Canford Acid-Free Paper and Card

High quality stiff card (300gsm) or paper (150gsm) in a vast range of brilliant colour, perfect for presentation and display in every setting – from the professional design studio to the school art room. It’s an exciting and versatile medium in its own right and is ideal for use with pencils and pastels or for paper sculpture and modelling, decorative arts, collage and craft. Easy to cut, curve, crease and emboss to create 3-dimensional works of art.

Canford card is available in 36 colours plus 2 metallics in A1 size. Canford paper is available in A1 and A4 sizes. 

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  Stillman & Birn Multi-Media Papers

Stillman & Birn multi-media papers is a unique range of sketching, drawing and light wash watercolour painting papers available in two weights, two colours and three surface finishes for all applications. These archival quality papers feature both internal and external surface sizing with exceptional wet strength that withstands multiple erasures making it suitable for all dry media and light watercolour washes. When used with light washes, pigments remains on the sheet surface resulting in brilliant, vibrant and glowing colours. Traditional sheet size of 22 x 30” (56 x 76cm).

The Vellum (or soft press) surface has a distinctive surface tooth that is suitable for all dry media and will also accept multiple light washes without buckling and curling. Cold Press finish features exceptional strength for all multi-media applications and the Hot Press (or plate) finish is a particularly smooth surface suitable for pen & ink, graphite and colouring pencils plus water-based markers. Papers are available in packets of 5 sheets in natural white or ivory both in 150gsm and 270gsm weights dependant on the finish.

Daler-Rowney Aquafine Watercolour Paper

Aquafine watercolour paper is manufactured on a Foudrinier paper machine using 100% virgin wood pulp. It is acid free and buffered with calcium carbonate to prevent deterioration of colour and preserve the integrity of the paper over time. The paper is free of optical brightening agents and is surface and internally sized. Aquafine is suitable for beginners, student and professional artists who prefer to work in mainly ‘dry’ watercolour painting techniques. Its 300gsm weight offers good water absorbency and the surface is fairly hard, providing good erasability and suitability for masking fluid without stretching.

Available in sheets and pads. Cold Pressed only.

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Fabriano Accademia

Fabriano Accademia white drawing paper is made of high quality lignin-free and acid-free cellulose, guaranteeing long conservation over time. Its internal and external sizing renders it resistant to repeated erasures. It is recommended for artists and students for sketching and drawing with pencil, charcoal, pastel, art crayons, coloured pencil and ink and the 200gsm weight is suitable for gouache and watercolour work. Can also be used for felt markers, airbrush, monoprints, lithography and screen printing.

Fabriano Accademia is available in sheets, pads and rolls in 120gsm, 160gsm and 200gsm.

Fabriano Artisitico Watercolour Paper

Featuring a new, felted naturally random surface. Fabriano Artistico Watercolour Paper is mouldmade, 100% cotton, chlorine/acid-free and archival. The paper has an internal and
external sizing, which makes it very asorbant and suitable to lifting, scraping and other techniques. Available in traditional white and extral white they are free of whiteners, have four deckle edges and are watermarked “FABRIANO + ARTISTICO” on two corners. Ideal for watercolour, gouache, acrylic, ink charcoal and other drawing. It is also suitable for many printmaking techniques. 
It is extremely durable, forgiving, stable and strong edges. For further information on Fabriano Artistco Watercolour paper click here

Available in sheets, rolls, blocks and pads in 200gsm, 300gsm and 640gsm weights.

 Fabriano "Ecological" Drawing Paper

A white, acid-free, “ecological” drawing paper from Fabriano, produced with 100%, post consumer, recycled pulp. Ecological drawing paper is available in two weights – 120gsm and 200gsm. It’s Cold Pressed surface is a bright white and its’ internal and external sizing makes it ideal for sketches and drawing with pencil, charcoal, pastel, graphite and ink.

The paper is labelled “FSC 100% recycled”, guaranteeing that the product is made from post consumer reclaimed material. For further information on Fabriano Ecological paper click here

Available in sheets, pads and rolls.

 Fabriano Elle Erre

Elle Erre is an acid free, 220gsm coloured card (i.e. a heavy paper or a light board) that is ideal for all art and craft activities.

This double-sided card - textured on one side and rough on the other - features 27 bright, vibrant and pastel colours that have dyed in the liquid pulp stage of production to ensure colour consistency through each sheet. Ideal for charcoal, collage and craft work, picture framing, backing for paintings and photographs, pencil, pastel, pen and wash, ink and airbrush. For further information on Fabriano Elle Erre click here

 Fabriano ImaginArt Digital and Photo Papers

The ImaginArt range of Digital and Photo paper is a range of professional quality Digital papers from renowned paper manufacturer Fabriano. They have been designed with a specific surface treatment for top quality inkjet printing. The paper is archival quality (acid free, neutral PH) and free of optical brighteners. It is ideal for the reproduction of artworks (watercolour, oil, acrylic, pastel etc) and photos. To ensure the long life of the final printed product, the use of pigmented inks is recommended.

Fabriano Tiepolo Printmaking Paper

Mould made with 4 deckle edges and watermarked, Tiepolo's composition guarantees permanence and a high degree of light resistance. Its substantial weight (290gsm)and regular surface produce a robust and inviting white paper which offers superior performance, whatever your printmaking style - Etching, Lithography, Block Printing, Collagraphy or Screen Printing. 100% cotton.

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Fabriano Tiziano

Tiziano is a unique heavyweight 160gsm drawing and pastel paper that is also excellent for light
watercolour paintings. Available in a range of 40 colours with good “tooth” and texture for all dry
media  Tiziano is ideal for works in pastel, pencil, charcoal, oil pastels, art crayon, ink, watercolour, acrylic and collage. These superb papers offer a high degree of lightfastness and display a sized surface treatment, grain and texture second to none. Tiziano’s quality guarantees long life. For further information on Fabriano Tiziano click here

Available in sheets, pads and rolls.

 Langton Prestige Watercolour Paper

Artists for many years have appreciated the qualities of Langton watercolour paper.

This paper has now been improved upon with the development of The Langton Prestige watercolour paper. This paper is acid free and mould made from 100% cotton pulp. This is a top quality naturally coloured paper with excellent absorption and very good colour rendering. It is embossed with “Langton Prestige 100% cotton” for easy identification and has been subjected to mould resistant treatments guaranteeing excellent durability. Ideal for all wet techniques – watercolour, gouache, acrylics and inks as well as calligraphy and drawing.

Available in Cold Press and Rough finishes as 300gsm 560 x 760mm sheets.

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Magnani Revere Fine Art Paper

Revere is a deluxe fine art paper of superior quality, consistency and versatility. Mould-made in Italy by the Magnani paper mill, Revere is 100% cotton, chlorine free, neutral pH, internally sized with 4 deckled edges (2 natural, 2 torn). Revere is manufactured utilizing energy generated by the mills own water turbines and is composed of fibres from tree-free 100% cotton linters. It is ideal for use with charcoal, pastels, coloured and graphite pencils.

Available as a 250gsm, 22 x 30” sheet in 3 colours and 3 surfaces – Felt (textured), Suede (medium textured) and Silk (smooth).

Murano Fine Art Paper

The Murano fine art paper range breathes new life into traditional coloured paper. The160gsm weight, naturally textured surface and 45% cotton content give it a classic, luxurious feel and the combination of 35 sophisticated and fashionable colours make it the ideal choice for artists and crafters alike. Ideal for pencil, pastel, charcoal and many craft applications.

Available in 500 x 650mm sheets and pads.

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Stonehenge Fine Art Paper

A traditional fine art and drawing paper with a flawless vellum surface. Originally created for printmaking Stonehenge paper has become known as one of the finest papers available for pencil, watercolour, gouache, acrylic, pastel and charcoal work. This paper is made from 100% cotton and is acid-free and is buffered with calcium carbonate to help protect artwork from contaminated environments.

Available in standard and large sheet sizes, rolls and pads.

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Awagami Washi Paper

The Awagami A4 Fine Art Washi paper range is suitable for students and professional artists alike. Each of the 5 collections have been chosen for their supreme workability and feature a nice range of weights, tones and surfaces for printmaking, drawing and craft. 

• A4 size

• 100% acid free

Silk Pure White is manufactured from 85% alpha cellulose plus 15% recycled washi and is 48 gsm in weight. An excellent introductory washi paper for budget-conscious students, printmakers and designers. It is a warm white/medium weight paper with two distinct surface textures. Both sides may be used to attain different creative effects. Suitable for lithography, mono & block printing, silk screening, pen & ink, charcoal, pastels, pencil, markers, collage, hobby & craft and bookmaking. Pack of 12

Inbe Thin Off-White is manufactured from 84% alpha cellulose plus 16% hemp fibre and 44 gsm in weight. This is an extremely fine paper and favoured by many woodcut artists, illustrators and bookmakers. It is surprisingly strong due to its hemp fibre content and with its lovely tone, exudes an organic sense that imparts a natural warmth to artworks created on it. Suitable for lithography, mono & block printing, chin colle, silk screening, pen & ink, pencil, markers, hobby & craft and bookmaking. Pack of 12

Shirakaba is manufactured from 100% alpha cellulose and 100 gsm in weight. This paper is an excellent choice for etching, block printing and mixed-media works. Illustrators will enjoy drawing on the smoother side while printmakers prefer the paper’s softer side for its printing and embossing qualities. Suitable for lithography, etching, mono & block printing, silk screening, pen & ink, pencil, markers, collage, hobby & craft and bookmaking. Pack of 12

Mingeishi is manufactured from 70% alpha cellulose plus 30% Kozo fibre (mulberry) and 48 gsm in weight. Although the surface of this paper is fairly soft and the sheet lightweight, this paper exhibits superior overall strength and is highly resilient. Suitable for lithography, etching, mono & block printing, silks creening, pen & ink, pencil, markers, collage, hobby & craft and bookmaking. Pack of 12

Rayon Unryu White is manufactured from 85% alpha cellulose plus 15% rayon fibre and 85 gsm in weight. This paper features two distinct surfaces; a smooth topside with decorative swirling “unryu” fibres and a softer, plain reverse side. Both sides may be used to achieve different creative results. Suitable for lithography, mono & block printing, silk screening, offset printing, pen & ink, pencil, markers, collage, hobby & craft, invitations and bookmaking. Pack of 12

  Awagami Masa Multi-Media Paper
Awagami “Masa” paper is used as an inexpensive multi-media drawing and printmaking paper. Masa is a soft, white paper with the traditional absorbency and feel of handmade Japanese papers. Machine-made of cellulose fibre it is internally and surface-sized, bright white and acid-free. Masa is very smooth on one side with more texture to the other side. Great for drawing applications, as well as, water-based inks, digital imaging, silkscreen, woodcut, linocut, etching, offset and letterpress printing and is often referred to as Hosho. Sheets measure 530 x 970mm in a pack of 25.

Awagami Bamboo Watercolour Paper
Awagami Bamboo Watercolour Paper is a premium blend of bamboo and recycled kozo (mulberry) generously sized for water-based media. With an organically smooth surface, Awagami Bamboo responds beautifully to Watercolourist’s brushstrokes. Awagami Bamboo watercolour is 250gsm, 100% acid free and made in Japan with no Fluorescent bleaching. May also be used for letterpress printing. Available in sheets, blocks and a watercolour pochette. Sheet size: 56 x 70cm. Pack of 25 sheets.

Awagami Bamboo Printmaking Paper
Awagami Bamboo Paper is a fine organic choice for artist and designer alike exhibiting notable benefits and advantages over cotton based papers. Awagami Bamboo papers’ luxurious texture is similar to silk while softer than cotton making it an excellent choice for both letterpress and relief printmaking. Awagami Bamboo Paper Printmaking is 100% acid free, unsized and made in Japan with no fluorescent bleaching. Available in 250gsm, 170gsm and 110gsm. Sheet size: 56 x 76cm with 2 Deckle edges. Pack of 25 sheets.

Awagami Shin Inbe 105gsm
Awagami Shin Inbe is a single layer, 105gsm paper with a traditional look and feel with a classic laid pattern. Printable on both sides with excellent light resistance. Very durable for multi-folding and gluing. Made from hemp, recycled washi and wood pulp. Ideal for drawing, bookbinding, crafts, framing, pastel, charcoal, silkscreen printing, inkjet, laser and offset printing. Sheet size is 545x788mm and sold as a pack of 25 sheets in single colours.

Awagami Yuzen Origami Paper
An assortment of 15 sheets of each Yuzen (silk screened paper) and Mingeishi (solid dyed paper). Can be used for origami, crafts and other papercrafting activities. Pack 30

Awagami Sumi Ink Paper
This Awagami Bamboo paper has been specially developed for sumi-ink painting. With superb ink absorbency, this paper highlights the expressive brushwork and ‘bleed’ of traditional sumi-ink painting. Interleaf pages are included between each bamboo sheet to prevent ink bleed-through between pages. Awagami Sumi-ink Bamboo is 100% acid free, unsized and made in Japan with no fluorescent bleaching.

Awagami Asarakusui Paper 27gsm
The technique of ‘Rakusui’ (creating gaps on the paper surface by dropping water) has existed for years. In the manufacture of 27gsm Asarakusui paper, Awagami redefined this method by adding hemp fibres in the paper so that the gaps on the surface are emphasized and crisp. The hemp fibre has natural gloss and the clear gaps give the paper a refreshing and cool effect. By utilizing the transparent aspect, this paper is suitable for making lampshades as well as many other art and craft applications. Can also be used as special purpose wrapping paper. Sheets measure 545 x 788mm with 4 deckle edges in packets of 25. Available in red, natural, moss green, bordeaux and dark blue.

Awagami Kitakata Paper 36gsm
Awagami Kitakata paper is often used in restoration and bookbinding because of its strength, Kitakata is also suitable for all printmaking including block printing and sumi ink. Off-white in colour and silky in texture, Kitakata is handmade from gampi fibre, and is acid-free with 4 deckle edges. Sheets measure 430 x 520mm in packs of 25 sheets.

Awagami Mulberry Paper #38 48gsm
Awagami Mulberry paper #38 is soft, flexible, and long fibered and possesses great wet strength for its weight. Use it for mono and block printing, etching, lithography and as a traditional Sumi paper. Handmade with 4 deckle edges from kozo fibre. Sheet size is a large 640 x970mm and 48gsm in weight. Pack of 25 sheets

Awagami Kinwashi Colour 55gsm
Awagami Kinwashi paper is usually used for decorative purposes and is machine made from 100% hemp fibres and hand-dyed producing a sheet that is smooth on one side and textured on the other with straw-like vegetable fibres. It is translucent and acid-free. Usually used for decorative purposes, Kinwashi is machine made from manila fibres. Large 640 x 970mm sheets. Available in purple, light green, mustard, beige and blue.

Awagami B5 Bamboo Sketchbooks
Awagami Bamboo Paper is a fine organic choice for artist and designer alike exhibiting notable benefits and advantages over cotton based papers. Awagami Bamboo papers’ luxurious texture is similar to silk while softer than cotton making it an excellent choice for mixed media. Awagami Bamboo paper contains 70% bamboo fibre plus 30% mixed recycled washi fibre and is 100% acid free, sized and made in Japan with no fluorescent bleaching. Each sketch book contains 8 sheets of centre-stapled 250 x 353mm B4 paper to create a 16 page B5 (176x250mm) book of 110gsm watercolour paper also suitable for drawing in pencil, sumi-ink, pastel and gouache.