Daler-Rowney Artists Oil Colours

Daler-Rowney Artists’oil colours are professional quality paints designed for durability and permanence and made using only the very best materials available.

Only the best pigments are used regardless of cost to ensure absolute perfection for the discerning artist. The distinctive buttery consistency of Daler-Rowney Artists’ Oils derives from the use of linseed oil and wax, which acts as a plasticiser, helping to prevent even heavy impasto from becoming brittle and cracking over time.

The 83 colours in the range are available in 38ml tubes in 5 series. Titanium white and Zinc white are available in 120ml tubes. See Colour Chart

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Georgian Oil Colours by Daler-Rowney

Thomas and Richard Rowney began manufacturing artist’s colours in England over 200 years ago and Daler-Rowney Georgian Oil Colours have been the UK’s favourite oil paints for decades.

Georgian Oil Colours offer artists high quality and performance at an economical and uniform price across all colours in the range. They are produced to the same exacting standards as Daler-Rowney Artists Oil Colours. They are carefully blended and tested to produce the most brilliant colour and match tint and texture from batch to batch.

All 55 colours have fine working qualities and a high degree of performance. Daler-Rowney Georgian Oil Colours are ideal for use with a knife or a brush, allowing for a variety of effects to be achieved. Available in 38ml, 75ml and 225ml tubes. See Colour Chart

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Daler-Rowney Georgian Water Mixable Oil Colours

Georgian Water Mixable Oil colours offer the possibility of experimenting with oil painting without the need of solvent based mediums. As an alternative to traditional oils, the balanced range of 40 vibrant colours can be thinned, mixed and washed up using water, making them perfect for indoor use.

Georgian Water Mixable Oil colours offer high levels of lightfastness, pigment load and durability. The viscosity and texture mirror that of traditional oils colour. They can be used for impasto techniques and also thinned to create washes similar to watercolours. Surface dry between 5-7 days with no colour shift from wet to dry.

Available in 40 colours in 37ml, 30 colours in 200ml and in sets.

Daler-Rowney Graduate Oil Colours

Daler-Rowney Graduate Oils are distinctive for their high permanence rating with a drying time that is half that of traditional oil colours. Quicker drying time allows more to be done to the painting and opens up new creative possibilities. All colours have been specially formulated and stability tested to ensure the colours will last. Graduate oil colours are traditionally crafted with a soft, buttery consistency and high pigment loading. They offer excellent brushability and are easy to mix while being suitable for smooth brush applications and impasto. All colours in the Graduate range are rated Permanent 4**** or Normally Permanent 3*** and dry to a uniform low gloss satin sheen in 4-5 days. The range consists of 42 colours, many of which are single pigment and formulated with refined linseed oil and modern drying agents. They will surface dry to a low gloss satin sheen within 4-5 days. Daler-Rowney manufactures Graduate Oil from their factory in England and every colour and batch is carefully checked to exacting quality standards. Available in 38ml, 120ml (selected colours) and 200ml tubes.

See Colour Chart

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Simply Oil Colours by Daler-Rowney

Simply oils by Daler-Rowney are affordable colours that can be used to paint on all conventional oil painting surfaces. These bodied colours can be used straight from the tube as they wet easily onto the surface. The colours have been formulated to be economical while still providing bright, clean colours when used in full tone. All colours are intermixable giving endless colour possibilities. See Colour Chart

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Maimeri Puro Superior Oil Colours

Puro Superior Oil Colours are the World’s finest oils. They offer colour like no other brand.

Each colour is so charged with the best pigments that some colours may make it necessary to use the Impasto Medium or Drying Gel Medium as a thinner while preserving the paint consistency. As suggested by the Old Masters, the vegetable drying oils are of poppy and safflower extraction and contain only the very smallest and variable amounts of cobalt, calcium or lithium drier to reduce the different drying times peculiar to each pigment. All 80 intermixable shades have the highest degree of lightfastness. The transparency and lightfastness of all the colours are indicated on each tube along with the chemical composition and colour Index.

All 80 colours comply with the ASTM labelling standard D-4236 and the aluminium tubes are finished in a unique gold finish which reflects the superior oil colour they contain. See Colour Chart

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Maimeri Classico Oil Colours

Maimeri Classico Oils spread like butter right from the tube and dry to a rich satin glow. The colours are lightfast and highly concentrated, thin well, and mix perfectly. They contain no waxes or thickeners, and pigment concentration is very high. Bright, lively colours with overall harmony in the palette, these paints from Italy are made with non-toxic, non-polluting pigments that improve light-fastness. Classico pigments are micro ground with the finest linseed oil for great transparency. They are versatile paints, offering exceptional value for money. Classico oils are a single series range of oil colours meaning that each colour is available at the same price.

There are 77 colours in the Classico range available in 60ml and 200ml tubes. See Colour Chart

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Maimeri Olio Oil Colours

Olio is an innovative new range of oil paints ideal for students and beginning oil painters. The range contains 38 high quality, well-balanced colours all at one price. Olio colours have a buttery consistency, good pigment concentration and the average drying time for the range is considerably less than for other oil colours. This decreases work time and allows the artist to use painting techniques and utensils more associated with acrylic colours while still providing the brilliance of oils. Olio oil colours are very flexible when applied in thick layers and very easy to work with and are compatible with all oil mediums. The zinc white has been created with the much safer zinc sulphide pigment rather than zinc oxide which is classed as hazardous to the environment.

Oilo is the first oil colour range to be packaged in plastic tubes. Composed of layers of plastic material coupled with an impenetrable and impermeable barrier, these Coex tubes are exceptionally resistant, manageable and practical. Tubes are 200ml. See Colour Chart

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Maimeri Olio HD Oil Colours

Olio HD is a brand new range of 30 vivid, brilliant and modern colours based on high concentrations organic-synthesis pigment. These colours are the colours of the younger generation. They are the colours of the virtual world – not opaque and muted but luminous, vibrant and ransparent. Olio HD is formulated with very fluid and very bright drying oils. The composition and grinding of the pigments in Olio HD diffuse the light that passes through them. They are particularly suited smooth or semi-rough surfaces with a base that is white, pale or pearl in colour. When applied in a thin coat HD oils will dry in 24 to 48 hours depending on the colour used. This makes them excellent for glazing techniques as the colour can be superimposed in a short amount of time. All tints in the range are free of substances considered harmful to your health and the environment. All colours are available in environmentally friendly coex tubes. See Colour Chart

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Richeson "Shiva Series" Oil Colours

Richeson "Shiva Series" are professional quality, superior oil colours that commenced production in the USA in 1929. They have now been re-formulated to satisfy today’s masters and are hand-crafted in the Richeson factory using only pure, artist grade dry pigments, each ground to its own unique degree of fineness then formulated with the finest grade of alkali-refined linseed oil under exacting laboratory controls.

After manufacture, the colours are cured from 90 to 120 days to ensure they are ready for packaging and each tube label then displays an actual sample of the colour contained in that tube. Richeson Oils are guaranteed to be permanent, free from darkening, yellowing, fading and cracking. These professional quality oil colours feature traditional, Olde World pigments to produce brilliant, rich colours of buttery, reliable consistency yet are priced for everyone.

All 59 colours are available in 37ml tubes. See Colour Chart

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Shiva Paintstiks

Professional grade, artists’ oil colours in a convenient stick form.

Manufactured from quality pigments blended with refined linseed oil and solidified with a wax base. Can be used in conjunction with conventional oil paint surfaces, mediums and varnishes using the same techniques. As there are no unpleasant odours or fumes, Paintstiks can be used virtually anywhere at any time and form a protective "self sealing" film when not in use just peel the seal before using. This ensures that Paintsiks remain moist and fresh and have an indefinite shelf life.

Paintstiks are available in 68 colours plus clear and iridescent blending sticks and a range of pre-packaged assortments for all applications. See Colour Chart

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Water Mixable Oil Colours

Weber wOils

wOil water mixable oil colours have been developed to emulate traditional oil colours. The main difference between wOils and traditional oil colours is wOil’s ability to thin and clean up with soap and water rather than solvents that require special care in handling and use. wOils are ideal for oil painters who are sensitive to, or want avoid solvents such as turpentine, the classroom where the use of traditional oils has been banned because of the solvents involved and Artists who work in an enclosed environment. There is no water in the wOil formulation. The linseed and safflowe oils used in the formulation have been modifie to allow the colour to mix with water, creating a stable emulsion while still retaining the working characteristics of traditional oils. The breakthrough “Green Chemistry” employed in the production and development of wOil Artist Oil colours means that all colours in the range are AP non-toxic. wOil has a smooth buttery consistency with a medium to heavy body viscosity and can be blended easily with traditional oil colours and mediums or even acrylic based colours. Considered “permanent” for artists’ use, all wOil colours have a lightfastness rating of I or II. When wOils are thinned with water the water evaporates from the paint fil fairly rapidly, leaving behind a traditional fil of oil that dries by means of oxidation. Most wOil colours will dry between 3 – 5 days. Weber wOils are available in 32 colours over 3 series. All colours are available in 37ml tubes with selected colours (marked*) available in 150ml tubes. There is also a range of specially formulated wOil mediums available to complement the wOil colours.

Coarsley Ground Oil Colours

"Rinascimento" Renaissance Oil Colours by Maimeri

This line of oil colours have been “re-developed” to offer the modern painter the tonalities of the Master Artists of the Italian Renaissance – in paint composition, in pigment size and the use of rare semi-drying oils that are non-yellowing and crystal clear. These are coarsely ground oil colours not finely ground as modern oil colours, so the application (either with a brush or palette knife) and end result, are different due to the larger size of the pigment particles. Each colour has a high pigment concentration and is prepared with grain size and dispersion in walnut oil similar to those of Renaissance compositions. Most of the pigments in this range correspond to the originals; however the more toxic, unstable and hard to mix pigments have been replaced with modern alternatives.

There are 11 colours in the range in 3 series. 40ml tubes. See Colour Chart

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"Terre Grezze" Italian Natural Earth Oil Colours by Maimeri

These 11 Italian Natural Earth colours have been created from the ancient pigments used to decorate the monuments and facades of palaces throughout Italy and are reflected in colours of Roman houses, Venetian palaces and of the Umbrian and Tuscan hill-towns. The composition of this range is similar to those of the shades used by the old masters Tiziano, Tiepolo and others. Although the milled grain size of the dispersed pigments is larger than for other Classico colours, natural earth oil colours can be used alone or mixed with any oil colour to produce a denser, full-bodied oil colour that appears to give a more opaque, natural tone due to a different refraction of light. Italian Natural Earth colours are not only for traditional techniques but also satisfy the needs of contemporary artistic expression.

Available 60ml tubes only. See Colour Chart

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"Mediterraneo" Mediterranean Oil Colours by Maimeri

Throughout history, the Mediterranean has been a place that has united cultures and civilisations and, along with it, colours and tints that are unique to this beautiful area. The colours in this range are especially suited for warm, bright and luminous paintings. The grain (pigment particle) size of these colours is larger than for other oil colours and the paste density thicker, with brush strokes accentuated so it is recommended that hard-bristle, ox hair or synthetic brushes are used to get the best results. These colours can be thinned with Walnut or Safflower oil but not with traditional solvent thinners (eg White Spirit, Turpentine) as they weaken the paste. To achieve the best results with these colours it is recommended by the manufacturers to prepare the canvas with uniform, soft coats of pastel pink or yellowish pink obtained with ochre or the Italian Natural Earth colours.

There are 11 colours in the range in 60ml tubes. See Colour Chart

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Maimeri Pure Artists Pigments

Pure, finely ground pigment is the starting point for all painting. Using quality pigment is the only way to obtain quality colour. The range of Maimeri pure artists’ pigments has been designed to meet the needs of all artists. It contains the traditional colours commonly used throughout history as well as the most vivacious tones of contemporary art. Pigments are ideal for re-creating some the “old” techniques of painting such fresco, egg tempera and encaustic painting as well as for creating your own oil colours.

There are 57 colours in the range in 5 series in 100ml jars. See Colour Chart

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