Derwent Drawing Pencils

The thick, waxy colour strip of a Derwent Drawing pencil is easy to apply and produces a rich, velvety finish on the paper. The extra-wide 5mm soft colour strip is ideal for blending and encourages loose, expressive drawings and subtle tonal transitions. Features a round 8mm diameter, mahogany-stained, cedar-wood barrel with ends dipped to match the colour strip plus distinctive angled gold banding.
The glorious palette of 24 subtle shades includes a selection of soft greens, blues, greys and creams as well as a wide selection of traditional sepia tones.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
D700671 D700671 DERWENT DRAWING PENCIL SET - 12 ASSORTED COLOURS INCLUDING chinese white, ivory black, chocolate, ruby earth, sanguine, sepia (red), yellow ochre, brown ochre, olive earth, green shadow, ink blue, solway blue. 45 Login For Price
D700672 D700672 DERWENT DRAWING PENCIL SET - 24 ASSORTED. 9 Login For Price
D701089 D701089 DERWENT DRAWING PENCIL TIN SET - 6 ASSORTED 12 Login For Price
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