are 55 colours in the range available in 20ml tubes. See Colour Chart

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Maimeri Fine Gouache Colours

A range of fine gouache colours dedicated to students. The colours can be diluted to any degree, used pure or thinned like watercolours, are all compatible and therefore able to be freely intermixed with one another or any other water-based colours.

Available in a range of 27 colours in 20ml tubes plus a selection of carefully designed sets for all levels of application. See Colour Chart 

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Simply Gouache Colours by Daler-Rowney

Simply Gouache colours are affordable, basic colours that provide an ideal introduction to gouache.They can be used on all conventional watercolour surfaces.

Sets of 12ml tubes in 12 or 24 colours. See Colour Chart

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Playcolor Art Solid Gouache Sticks

For drawing and painting the fun, easy, clean way... just reach for Playcolor!

Simple to use, with no water, paintbrushes, cups or clean-up required, Playcolor solid gouache paint sticks are great for painting on paper, cardboard, wood, and more. Playcolor sticks are solvent-free, water-based colours packaged in retractable plastic casings... just uncap, twist, and paint!

The bright, opaque and vibrant colours of Playcolor solid gouache paint sticks are quick drying, won't crack when dry, and best of all... won't wrinkle the paper. They're easy to pack and store in the tray that comes with every set, making them great for classroom use.

The bright, vibrant colours are versatile too and, when pressing lightly, the results look like pastel. When pressing firmly, the results look like traditional gouache paint colour.

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