Hot Wire

Foam Coating: Complete Foam Coat System

Hot Wire -  Foam Cutting: Hot Knife

Hot Wire -  Foam Cutting: Hot Knife Basic EPS (Styrofoam) foam cutting techniques using a hot knife. Free form cuts, geometric cuts, and plunge cuts.

Hot Wire - Foam Cutting: Freehand Routing

Learn how fast and easy it is to cut any shape out of EPS foam, Styrofoam, with the Hot Wire Foam Factory Freehand Router. Freehand foam cutting, foam stamping, geometric foam shapes, making your own wire shapes and more.

Hot Wire - Foam Cutting: Hot Wire Bow Cutter

The big bow cutter will get those 4ft x 8ft blocks or sheets of foam knocked down to size. Cuts fast, wide, deep, or both. Configure it 2ft or 4ft long by 6 or 18 inches deep. Includes variable power supply. Built for pros, it's fast and agile and built to last. Thick tough rubber coat tubing makes a firm and comfy grip.

Hot Wire - Foam Cutting: Pro & Hot Knife

How to cut EPS Foam, Styrofoam, with a Hot Wire Foam Factory Pro 8 inch Hot Knife tool.

Hot Wire - Foam Cutting: Sculpting with the Hot Wire Sculpting Tool

How to sculpt, scroll cut, and carve EPS foam, Styrofoam, using the Hot Wire Foam Factory Sculpting Tool. Hosted by Laura Neeley.

Hot Wire - Foam Cutting: Sled Guide for Controlled Cuts

Cruise control. Simply clamp the Hot Wire Foam Factory tool of choice into the Sled Guide at the desired angle and depth and start cutting.

Building an Epic Village Display

How to make a village display. A model railroad runs through a North Pole Village display made out of foam.