Cretacolor Pencils

Cretacolor of Austria produces a high quality range of Artists' materials. Cretacolor has the tool for every creative impulse you have, from quick dynamic sketches to rich detailed shades, from graphite and charcoal to pastels and watercolour. The recently released Cretacolor Karmina and Marino coloured and Aquarelle pencils are a testament to Cretacolor's dedication to quality. Both  have been manufactured to comply with the latest standard specifically devised for the measuring and labelling for light-fastness.
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Daler-Rowney is renowned for its reputation as a manufacturer and supplier of fine art materials. Their product portfolio encompasses everything an artist, whether a beginner, hobbyist, student or professional, could possibly require pursuing their passion for art. Whether you are a painter, drawer, pastellist, framer or printmaker, artists can rest assured that time honoured processes and a vast respect for the traditional techniques are a cornerstone in the manufacture of Daler-Rowney fine artists materials. Two families have honed their skills over two centuries to produce and deliver quality products. 

In 1783, the Rowney Company was established when two brothers, Richard and Thomas Rowney moved to central London and began producing artists’ colour. They accomplished notable success, supplying such famous English artists as Constable and Turner. In 1963 Rowney was the first European manufacturer to introduce an artists’ acrylic colour.

The Daler board company began in 1945. A little known wartime shortage was the inability for artists to obtain canvas. The Daler company created a new surface to replace canvas. Cardboard was sealed and primed through a mesh, which when removed, left a perfectly textured surface. This was eventually developed into a commercial product and the ‘Daler’ board was born. Daler developed a variety of products across the whole spectrum of artist’s materials between 1945 and 1960 including pads, canvas panels, stretched canvas, mountboards and artists’ luggage. In 1975, Daler introduced the first synthetic brush to the market. ‘Dalon’ was the first real alternative to the sable brush for over 100 years.

In 1983, the Daler Board Company purchased the George Rowney Company to become Daler-Rowney Limited. In 1990 Daler-Rowney acquired Steig products, which added the unsurpassable FW Artist Liquid Acrylic and Pearlescent inks to the range and in 1994 bought the premier brand of US artist brushes, ‘Robert Simmons’. In 2006 Cachet products joined the product line as one of the leaders in hardback books. This completed the range of products now on offer from Daler-Rowney. Daler-Rowney’s portfolio of products in artist colour, pads, brushes, canvas, easels, pencils, pastels, printing colours, surfaces, boards, luggage and accessories is universally regarded as the most comprehensive range available in the market today, offering artists of all levels an unrivalled choice of quality. Visit the Daler-Rowney homepage

Derwent Pencils

Legend has it that in the early 1500s, a violent storm in the Borrowdale area of Cumberland led to trees being uprooted and the discovery of a strange black material underneath. This material turned out to be graphite, and shepherds began using it to mark their sheep. The rest as they say, is history and the first pencil manufacturing began in the town of Keswick in 1832.

The factory has had various owners in its 175 year history, but became the Cumberland Pencil Company in 1916. The Lakeland children’s range was launched in 1930, followed by the Derwent brand of fine art pencils in 1938. Since then, a huge variety of artists’ materials has been developed, from traditional to highly innovative. Generations of craftsman have maintained and improved upon the standards that have made Derwent the most highly regarded Fine Art pencil brand in the world today. The combination of  traditional drawing products such as graphite, charcoal and coloured pencils and the development of such unique and innovative products like Derwent Inktense, Derwent Graphitint and  Derwent Tinted Charcoal along with the dedication to quality and craftsmanship has made Derwent pencils the first choice of artists around the world. Visit the Derwent hompage

Fabriano Paper

Fabriano is a name synnoymous with quality. The company takes its' name from the small Italian town that revolutionised paper manufacturing during the 13th century.  For hundreds of years, notably duting the Renaissance, Fabriano has been providing the finest in artisan papers to both professional artists and keen amateurs. Fabriano papers provide an excellent starting point from which to create your masterpiece. Whether painting, printmaking or drawing each Fabriano paper range has been carefully refined over the centuries into the quality product on offer today. Visit the Fabriano hompage

Fredrix Canvas

Since 1886 Tara Fredrix has been providing unsurpassed quality and the broadest range of canvas available. Tara Fredrix produced its first canvas in 1868 and, although the manufacturing process has changed the canvas produced today remains very similar to the canvas made over 140 years ago. Fredrix produces a wide range of canvas products - from raw unprimed artists canvas, the standard canvas panels and stretched canvas through to top-of-the-line hand-primed Belgian linen and the new Pro-Series canvas. Fredrix are the only manufacturers of watercolour canvas and have recently released the innovative Float canvas and Naturecore painting boards. Fredrix primes and coats more than 10 million square yards of canvas annually. The Fredrix archival seal guarantees that your canvas is protected against acidic deterioration. Each  Fredrix canvas is individually inspected to stringent Fredrix quality control specification to ensure optimum overall painting performance and long-term archival quality. Visit the Fredrix homepage  

Hot Wire Foam Factory

If you can imagine it, then you can make it with Hot Wire Foam Factory - a new and spectacular art form that is literally reshaping the world. Using Expanded Poly Styrene (EPS) blocks and Hot Wire tools you can create almost any type of 3-D art from sculptures, models, landscapes...... the possibilities are endless. These revolutionary foam sculpting tools were used to create the life sized Oscar to celebrate the the 75th anniversary of the US Acadamy Awards and were also used in films such as "Pirates of the Caribbean" and "The Haunted Mansion". Used by artists and sculptors, architects, florists, interior designers, sign makers, shipping departments, Hollywood theatrical sets builders, animation studios, trade show booth designers, retailers with window, wall, and floor displays, and many many more. Vist the Hot Wire Foam Factory homepage

Maimeri Colour Products

Tradition and Innovation - these are the words that guide Italy's foremost colour manufacturer. Founded by renowned Italian artist Gianni Maimeri in 1923 in the city of Milan, Maimeri has become Italy's leading paint and colour manufacturer - no mean feat considering Italy is home to many of the Old Masters, Da Vinci and Michelangelo to name but two. Since its' origins Maimeri has considered commitment, research and quality indispensable to achieving its goals.

Maimeri produce high quality ranges of oils, acrylics, watercolours, gouache and pastels as well as a wide range of auxillary products such as mediums, easels and palette knives. Maimeri produce colour ranges for restoration, professional artists, leisure painters, student and beginners. Even today the company continues to use the original formula of its founder - "oil plus pigment and nothing else", sometimes utilising premium pigments nearly impossible to find and keeping to the old mixing rules of not adding useless substances to the tints. Visit the Maimeri homepage

Richeson Art

Jack Richeson & Co is  one of the largest art material manufacturers and wholesalers in the United States. The company is based on a belief in the importance of Art....... its relevance....... its necessity in life. Founded by Jack Richeson over 40 years ago they search the world to provide quality materials for Artists and what they can't find, they make themselves. The result is an outstanding array of art materials for almost any art application. Paints, pastels, easels, brushes, charcoal, etching and printing presses, sculpture equipment and a wide range of auxillary items are just some of the products S&S source from Jack Richeson & Co. If there is ever an obscure art material to be found it can usually be located at Jack Richeson &Co. Visit the Richeson homepage

Sakura Colour Products

Sakura is Japan's largest manufacturer and supplier of Artist's materials. Founded in 1921, Sakura Colour products are renowned for the quality and innovation of their products. Sakura are the inventors of the popular 'Gel ink and Pigma ink' pens and, after the acquisition of Bruynzeel, became the first company that was able to produce and sell a full range of colour art materials from colour pencils to oil colour. Visit the Sakura homepage

ShinHan Art

ShinHanArt is renowned the world over for its excellence in quality. Their products are used worldwide in diverse fields by professionals and hobby artists. ShinHan's experience has enabled them to develop unique recipes to manufacture high quality products, and artists using ShinHanArt products continually communicate their particular needs helping ShinHan to produce an unparalleled and full range of quality art products.  ShinHanArt is headquartered in Seoul, Korea and is Korea’s dominant  market leader in art material industry. For the first time, ShinHan Art products are now available to Australian artists. ShinHan manufacture a wide range of top quality artists products including specialist Korean colours. They are the manufacturer of the premium Touch Twin and Touch Brush artist marker range. Visit the ShinHan Art homepage

Stonehenge Paper

A traditional fine art and drawing paper with a flawless vellum surface. Originally created for printmaking Stonehenge paper has become known as one of the finest papers available for pencil, watercolour, gouache, acrylic, pastel and charcoal work.  This paper is made from 100% cotton and is acid-free and is buffered with calcium carbonate to help protect artwork from contaminated environments. For more detailed information on Stonehenge Paper click here.

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Unison Colour

In the hills of Northumberland, England, an artist, John Hersey, makes pastels. He mixes pigments in equipment a baker would use. He lightly handrolls the dough and allows the sticks to air-dry.

When British artist John Hersey became frustrated with the choice of pastels available, he began to make his own. Developed to be superior in colour, texture and response, Unison Soft Pastels are unlike anything on the market today. The unique colour formulations of Unison pastels are the result of over a decade of experimentation, creating intense, vibrant colours, blended almost exclusively from pigment and water. An award-winning artist using soft charcoal, John Hersey loved the texture of charcoal and the boldness of the absolute black it offered. His work in black and white gave him a keen awareness of light and shadow and he wanted to translate that awareness to the use of colour but he could not find any pastels that provided the colour or performance required.

With Unison pastels, Hersey has developed cycles of related hues from many pigments to reflect the colour seen in nature. He takes colours and creates cycles of related hues to reflect the unison he sees in nature. Thus the name of his company, Unison Colour. This approach is reflected in the colour value schemes on offer from Unison. They range from reds, yellows, blues, violets and greens to earth’s, turquoise, lights, portraits and darks. There are 20 different colour value schemes in total, ensuring you will find the colour you need every time. Visit the Unison homepage



Zest-it is an environmentally friendly, non-flammable, non-toxic and biodegradable alternative to commonly used solvents in oil painting – turpentine and white spirit. Zest-it is a natural solvent made from the zest of citrus fruit with a neutral pH and containing no CFC’s or aromatics. It is ideal for cleaning brushes and thinning paint.

Most solvents used with traditional oil colours are an irritant, toxic or highly flammable and often all three. Even ‘odourless’ solvents still give off fumes – they just cannot be seen or smelt. Zest-it is a ‘studio safe’ solvent. It has a very low evaporative loss meaning there are few fumes released into the surrounding air and thus ideal for small studio’s or home use. The active strength of Zest-it is longer lasting than turpentine or white spirit and independent laboratory tests have shown it has no detrimental effect oil paint or pigment quality, proven stability and a long shelf life. Zest-it is beneficial for brushes as well. Turpentine and white spirit are known ‘leech out’ the natural oils bristle and hair brushes, causing them to go brittle over time. The citrus oils contained within Zest-it help maintain the integrity of the brush giving it a much longer life. 

Zest-it is perfect for use in the classroom, where the use of harmful solvents has been restricted and for anyone who has given up using oil colours for health reasons. Visit the Zest-it homepage