Florist Wire

Florist wire suitable for use in all 3D modelling projects.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
FLOP8 FLOP8 STEEL FLORIST PIN 38mm. Extra large. Nickel plated. Hardened steel. (1 1/2inch) 38mmx1.05mm. 8oz box. 0 Login For Price
FLOWC1 FLOWC1 COLOURED FLORIST WIRE 1Kg. A 1kg pack of Florist wire in Rainbow colours suitable for use in all 3D modelling projects. 4 Login For Price
FLOWS25 FLOWS25 FLORIST WIRE (Approx.1.090pc.) 45cmx20G 2.5kg. A plated, soft annealed steel wire that is absolutely clean and free from the black mill scale that is normally associated with annealed steel wire. A very soft and pliable 20G (0.90mm) wire in pre-cut 45cm lengths. 85 Login For Price
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