Derwent Charcoal Sets

From powerful lines to subtle gradients, Derwent XL Charcoal combines the natural qualities of charcoal with the strength and body of a chunky block. These incredibly versatile water-soluble blocks create a wide range of textures - soft and strong, agile and bold. They provide a perfect blend of rich tones and organic marks. 

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
D2302009 D2302009 DERWENT XL COLOURED CHARCOAL Tin 6 Assorted Colours. Contains one XL Charcoal block each of ochre, sanguine, sepia, violet, black and white. 40 Login For Price
D700838 D700838 DERWENT CHARCOAL PENCIL TIN 6 ASSORTED. Traditonal wood-cased charcoal strip pencils are ideal for studies and finished drawings. Includes 2 medium and dark pencils plus 1 each light charcoal and chinese white pastel pencil complete with sharpener in a distinctive hang/sell silver finish tin. 7 Login For Price
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