3 Dimensional

Hot Wire Foam Tools & Replacement Wires

Hot Wire foam cutting tools and replacement wires.

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HWFF004S HWFF004S HOT WIRE ENGRAVING TOOL ONLY. Perfect for engraving foam surfaces to create brick patterns, stone blocks, lettering or any other shapes for detailed looking walls, cobblestone roads, signs and more. The ideal finishing tool for detailing any 2-D or 3-D foam sculpture as only the tip of the 50mm (2) long engraving point will heat up. Power supply not included. 5 Login For Price
HWFF006 HWFF006 HOT WIRE SCULPTING WIRES Pack 6. Sculpting Tool replacement wires set of 6. 5 Login For Price
HWFF006B2 HWFF006B2 HOT WIRE BOW CUTTER WIRE 4 x 60cm lengths. Four each of 60cm replacement cutting wires for the Compound Bow Cutter. 10 Login For Price
HWFF006B4 HWFF006B4 HOT WIRE BOW CUTTER WIRE 4 x 120cm. Four each of 120cm replacement cutting wires for the Compound Bow Cutter. 5 Login For Price
HWFF007 HWFF007 HOT WIRE SCROLL TABLE BLADES Pack 4. Long-life cutting blades. 18 Login For Price
HWFF017WT HWFF017WT HOT WIRE SCULPTING TOOL TENSIONER. Now you can easily do freehand scroll cutting. The Sculpting Tool Tensioner holds the cutting wire taught when you don't need to shape the wire or loop it outward for sculpting negative cuts. 8 Login For Price
HWFF050A HWFF050A HOT WIRE 2 or 4 Foot ADJUSTABLE COMPOUND BOW. A 60 x 120cm. A Compound Bow cutter that is ideal for quickly and easily cutting large foam blocks or sheets down to manageable sizes. The Bow can be used in the 120cm mode to make larger cuts and is easily fitted with a 60cm blade if more creative and delicate sculpting. is needed. It collapses quickly for easy storage and transport and comes with a powerful, multi-heat selection power supply, 4 x 60cm and 4 x 120cm long-life Hot Wire blades plus 3 snap-clamps allowing you to turn the Bow into a workbench cutter form even more accurate cuts. 3 Login For Price
HWFFK017 HWFFK017 HOT WIRE SCULPTING TOOL+WIRES. Sculpting tool plus 6 wires set (excludes power supply and DVD). 0 Login For Price
HWFFK035 HWFFK035 HOT WIRE HOT KNIFE ONLY 10cm. A combination hand-held scroll saw and drill that cuts foam fast and cleanly with surgical precision. The 100mm long blade is made from thin toughened steel with a unique round profile that slices quickly and cleanly in any direction. Excludes power supply. 0 Login For Price
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