Derwent Procolour Pencils

Derwent Procolour pencils feature a perfect colour core combination of a strong point and smooth colour laydown, with a texture that has the covering power of wax but glides like an oil-based pencil. The strong and smooth richly coloured core produces a clean, smudge-free finish with a texture that is wax but glides like oil. They also maintain a sharp point for detailed drawing yet remain highly pigmented, with a smooth colour application

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
D2302505 D2302505 DERWENT PROCOLOUR PENCILS TIN SET - 12 ASSORTED COLOURS INCLUDING ivory black, brown ochre, burnt umber, grass green, sap green, spectrum blue, prussian blue, imperial purple, cerise pink, primary red, deep chrome, and buttercup yellow. 10 Login For Price
D2302506 D2302506 DERWENT PROCOLOUR PENCILS TIN SET - 24 ASSORTED COLOURS INCLUDING primrose yellow, buttercup yellow, deep chrome, primary red, crimson lake, cerise pink, heather, imperial purple, prussian blue, spectrum blue, midnight blue, distant green, sap green, cedar green, grass green, foliage, burnt umber, brown ochre, sunset gold, nutmeg, gunmetal, blue grey, ivory black, chinese white. 14 Login For Price
D2302507 D2302507 DERWENT PROCOLOUR PENCILS TIN SET - 36 ASSORTED 17 Login For Price
D2302508 D2302508 DERWENT PROCOLOUR PENCILS-TIN SET - 72 ASSORTED 11 Login For Price
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